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Full text of "Catalogue of the loan exhibition of Japanese works of art and handicraft from English collections, held from October 14th to November 13th"

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Cooper-Hewitt Museum LiBrary 

2 East 91st Street 
New York, New York 10028 







No. 62, lent by O. C. Raphael, Esq. 








from English Collections 


In Aid of the Funds of the 
British 'Tied Cross Society and the Order of the 
Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in (England. 


' S 1S9Q 



127 New Bond Street, 

London, W. 

printed by 

Riddle, Smith & Duffus, 

Victoria Printing Works, 

Forest Hill, S.E. 



EADING members of the Japanese Colony in London 
*— ' have thought that at the present moment, when the 
forces of their country are collaborating with those of 
England and her European Allies in vindicating the cause of 
justice, right and civilization, a contribution towards the 
needs of the British Red Cross Society might be obtained by 
bringing together representative examples of Japanese Arts 
and Handicrafts, selected from the collections of art lovers 
in England. 

Consequently it was decided to approach English col- 
lectors, and an Honorary Committee was formed as follows : 

Chairman — K. Tatsumi, Esq. 

K. Honda, Esq. K. Nanjo, Esq. 

K. Mori, Esq. Y. Ito, Esq. 

N. Kajiwara, Esq. K. Yamazaki, Esq. 

K. Tomita, Esq., Hon. Secretary. 

With Mr. Henri L. Joly as Hon. Associated Secretary. 

The Committee felt sure that the interest which has so 
often been evinced in the Arts and Handicrafts of Japan 
would again be aroused and that it would manifest itself in a 
practical manner for the good of so worthy a cause. It has 
been the aim of the Committee to bring together a selection 
of the best examples available and it is gratifying to note that 
they have received an appreciative response, as shown by the 
accompanying list of nearly seventy contributors. 

The Committee are respectfully grateful to Her Gracious 
Majesty the Queen who has honoured them with interesting 
exhibits, to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra for kindly 
expressing her sympathy with their endeavours, to His 
Excellency the Japanese Ambassador, Marquis K. Inouye, 
who took the greatest interest in the work of the Committee, 
and who not only readily granted his patronage but also 
contributed a series of exhibits. 


Her Majesty the Queen. 

His Excellency The Japanese Ambassador, 
Marquis K. Inouye. 

Mrs. Adlercron, 

Kington Baker, Esq. 

Prof. W. Bateson, F.R.S. 

H. C. Beck, Esq. 

S. D. Bids, Esq. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

Major E. Calthrop, R.F.A. 

Lady J. Church, 

E. B. Ellice Clark, Esq. 

F. Thacher Clarke, Esq., Ph.D. 
H. C. Clifford, Esq., R.B.A. 
Prof. J. Norman Collie, LL.D., 

W. Crewdson, Esq., M.A. 
R. Clarke Edwards, Esq., 

F.R.I. B.A. 

G. Eumorfopoulos, Esq. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq., F.R.I. B.A. 
Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell, 
Mrs. Spencer Gollan, 
Prof. W. Gowland, F.R.S. 
A. D. Hall, Esq., F.R.S. 
J. C. Hawkshaw, Esq., M.I.C.E. 
Randal Hibbert, Esq. 
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Hodgson, 
Charles Holme, Esq., F.L.S. 
M. B. Huish, Esq., LL.B. 
G. Hubbard, Esq., F.S.A. 
Dr. J. Hutchinson, F.R.C.S. 
Dudley H. Illingworth, Esq. 
A. C. C. Jahn, Esq., A.R.C.A. 
Edgar Jepson, Esq., M.A. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly, 
Lady J. Lawrence, 

G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

York Herald. 
R. K. Leigh, Esq. 
R. Wylie Lloyd, Esq. 
Lady Ethel MacDonald, 
Miss I. MacDonald, 

F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 
James Orange, Esq., M.I.C.E. 
Ch. P. Peak, Esq. 

C. Maresco Pearce, Esq. 

J. O. Pelton, Esq. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

H. J. Pfungst, Esq., F.S.A. 

Oscar C. Raphael, Esq. 

Sir C. Hercules Read, P.S.A. 

Henry J. Reiss, Esq. 

Ch. Ricketts, Esq. 

Lady Cecilia Rose, 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

Charles I. Shannon, Esq., A.R.A. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq., R.B.A. 

Prof. Herbert R. Spencer, M.D. 

R. Phene Spiers, Esq.. 

J. Spier, Esq. 
Basil Stewart, Esq. 
M. N. Strachan, Esq. 
The Rt. Hon. Lord Swaythling, 
K. Tomita, Esq. 
M. Tomkinson, Esq., D.L. 
Mrs. J. S. Trower, 
H. P. Vacher, Esq. 

Messrs. Marcus B. Huish and Oscar C. Raphael kindly gave 
their help to the Committee in securing exhibits. The pre- 
paration of the catalogue and arranging of the exhibition 
have been entrusted to Messrs. H. L. Joly and K. Tomita. 
Messrs. Yamanaka & Co. have kindly lent their galleries 
and the services of their staff have been of the greatest help. 

The Committee tender their sincere thanks to all the above 
exhibitors and others who have rendered assistance. 

October, 1915. 


Exhibits lent by Her Majesty the Queen 
Exhibits lent by H.E. the Japanese Ambassador 


Prints and Drawings 





Pottery and Enamels 


Sword Fittings 


Bronze and Metal Work, Various 17 to 51 


Visitors are invited to note that each section is numbered 
from One onwards, it having been found impossible to postpone 
the numbering up of the catalogue slips until after the reception 
of the last exhibits ; coloured numbers have been used in the 
show cases for several of the sections to facilitate reference to 
the catalogue. 



1 to 



1 to 



1 to 



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A cabinet containing seven drawers. The outside covered 
with fine-grained nashiji, flecked at the lower part with 
heavier gold flakes, the base itself gyobu nashiji, the doors 
decorated with a peacock rising in flight above a clump of 
azaleas in bloom, the hen standing on the back panel, the 
sides partly covered with azalea, takamakiye technique right 
through in gold and silver, the peacock feathers inlaid with 
aogai eyes. Lock and corner pieces shakudo chased in 
relief with nanakusa on nashiji, the Japanese Imperial crest 
on the upper panel. The inner sides of the doors and the 
outside of the drawers inlaid with pearl butterflies on a 
ground of clouds, rich muranashiji on black, the handles 
polished horn set in gold. 

Coronation present to Her Majesty Queen Mary, from 
H.I.M. The Emperor of Japan (June 1911). 

Oblong box, deep Bunko shape, the ground yasuriko on 
black, decorated in takamakiye with a group of sagittaria, 
green and red gold, the flowers inlaid mother of pearl ; 
Imperial Japanese crest on the lid, nashiji inside. 

A present to Her Majesty from Prince Sadanaru Fushimi 



Silver flower vase, bottle shape, plain metal with Imperial 
Chrysanthemum crest in gold, Imperial Gift, signed 


Silver Koro, tripod shape, globular, the rim inlaid with 
Karakusa of gold trefoils of hagi, the leaves repeated in 
shakudo, shibuichi and gold within a mesh of shakudo inlay, 
the cover inlaid and chased in relief with hagi (lespedeza), 
bearded wheat, Eupatorium Sinense and rice in shibuichi, 
shakudo, silver and gold,, signed Jomi, with seal, 

Natsume, two rabbits under the autumn moon, pearl, 
pewter, &c., on togidashi, the inside giobu nashiji all over. 

Inro, five cases gold takamakiye, The Hundred Monkeys in 
various groups, caricatures of the occupations of human 
beings, in a landscape of rocks modelled in hirame, over- 
grown with small pine trees, signed Kajikawa, seal Yei (Hisa), 
glass ojime, ivory netsuke a sarumawashi with his monkey. 

Inro, four cases, ivory inlaid with a design of Chinese 
children following an elephant ; coral ojime, ivory netsuke 
an elephant, the trappings inlaid in the same manner as the 
inro, with coral, gold, stained ivory, mother-of-pearl, mala- 
chite, &c., signed Shibayama. 

Inro, four cases takamakiye, The Hundred Horses on both 
sides of a stream, some covered with silver and gold foil, 
signed Shokansai, glass ojime, ivory netsuke a cow and her 
calf, with black mottlings, signed Hakuriu. 

Pair of tsuba, shakudo chased in high relief with a dragon 
on waves, the back gold with clouds, waves and rocks 
incised and gouged out, signed Goto Hokyo Ichijo, dated 
Tempo, 9th year, dog year, Suye fuyu saku (the smaller 
guard signed Koto no jiu Goto Hokyo Ichijo). 


Tsuba, shakudo, nanako with gilt rim, the field inlaid in 
silver and gold with suzuki grass bending in the wind in the 
moonlight, signed Otsuki Mitsuyoshi. 

Tsuba, shakudo nanako, inlaid in high relief with a red 
dragon-fly, coral and gold, above gold bamboo by the side of 
a silver stream, running between malachite rocks, signed 
Osaki Yoshiaki. 

Tsuba, shibuichi, Kwannon on a lotus leaf, iroye work in 
high relief, in the moon above, reflected in the waves on the 
back, signed Kiukiushin Kazunori, and inscribed Sodetome ga 
ura no hottori ni oite kore wo kokusu. 

Tsuba, shakudo, gold rubbed all over with nashiji effect, in 
Omori style, on one side a couple of mandarin ducks, one in 
a stream, the other on the bank beneath suzuki grass ; the 
stream inlaid at the back between reeds, gold and silver. 

Tsuba, iron chased in relief on the sunk web, with a design 
of Enoshima, the torii, boat masts, and houses gold, at back 
Fuji san in the clouds, signed Tsuten Nagayuki. 

Tsuba, iron, Daruma on a reed, marubori zogan, the face 
and feet copper, the eyes silver, at back one of his shoes floats 
on the reed, signed Goshu Hikone no jiu Soheishi Niudo 
Soten, in small characters. 

Tsuba, mokko, one half covered with wine in the form 
known as Shingen or Mukade work 



Imperial Gift. 

Ivory fan, lacquered with birds and flowers of summer in 
gold takamakiye, bearing the Imperial crest, a present 
from the late Empress Shoken to Miss Macdonald. 

Lent by Miss I. Macdonald. 



1. Kakemono on silk, Monju Bosatsu, style of Choshikio, 
large size, XVth Century. Prof. W. Gowland. 

2. Kakemono on dark silk, Kongara Doji, probably XVIth 
■Century. Prof. W. Gowland. 

3. Kakemono on silk, a Rakan seated, in the foreground a 
priest squeezes the blood out of a heart into a shallow dish, 
probably before Chadensu. Prof. W. Gowlaud. 

4. Kakemono on silk, Shoriken crossing the sea, XVIth 
Century. Prof. W . Gowland. 

5. Kakemono on silk, Amitabha descending from the clouds 
accompanied by the twenty-four Bodhisattvas, circa 1700. 

Prof. W . Gowland. 

6. Kakemono on paper, Jodo Mandara, scene in the Para- 
dise illustrating the Buddhist scriptures. Temple picture, 
date doubtful. James Orange, Esq. 

7-8. Pair of Kakemono, landscapes, in haboku style, both 
signed Sesshu. Prof. W. Gowland. 

9. Kakemono on paper, Chinese landscape in black and 
white with pine trees on rugged mountains, between which 
course a broad river with boats on it. In the distance appear 
low mountains in the mist, size 12| x 22ins. (later XVth 
Century), sealed Shubun. W. Crewdson, Esq. 

10. Kakemono, Sumiye on paper, a rat gnawing a melon, 
18 ins. x 11 ins., seal only Kano Motonobu. 

Prof. W. Gowland. 

N.B. — Although an attempt has been made to follow a 
•chronological order or some other systematic classification, it 
must be understood that the precedence of any piece before 
another in any section does not necessarily imply greater age 
or excellence. (H.L.J.) 


11. Kakemono on silk, basket filled with the flowers of 
autumn, signed Kunai Kyo Hoin Fujiwara Morinobu 
(Kano Tanyu). H. N. Strachan, Esq. 

12. Kakemono, drawn on paper, seven sparrows perched on 
a tree branch covered with snow, above a camellia, seal 
Shunshin, attributed to Eitoku, late XVIIth Century. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

13. Kakemono, drawn on silk, a nightingale perched on a 
branch of plum tree, signed Tsunenobu (late XVIIth Cen- 
tury). Mrs. Adherer on. 

14. Kakemono on silk in colour, Kikujido, signed I sen 
Hogen Yeishin, and seal, late XVIIIth Century. 

Prof. W. Gowland. 

1 5. Kakemono in colours on silk, a quail under a millet 
plant, signed Tosa Sakon no Shogen Mitsuoki. 

Prof. W. Bateson. 

1 6. Kakemono on silk in colours, a quail and its mate under 
a millet, signed Tosa Sakon no Shogen Mitsuoki Fude, and 
seal. Prof. W. Gowland. 

17. Kakemono on silk, horizontal shape, Shubaishin seated 
in a boat, signed Tosa Niudo Tsuneaki. Prof. W. Gowland, 

1 8. Kakemono on silk, narrow shape, a white heron perched 
on a cryptomeria, signed Sotatsu. Prof W. Gowland. 

1 9. Pair of Kakemono on paper, the flowers of four seasons, 
seal Inen of Tawaraya Sotatsu, early XVIIth Century. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

20. Kakemono on paper, narrow size, a thistle sumiye, seal 
Inen of Sotatsu, embroidered mount. Prof. W. Bateson. 

21 . Kakemono on silk in colour, cock and hen on a back- 
ground of flowers, in usual Jakuchu style. 

Prof W. Gowland. 

22. Kakemono on silk, a gift of two branches of chrysanthe- 
mums, hung on a rush fence, signed Hokuso Itcho. 

H. N. Strachan, Esq. 

23. Kakemono on silk, two wild ducks on the bank of a 
stream, dated, Temmei Kinoyetatsu, late Summer, signed 
Okyo with two seals. Prof. W. Gowland. 

24. Kakemono on silk, a couple of carp tied together, signed 
Okyo with two seals, and dated Temmei Kanoto Ushi, mid- 
summer. Prof. W. Gowland.. 


25. Kakemono on silk, in black and white with slight colour, 
two carp in a stream, signed Keibun (Matsumura) and seal, 
early XlXth Century, size 22 X 52J ins. 

Prof. W. Gowland. 

26. Kakemono on silk, tiger slaking his thirst at a stream, 
dated Bunkwa Kinoyeinu, signed Yechizen no Suke Ganku > 
middle spring, and seal. Prof. W. Gowland. 

27. Kakemono on silk, couple of mandarin ducks on the 
edge of a stream, signed Soken (Yamaguchi) with seal (died 
Bunsei 1). Prof. W. Gowland. 

28. Kakemono on silk, monkey with its young on its back 
hanging on bamboo over a stream looking at its reflection 
in the water, signed Sosen Hitsu, with seal, early XlXth 
Century. Prof. W. Gowland. 

29. Kakemono on silk, in colour, white cock and hen under 
tree peony growing mingled with wild roses, signed Soshiseki 
Utsusu, size 28 J X 50 ins. Prof. W. Gowland. 

30. Kakemono on silk, water gutters made of bamboo for 
distributing water in the countryside, near a bush of 
buckwheat, two feathers blown by the wind in the plant, 
signed Zeshin. H. M. Strachan, Esq. 

31. Kakemono drawn on silk, cock and hen in black and 
white relieved by a touch of red, signed Gyonen Hachiju Nio 
Zeshin, with seal (at the age of 82), late XlXth Century. 

James Orange, Esq. 

32. Kakemono, lacquer drawing on gold paper, rest after 
the Aoi matsuri or Kamo festival, signed Zeshin and seal, 
late XlXth Century. James Orange, Esq. 

33. Kakemono drawn on paper, a young dancing girl of the 
Genroku period in a brilliant robe, attributed to Matabei 
(early XVI I th Century) James Orange, Esq. 

34. Kakemono on paper, dancing girl in a dress of red 
brocade, holding a fan with the Hi no Maru design in red on 
gold ; seal Moronobu. D. Hutchinson, Esq. 

35. Kakemono, a Genroku belle in red dress standing on the 
engawa, seal Hishikawa Moronobu. Prof. W. Gowland. 

36. Kakemono on paper horizontal design, Daruma playing 
the Samisen for a dancing girl, signed Toyonobu (Ishikawa). 

Dr. J . Hutchinson. 


37. Kakemono drawn on silk, Yeguchi-no Kimi imitating 
Fugen Bosatsu, size 14 x 21 ins., signed Kiokuro Ikatsu 
Yuji Shunsho Ye and Kakihan (middle XVIIIth Century). 

James Orange, Esq. 

38. Kakemono on silk, a young married woman looking at 
the asagao just after washing her face in the morning, 
Utamaro seal. C. Maresco Pearce, Esq. 

39. Kakemono on silk in colours, girl playing the Koto, and 
another one holding a samisen, signed Chobunsai Yeishi. 

Dr. J . Hutchinson. 

40. Kakemono, drawn on silk, an Oiran reading a love 
letter, signed Rekisentei Yeiri Fude (drawn by), with two 
seals. Mrs. Adlercron. 

41 . Kakemono on silk, Geisha arranging her coiffure with 
the help of a pocket mirror, signed Kikugawa Eizan. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

42. Kakemono on silk in colours, Shoriken crossing the sea on 
his sword, signed Hokusai. Dr. J. Hutchinson, 

43. Kakemono on silk in colours, Gentoku crossing the 
Danki river to escape from his pursuers, signed Zen Hokusai 
Tamekazu. Dr. J . Hutchinson. 

44. Kakemono on silk, peacock and hen perched on a rock 
amid peony and magnolia in natural colours, signed Shuki, 
middle of XlXth Century. Charles Holme, Esq. 

45. Kakemono on silk, Tanuki seated, looking at the moon, 
signed Ippo. H. M. Strachan, Esq. 

46. Kakemono on silk, two clumps of plum trees in bloom, 
white with pink blossoms on both sides of a stream in the 
moonlight, signed Ippo, 41 X 16 J ins. Prof. W. Gowland. 

47. Kakemono on silk, large size, the herbs of autumn under 
the moon, sumiye, signed Ippo. Prof. W. Gowland. 

48. Kakemono drawn on silk in black and white, two wild 
geese in flight trying to find safe landing place, dated 
Bunkyu Mizu-no to I, winter, drawn for Mr. Beisei, signed 
Ippo, and two seals. Prof. W. Gowland. 

49. Kakemono on silk, landscape at Arashiyama, Kyoto, 
dated Many en Kanoye Saru, middle winter, signed Ippo, 
and two seals, size 16| x 41 § ins. Prof. W. Gowland. 

50. Kakemono on silk, Osaka castle from Kawasaki, small 
size, horizontal, signed Hoyen. H. M. Strachan, Esq. 


50a. Kakemono on silk, horizontal design, Chion-In gate at 
cherry blossom time, signed Hoy en. H. M. Strachan, Esq. 

51-2-3. Set of three Kakemono, Arashiyama, Sumiyoshi, 
sumida, signed Hoy en. Prof. W. Gowland. 

54. Kakemono drawn on silk, Horaisan the Takarabune 
moored to a buoy between two of the Horai Islands, one 
overgrown with pine trees, dated Tempo Kinoye Tatsu, 
9th month, signed Hoy en Utsusu, with two seals. 

Prof. W. Gowland. 

55. Kakemono on silk, three black birds on a pine tree, the 
trunk lightly washed with brown colour, signed Baiitsu 
(Yamamoto), 57 J x 22 ins. Prof. W. Gowland. 

56. Kakemono on silk, flowers of spring and autumn in 
colours, signed Bunchu. H. M. Strachan, Esq. 

57. Kakemono drawn on paper, Sumiye, two squirrels 
gnawing a melon in black and white, seal Chokki. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

58. Kakemono on silk, Benkei capturing Tosabo Shoshun, 
signed Kyosai. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

59. Kakemono on silk in colours, a peacock perched on a 
pine tree the trunk of which is seen slantwise on the picture, 
signed Nanmei (Haruki) with seal, late XlXth Century. 

Prof. W . Gowland. 

60. Kakemono on silk, a rat gnawing rice husk, pink, 
signed Shirai Naokata Utsusu with two seals, early XlXth 
Century. Charles Holme, Esq. 

61 . Kakemono on silk, Sumiye winter landscape, a couple of 
old pine trees in the foreground on the edge of a lake, signed 
Sashu. Prof. W. Gowland. 

62. Kakemono on silk in colour, a kuge attended by court 
officials and servants admiring the Yoro waterfall, signed 
Seiga Shunko Hitsu and seal. Prof. W. Gowland. 

63. Kakemono on silk in colours to Shinagawa Joro, view 
of shipping in the bay in the background, signed Teisai 
(Hokuba). Dr. J . Hutchinson. 

64. Kakemono on paper in black and white with a slight 
tinge of colour, two wild geese, a white one and a black one, 
the feet and bill painted in red, in front of a clump of 
Omodaka with blue flower, and reeds, sealed Tozen 
(Matsuura, early XVIth Century). Prof. W. Gowland. 


65. Kakemono on silk, Sumiye design of bamboo on small 
knolls through which are seen a waterfall on a narrow stream, 
a yellow road passing in the centre, signed Yoko (Hara). 

Prof. W. Gowland. 



1 . Kakemono Ye, a beauty of the Genroku period attired in 
gorgeous robes holding her skirt and looking back, signed 
Nippon Gigwa Kwaigetsu Matsuyo, jokingly 
drawn by Dohan, descendant of Kwaigetsu of Japan. 

Mrs. Adlercron. 

hag aw a motonobu, circa 1737. 

2. Hosoye, Bikuni Fushimi Tokiwa, i.e., a nun imitating the 
Tokiwa gozen, signed Hanekawa Chincho Motonobu. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq, 

TORII KIYOMASU, 1679-1783. 

3. Kakemono Ye, a Tayu of the Genroku period, signed 
Torii Kiyomasu. W. Crewdson, Esq. 

OKUMURA MASANOBU, circa 1750. 

4. Kakemono Ye, a full length portrait of a beauty of the 
Genroku period in Tanye, conventional narcissi forming the 
pattern of the lady's outer garment, boldly treated, a very 
fine copy, signed Okumura Masanobu. W. Samuel, Esq. 

SUZUKI HARUNOBU, 1703-1770. 

5. Chuban, Yami-Yo-No lime, " Plum tree in dark night," 
signed Harunobu. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

6. Chuban, a young girl on the edge of a stream alarmed at 
the crab holding fast to the end of her kimono, signed 
Harunobu. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

7. Chuban, parody of Ono-no-T6fu. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

8. Chuban, a young lady in the guise of Daruma crossing the 
sea. W. Crewdson, Esq. 

9. Chuban, winter scene, a young lady clad in black, 
walking with a young girl in white, both holding an um- 
brella to shelter themselves from the falling snow, signed 
Suzuki Harunobu. W. Crewdson, Esq, 


10. Chuban, a young girl in a winter kimono, holding an 
umbrella and standing on the snow-clad ground by a stream. 

Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 

11. Chuban, two Oiran standing near a Tsuitate reading a 
love letter, signed Harunobu. 

Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 

12. Chuban, a young Oiran attended by a girl standing on 
the balcony of a tea house, signed Suzuki Harunobu. 

Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 

13. Chuban, two girls working at the drying up of cotton 
thread, signed Harunobu. 

Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 

14. Chuban, an Oiran looking at the shadow thrown on 
the Shoji by a party making merry inside. 

Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 

15. Chuban, a lady accompanied by a little maid on a 
winter's day by the side of a river, taking a stroll, signed 
Harunobu. Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 

16. Yoko Ye, a 3'oung girl in the character of Kikujido. 

Prof. W. Bateson. 

17. Hoso-Ye, one of the One Hundred Poets series, Yama- 
be-no-Akahito with his page admiring Mount Fuji from the 
Bay of Tago. Prof- W. Bateson. 

18. Chuban, Furyu Rokkasen, "Six fashionable selected 
poems/' two young girls standing on a stone bridge, lotus 
flowers, signed Harunobu. W. Samuel, Esq. 

1 9. Chuban, a young girl propelling a boat in which Daruma 
as passenger is plucking his beard, signed Suzuki Harunobu. 

W. Samuel, Esq. 

20. Oban, a girl paddling in a stream offering a yamabuki 
flower, of which the end is burning, to a lady with a pipe 
riding on horseback, signed Harunobu. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

21. Chuban, night scene, youth and girl hunting singing 
insects, signed Suzuki Harunobu. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

22. Chuban, a girl in white accompanying her lover in black, 
holding an umbrella above their head passing under willow 
tree on a snowy day, signed Suzuki Harunobu Gwa. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

23. Chuban, an Oiran dreaming that she is being borne 
away in a Kago, signed Harunobu. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 


24. Chuban, a Geisha looking back at a small white rabbit 
carried on a tray by her Kamuro, signed Harunobu. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

25. Chuban, outside the wall of a castle, a lady looking back 
at an errand boy carrying toys, signed Suzuki Harunobu. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

torii kiyomitsu, 1735-1785. 

26. Hosoye, Saigyo Hoshi halting by a stream under a 
willow tree, signed Torii Kiyomitsu. W. Samuel, Esq. 

isoda koriusai, 1720-c. 1782. 

27. Oban, model of the latest fashions, the Oiran Kiyohana 
of the Kado Taenaya House with two Kamuro, signed 
Koriusai. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

28. Chuban, eight illustrations of popular Naga Uta (songs) 
Sagi-musume, signed Koriusai. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

29. Oban, interior of a public bath for women, signed Koriu. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

KITAO SHIGEMASA, 1738-1819. 

30. Hashirakake, Kikujido, signed Kitao Shigemasa. 

Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

KITAO MASANOBU, 1761-1816. 

31. Oban, Eastern Beauties, unsigned. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

32. Oban, Geisha rehearsing songs, signed Kitao Masanobu. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

kubo shunman, worked 1780-1800. 

33. Triptych, a night scene outside the gate of a restaurant, 
signed Kubo Shunman. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

34. Surimono, five cranes by a stream, poem by Kwagetsudo 
Kishu, meaning : " On New Year's Day we wonder what sort 
of future is in store during the year," signed Shunman. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

35. Surimono, Tayu reclining on a writing table dreaming of 
her parade attended by many Kamuro, signed Shunman. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

TORII KIYOHIRO, 1708-1766. 

36. Hosoye, a young girl caught in a gust of wind trying to 
catch a love letter, signed Torii Kiyohiro. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


TORII KIYONAGA, 1752-1814. 

37. Oban, Senzan parading under the cherry trees of the 
Yoshiwara, signed Kiyonaga. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

38. Hashirakake, two girls on the sea-shore carrying pails, 
signed Kiyonaga. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

39. Triptych, a ferry boat with passengers approaching the 
opposite bank on the edge of which stand a young lady of 
noble birth with her maid, signed Kiyonaga. A. D. Hall, Esq- 

40. Oban, Fuzoku Azuma-no-Nishiki, two princesses in the 
guise of Shiokumi, signed Kiyonaga. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

41. Oban, Fuzoku Azuma no Nishiki, two ladies of noble 
birth taking a walk, signed Kiyonaga. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson, 

ippitsusai buncho, worked c. 1764-1796. 

42. Hashirakake, a woman caught by a sudden gust of wind, 
holding her garments down with difficulty, signed Kiyonaga. 

Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

43. Hosoye, a girl in a loose garment carrying an umbrella 
looking at her figure, signed Ippitsusai Buncho. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

44. Hosoye, girl standing on an embankment with an 
umbrella at night, signed Ippitsusai Buncho. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

shungyosai riukoku, circa 1804. 

45. Oban, Furyu Waka Sanseki, an Oiran writing a love 
letter meditating how to finish the epistle, signed Ryukoku. 

W. Samuel, Esq. 

tamura sadanobu, circa 1743. 

46. Tokyo Azumasha Yoru no ame, night rain at Azuma 
Shrine in Tokyo, signed Sadanobu (by request). 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

HARUSHIGE, circa 1795. 

47. Chuban, Furyu Nana Komachi, " Fashionable Seven 
Komachi," praying for rain, signed Harushige. 

W. Samuel, Esq. 


48. Chuban, the Actor Shokwaku in the character of a 
court lady carrying a kettle. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


49. Oban, the Actors Segawa Tomisabro and Nakamura in 
the characters of a court lady and maid servant respectively, 
mica ground, signed Toshusai Sharaku. 

Dr. J . Hutchinson. 

50. Hosoye, the Actor Segawa Kikunojo in the character of 
a court lady holding a miniature chariot, signed Sharaku. 

W. Samuel, Esq. 

51 . Hosoye, the Actor Arashi Ryuzo in the character of 
Kono Moronao, signature torn away. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

yeishosai choki, 1780-1805. 

52. Oban, an Oiran reading an inscription written on the 
Ando by the aid of her hair ornament, signed Choki. 

Prof. W. Bateson. 


53. Hosoye, an actor in the character of a noble lady in 
travelling costume admiring Mount Fuji. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

54. Chuban, two actors in the characters of an Otokodate 
and his lady love, signed Shunsho. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

55. Hosoye, an actor in the character of a female in a white 
robe looking at her back view, signed Shunsho. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

56. Oban, two famous actors in the character of the lovers 
Agemaki and Sukeroku meeting under a cherry tree, signed 
Shunsho. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 


57. Oban, portrait of the prodigious child Daidozan Bungoro 
as a wrestler, signed Shunyei. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

58. Oban, the prodigious child Daidozan Bungoro, signed 
Shunyei. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

59. Hosoye, an actor in the character of a court lady under 
a plum tree, signed Shunyei. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

60. Hosoye, diptych, the actor Otani Oniji in the character 
of a villainous priest and the actor Iwai Hanshiro in the 
character of a country maid leading a horse, signed Shunyei. 

Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

hosoda yeishi, worked c. 1780-1805. 

61. Oban, Seiro Shikino Tawamure, Hanaogi and Kasugano 
of Gomei-ro and Kumegawa of Furishin, signed Yeishi. 

Mrs. Adlercron. 


62. Oban, right hand sheet of triptych, Furyu Nana Ko- 
machi Kayoi, a musame with her companion and an errand 
boy walking on a snowy day along the rice fields, signed 
Yeishi. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

63. Oban, Seiro Bijin Rokkasen, the Oiran Morokoshi of 
Yechizenya, in deep meditation trying to compose a poem, 
signed Yeishi. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

64. Oban, Matsubaya Shinmise Biraki, the Oiran Nakagawa 
and two Geishas, Nihono and Isoji, reading a love letter over 
a brazier, signed Yeishi Gigwa. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

REKISENTEI YEIRI. circa 1810. 

65. Hashirakake, a girl holding an umbrella and with her 
other hand tucking up her skirt, signed Yeiri. 

Prof. W. Bateson. 


66. Oban, six in set, summer evening at Ryogoku, signed 
Utamaro. Mrs. Adlercron. 

67. Oban, ' Fuzoku Bijin Tokei " Series, Hour of horse, 
signed Utamaro. Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 

68. Oban, Fuzoku Bijin Tokei, " Clock of Popular Beauties " 
Series, Hour of wild boar, signed Utamaro. 

Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 

69. Oban, Fuzoku Bijin Tokei. Hoar of monkey, a Geisha 
with fan addressing another smiling coyly, signed Utamaro. 

Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

70. Oban, Fujin Sogaku Juttai, a lady holding a tea-cup 
with stand, signed Utamaro. Prof. W. Bateson. 

71 . Oban, Fujin Sogaku Juttai, a girl smiling looking at the 
reflection of her face in a hand mirror. Prof. W. Bateson. 

72. Chuban, Fujin Sogaku Juttai, r< Physiognomy of ten 
women." Frivolous woman. A woman in neglige wringing a 
wet towel in her hands, signed Utamaro. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

73. Oban, a young girl standing on a verandah reading a 
love letter while another is lounging at her feet with her 
little boy pointing at swallows flying across over the garden, 
signed Utamaro. Prof. W. Bateson. 

74. Oban, a young Oiran sitting on her bed in neglige having 
her hair done up by her companion and looking at a mirror 
while her lover is looking up towards her, signed Utamaro ; 
publisher Tsutaya. Prof. W. Bateson. 

B 2 


75. Chuban, Fuzoku Ukiyo Hakkei, a noble lady bending 
over to a maid seated with a despatch box, signed Utamaro. 

A. D. Hall, Esq. 

76. Triptych, a covered pleasure boat on the River Sumida. 
A party of two young men and several Geisha enjoying the 
cool of the evening on the river watching a fisherman hauling 
a net, signed Utamaro. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

77. Oban, Ryuko Moyo Utamaro Gata, the fugitive lovers 
Umegawa and Chubei, signed Utamaro. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

78. Oban, Gonin Bijin Nikyo Kurabe, " Five lovely women 
compared," a half length portrait of Kisegawa of Matsubaya 
with a fan, signed Shomei (true) Utamaro. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

79. Oban, a half length portrait of an Oiran attired in a 
light summer garment holding her sleeves coyly up to her 
chin, signed Utamaro. Prof. W. Bateson. 

80. Oban, the Oiran Orihaye of Chojiya being helped to 
dress by her companion, signed Utamaro. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

81. Hosoye, Yama-Uba playing with Kintoki, mica ground, 
a rare copy, signed Utamaro. Dr. J . Hutchinson. 

82. Chuban, Tosei Gonin Musume, " Five Beauties of the 
Present Day," portrait of five famous beauties of Yedo with 
fans, signed Utamaro. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 


83. Surimono, Isonotsu, a nobleman reclining on an arm- 
rest admiring the moon, signed Yamagawa Shigenobu. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 


84. Oban, the actor Danjuro in the character of the notorious 
robber Ishikawa Goyemon, signed Toyokuni. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

85. Hosoye, the actor Onoye Matsusuke in the character of 
a murderer being harassed by his wife's ghost, signed 
Toyokuni. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

86. Surimono triptych, three Oiran outside a tea house at 
night, the middle "figure showing the way with a lantern, 
signed Toyokuni. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

87. Hosoye, Ichikawa Danzaburo, an actor in the role of a 
woman dancer holding a fan, a very clear copy, signed 
Toyokuni. Basil Stewart, Esq. 



88. Gentian and dragon-fly, signed Zen Hokusai Tamekazu. 

Mrs. A dler cr on. 

89. Iris and grasshopper, signed Zen Hokusai Tamekazu. 

Mrs. A dler cr on. 

90. Convolvuli on creamy background, signed Zen Hokusai 
Tamekazu. Mrs. Adlercron. 

91 . Morning glory on light yellow background, a fine copy, 
signed Zen Hokusai Tamekazu. Prof. W . Bateson. 

92. Chuban, ' Thirty-six views of Fuji " series, snow- 
capped Fujisan majestically towering high against 
the blue sky, signed Hokusai Aratame Tamekazu. 

A. D. Hall, Esq. 

93. Fugaku Sanju Rokkei, Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji, 
the storm scene, signed Hokusai Aratame Tamekazu. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

94. " The Hundred Poets " series, in the foreground 
a group of eji lounging around a bonfire, inside the gate 
the nobleman sits watching, accompanied by a boy sword 
bearer, signed Zen Hokusai. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

95. Setsuge[tsu]kka, snow, moon and flower, Sumida, signed 
Zen Hokusai Tamekazu. C. Pearce, Esq. 

96. Surimono, diptych, young woman paddling by the 
seashore catching fish, signed Katsushika Taito. 

Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

97. Surimono, a Daimyo's procession crossing a long bridge 
at Okazaki on the Tokaido, signed Gwakyojin Hokusai. 

Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

98. Surimono, Hara Station on the Tokaido Highway, 
signed Gwakyojin Hokusai. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

99. Surimono, a boiled lobster, Kachiguri and young pine 
leaves, signed Toyo Dakuryu Gwakyojin Hokusai Utsushi. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

100. Surimono, Gayuken Sanban tsuzuki no Uchi : Ishi, 
a Musume occupied making a model of Mount Fuji on a tray 
with fine sands, signed Hokusai Aratame Tamekazu. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 


101. Surimono, a court lady carrying tofu (bean curd) in a 
receptacle standing on the Gojo Bridge admiring the crescent 
moon, in which an imaginary rabbit is rowing, signed 
Katsushika Taito. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

102. Surimono, a court lady admiring a dwarf cherry tree 
planted in a jardiniere, signed Katsushika Roju Tamekazu. 

Dr. J . Hutchinson. 

103. Surimono, an Oiran playing the samisen, signed 
Katsushika Rogu Gwakyojin Hokusai Gwa. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

katsushika taito, worked c. 1816-1853. 

104. Surimono, Kintaro dancing with his faithful vassals, 
signed Hokusai Aratame Taito. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

105. Hosoye, a carp ascending a stream boldly treated, 
signed Katsushika Taito. W. Samuel, Esq. 

todoya hokkei, worked 1780-1858. 

106. Surimono, white cock perched on a drum entwined with 
ivy leaves, signed Aoigaoka Hokkei. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

107. Surimono, Kwanyu studying a book on strategy, 
signed Hokkei. Basil Stewart, Esq. 

108. Surimono, Mount Fuji and clouds, signed Hokkei. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

109. Surimono, Japanese spaniel dog playing with a ball by 
the side of a brazier, on gold background, signed Aoi Oka 
Hokkei. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

110. Surimono, quotation from Tsurezuregusa illustrated, 
a girl adjusting her hair by the aid of a hand mirror while the 
shadow of her friend playing a ball is thrown on shoji, signed 
Hokkei. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

111. Surimono, a lady carrying a Koto on her back talking 
to a man on her way to the Moon Palace where three children 
are waiting, one of them carrying a white rabbit, signed 
Hohhei. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

YASHIMA GAKUTEI, C. 1800-1840. 

112. Surimono, carp ascending the waterfall and carp 
swimming in a stream, signed Gakutei. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

113. Surimono, a white cat mewing at its reflection on the 
glossy surface of a black lacquer mirror stand, signed Gakutei. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 



114. Three views of Sumida river scene, in the foreground 
a fishing boat with a fisherman standing on the prow of his 
boat holding a net ready to be cast, while another is 
working at the oar, signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi. 

Prof. W. Bateson. 

115. Nichiren Shonin in exile climbing a mountain covered 
in thick snow, signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

116. Koso on ichi dai ki Ryakuzu, the career of Nichiren 
illustrated, Nichiren going through penance climbing a 
mountain by the sea barefooted amid the blinding snow- 
storm, signed Ichiyeisan Kuniyoshi. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

1 1 7. Nichiren invoking the power of Amida Nyorai, signed 
Chotauro Kuniyoshi. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

1 1 8. Chuban, Chushingura Juichidamme Youchi no zu, night 
attack, the 11th Act of Drama " Chushingura," signed 
Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

119. Surimono, full moon over the field with convolvuli 
suzuki grass and nadeshiko growing, signed Ichiyusai 
Kuniyoshi. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

120. Chuban, Toto Miyatogawa no Zu, two fishermen 
catching eels, signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

121. Chuban, Chuko Meiyo Kijin Den, biography of heroes 
and filial persons, rain scene,, signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

122. Toto Shubi no Matsu no Zu, " Shubi Pine of Eastern 
Capital," signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

123. Toto Mitsumata no Zu, " Mitsumata of the Eastern 
Capital," two men are burning the weeds clinging to the 
bottom of a boat, signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

UTAGAWA KUNIMASA, circa 1810. 

124. Oban, an actor in the character of a court lady, the 
lapel of the inner kimono treated in mica, very fine im- 
pression, signed Kunimasa. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

125. Oban, an actor in the character of a court lady in 
travelling costume, mica background, signed Kunimasa. 

Dr. J . Hutchinson. 


KUWAGATA KEISAI, 1761-1824. 

126. " Inaka Mitsudogu," three utensils of the country, a 
woman with Tofu in a tray in the plum garden, signed 
Keisai. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

riuriukyo shinsai, circa 1810. 

127. Surimono, illustrated extract from the Genji Mono- 
gatari, Tsuzumi drum and Yeboshi with sprays of ivy and 
cherry blossoms, signed Shinsai. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

tsutsumi torin, 1789-1843. 

1 28. Oban, portrait of an actor in the character of a Samurai 
on black background, signed Tsutsumi Torin. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 


129. Omi Hakkei series, returning boats at Y abase, signed 
Hiroshige. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

130. Omi Hakkei series. Sunset at Seta, signed Hiroshige. 

A.D.Hall, Esq. 

131. Hosoye, a wild duck swimming on a pond in thickly 
falling snow, signed Hiroshige. Mrs. Adlercron. 

132. Yedo Kinko Hakkei series. Night rain at Azuma 
shrine, signed Hiroshige. A. D. Hall, Esq. 

133. Yedo Kinko Hakkei, " Eight views of the suburban 
Yedo," autumn moon at Tamagawa, signed Hiroshige. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

134. Yedo Kinko Hakkei series, homing geese at Haneda, 
signed Hiroshige. Prof. W. Bateson. 

135. An old man standing by a winding stream with 
scouring grass in his hand admiring the moon, signed 
Hiroshige. Prof. W. Bateson. 

1 36. Three horses grazing in the field through which winds a 
stream, signed Hiroshige. Prof. W. Bateson. 

137. Uchiwa-Ye, bamboo shoot and plum blossom on blue 
background, sharp impression, signed Hiroshige. 

Prof. W. Bateson. 

138. Uchiwa-Ye, Tokaido Kawazukushi, . River Abe, a 
traveller in raincoat on horseback, signed Hiroshige. 

W. Samuel, Esq. 


139. Kisokaido Rokujukutsugi series, " Sixty-nine stations 
on the Kiso Highway." Nagakubo Station, signed Hiroshige, 

Lady Cecilia Rose, 

140. Kisokaido Rokujukutsugi, " Sixty-nine Stations on 
the Kiso Highway." Karuizawa Station, signed Hiroshige. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

141. Kiso Kaido Rokujukutsugi, " Sixty-nine Stations 
on the Kiso Highway," Miyanokoshi Station, signed 
Hiroshige. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

142. Surimono, girls in the foreground gathering nori sea- 
weed, signed Hiroshige. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

143. Toto Sanjii Rokkei, ' Thirty-six views of Eastern 
Capital," Mimeguri Bank on the River Sumida, signed 
Hiroshige. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

144. Yedo Komei Kwaitei Zukushi, famous restaurants of 
Yedo, the back view of Aoyagi Restaurant abutting the 
River Sumida, signed Hiroshige. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

145. Ginsekai Azuma Junikei, "Twelve Yedo views under 
snow," thick snow at Masaki, signed Hiroshige. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

kikugawa yeizan, worked c. 1800-1829. 

146. Oban, Furyu Meisho Setsuge(tsu)kwa, fashionable 
places of note in snow, moon and flower, snow scene, signed 
Kikugawa Yeizan. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

147. Oban, Toseizoku Koromo Zome, a Geisha accompanied 
by a maid servant holding an umbrella over her mistress, in 
a sharp shower. " patterns of dyes of present day " series, 
signed Yeizan. Basil Stewart, Esq. 

148. Oban, " Seiro Itsutsu Monbi," one of a set of The Five 
Festivals of the Tea Houses, a portrait of famous Oiran 
Hanaogi of the House of Ogiya, signed Yeizan. 

Basil Stewart, Esq. 


149. Surimono, a portrait of Yokihi and two butterflies 
hovering. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

1 50. The Asazuma Bune story, signed Kachoro Kunisada. 

Lady Cecilia Rose. 

KAWANABE KYOSAI, 1831-1889. 

151. A crow on a snow covered tree picked out in white on 
black ground, signed Shojo Kyosai. W. Samuel, Esq, 


152. A crow on snow-covered tree picked out in white 
on black ground, signed Shojo Kyosai. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

1 53. Solitary heron in a downpour of rain, picked out 
in white on black ground. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

1 54. A crow perched on a tree in black on mellowed 
background, signed Shojo Kyosai. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


155. Original drawing, Yokoye, a white cat with a red 
ribbon around her neck looking up in a crouching attitude 
beside sprays of vine, signed Gwakyo Rojin Manji Hitsu in 
his 80th year. Horace C. Beck, Esq. 

156. Artist unknown, Chuban, diptych, half length portrait 
of a Dutch couple. Lady Cecilia Rose. 

157. Fan mount, Tosa school, a nobleman holding a tame 
hawk, XVIth Century. Prof. W. Bateson. 

158. Unknown, Hosoye, a standing figure of G3/orin Kwan- 
non on a petal of lotus, the halo and the flowing robe are 
painted with tan, the paper turned brown by exposure and 
age. Pyof. W. Bateson. 

159. Two drawings, Tosa school. A nobleman sitting in a 
room facing a court watching the football played b}' high 
officials ; a nobleman reclining on a low table with a book 
open before him looking towards the window with bamboo 
blinds down towards which a priest is approaching ; in both 
of these pictures gold dust is profusely employed. XVI Ith 
Century. W. Samuel, Esq. 

160. Original sketch of a river crab showing its anatomical 
details, artist unknown. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

161. Original drawing of a bird in colours. 

Thacher Clarke, Esq. 


1 . Standing figure of Kwannon, in the teaching mudra, style 
of the Konin Period, height 330mm. C. Maresco Pearce, Esq. 

2. Lacquered figure of the Dainichi of the Kongokai, XVIIth 
Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

3. Standing figure of Kwannon, red lacquer, with remnants 
of the gold lacquer coating, height 500mm. 

O. C. Raphael, Esq. 


4. Small mask of Buddha, carved wood lacquered in gold 
and black, XV.-XVIth Century style. Dr. H. R. Spencer. 

5. Head of a man, probably that of a youthful temple 
attendant, with dark hair, the face covered with a white 
pigment, the lips tinted red. George Eumorfopoulos, Esq. 

6. Mask of black wood, powerfully carved face of a man 
with contracted eyebrows. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

7. Mask of a man, seal signature Tenkaichi Zekan. 

8. Mask of a young girl, Masujiro. 

9. Mask of a Shojo, coral colour, inscribed Hisui Shojo. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

10. Mask, thin emaciated face of a woman, Yace-Onna. 

Prof. W. Bateson. 

11. Mask of a young girl, Ko-Kachiki, attributed to Shunko. 

Prof. W . Bateson. 

12. Mask of Deigan, a young girl with thinly painted eye- 
brows. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

13. Mask of a young man, Wakai Otoko type. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

14. Kiogen mask of an old woman. H. L. Joly , Esq. 

1 5. Kiogen mask of an old woman, the mouth awry twisted 
to the right, disclosing a few teeth. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

16. Kiogen mask, an old man making a wry face. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

16a. Carved and lacquered figure of the King of Hell 
Yemma O. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

17. Lacquered carved wood figure of a priest, seated, said to 
be a portrait of the famous priest Ikkiu Osho, 1394-1481, 
illustrated in Huish, Japan and its Art. Sir C. Hercules Read. 

18. Carved wood figure of an old man, seated with a closed 
fan in the right hand, inscribed Keiseisho. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

19. Standing figure of Daruma returning home to India 
some years after his death, and absent-mindedly travelling 
with one sandal only, held in the left hand, the other one 
being left in his grave, signed Choun. Lady E. MacDonald. 

20. Carved wood figure of a priest seated, the left hand 
raised to hold an attribute now missing, probably XVIIIth 
Century. Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 


21 . Wood, small figure of a child seated, his hands resting on 
a pillow, probably XVII.-XVIIIth Century. 

Messrs. C. Shannon and C. Ricketts. 

22. Wood, figure of Kwannon holding a lotus, signed 
Chukei. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

23. Carved wood figure of Shaka in meditation, gold lac- 
quered. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

24. Portable shrine, triptych shape, Amida Nyorai sup- 
ported by two Apsaras, carved in the solid in very high 
relief in sandal wood by Naito Koseki, the outside lacquered 
with lotus design in hiramakiye of gold and silver by 
Komatsu. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

25. Portable shrine, on one side Dai nichi Nyorai of the 
Kongo Kai, on the other Agni Deva ; carved sandal wood 
with gold diaper background. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

26. A small shrine of Kujaku Mio O, 4 J ins. high. 2 J ins. 
wide, carved by Naito Koseki. H. C. Clifford, Esq. 

27. Pocket shrine, nashiji with dragon, waves, howo and 
landscapes circular cartouches, gold hiramakiye, the inner 
side carved with a figure of Aizen Mio O and lacquered with 
a landscape, gold hiramakiye on black. /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

28. Ivory, the Rakan Dakora Sonja stretching whilst 
reading a book, signed Meido. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

29. Ivory, old beggar playing the shakuhachi, signed Yuun. 

R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

30. Ivory carving, Mount Horai standing on the tortoise, 
the summit a house in which two men are playing Go, signed 
Kagetoshi. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

31 . Ivory, " charm case," circular with inlaid mother-of-pearl 
chrysanthemums outside, the inner minutely part carved 
with the story of the Shutendoji. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

32. Ivory ball, the wonders of the Fairy Island Horaizan, 
clouds with cranes, and waves with Minogame surrounding 
the rock, inside a village built over a sea running between 
high mountains covered with trees ; on the other side boys 
leading an elephant, Chinese landscape, cut so deep that 
the light can be seen through showing the sun in the clouds. 

Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

33. Carved wood cow, lacquered black, signed Shusai. 

E. B. Ellice Clarke, Esq. 


34. Wood, Ushidoji riding back on the ox, whilst playing the 
flute, signed Kwaigiokudo. Dr. H. R. Spencer. 

35. Ivory okimono, a biwa player holding his instruments 
from which he removes the cloth cover, at his side a low 
table with books held down by a tripod Koro, signed Sojiu 
(Okawa). Dr. H. R. Spencer. 

36. Root carved in the shape of a Chinese sage holding a 
reishi (polyporus) emblem of longevity. Henry J. Reiss, Esq. 

37. Wood, carved as a plum tree from the shattered trunk 
of which issue a few branches loaded with blossoms, a bird 
being perched on one of the twigs, signed Mitsuhiro. 

Henry J. Reiss, Esq. 

38. Carved wood lacquered red and mitsudaro, two wrestlers 
probably Nomi no Sukune and Taima no Kehaya, the tippet 
and fundoshi decorated with peonies in various colours and 
gold M. N. Strachan, Esq. 

39. Carving, group of three sparrows, carved wood, the 
mother standing on a tile bringing a spider in her bill to feed 
the two young birds, signed Chiku en, Osaka worker, XlXth 
Century. Mrs. G. H. Hodgson. 

40. Ivory okimono, the Story of Omori Hikoshichi, signed 
Ikensai Meigioku. Sir Edward Stern. 


1 . Wood, Ikkaku Sennin carrying the Benares harlot on his 
back, signed Negoro Sokiu. 

Nos. 1 to 28 (and 178-202) lent by 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

2. Wood, Chinnan crossing the sea on his hat. 

3. Wood, boy pressing down his cheeks with both hands 
while playing a ghost game. 

4. Wood, tall Dutchman holding a cock to his breast and 
pulling down his lower left eyelid. 

5. Wood, figure of a Deva king holding a pipe and tabako-ire, 
signed Rankiusai Shuzan. 

6. Wood, Fukurokujiu. 

7. Wood, mask of a Shojo, signed Shugetsu. 

8. Wood, lacquered red, signed Manju. 

9. Wood, Kanzan with the broom. 

10. Ivory, manju, three monkeys in a circle. 


1 1 . Ivory, two trackers pulling on a tow rope on the river 

12. Ivory, Daruma crossing the sea on a reed. 

13. Shibuichi inlaid with shakudo, copper and silver, 
Danjuro IX. in the Shibaraku act, signed Masaaki with 
gold seal. 

14. Wood, inlaid ivory and other materials, Fukurokujiu, 
seated with a crane and makimono at his side, signed Tokoku. 

15. Wood, an oni reclining on his right side and laughing, 
one thigh drawn up. 

16. Wood, two Ni O wrestling on the ground. 

17. Ivory, manju, one side the Shutendoji amused at the 
antics of the Yamabushi dancing before him. 

18. Ivory, two shuttles, signed Tokoku. 

19. Ivory, Choryo and Kosekiko, actually a seal. 

20. Ivory, a truculent Tartar, signed Masanao. 

21 . Ivory, group of seven shirauwo the eyes inlaid pearl, 
signed Jiugioku. 

22. Kagami buta, gold plate, Kwannon seated on a rock, 
the face and details silver. 

23. Ivory, flat shape Daruma. 

24. Ivory, tiger, signed Masanao. 

25. Ivory, court lady, her dress folded up at the back, her 
hair streaming over her shoulders. 

26. Ivory, the story of Kwakkio rinding the gold kettle, 
signed Sanshi Tosui. 

27. Ivory, group of three foxes, one of which holds the key, 

28. Ivory, tall figure of Shoki holding a tiny Oni in the left 
hand whilst a large one stands on his head worrying him. 

29. Ivory, the Yamauba seated, a gaki kneeling at her feet. 

F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 

30. Ivory, tall figure of a Chinese (?) with hands clasped, 
the legs encased in gaiters buttoned at the back. 

F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 

31. Ivory, a 'Dutchman" with peacock feather hat, 
carrying a fighting cock. F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 

32. Ivory, Kintoki carrying a big mushroom about his head. 

F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 


33. Ivory, tall figure of a foreigner, signed Shugetsu. 

Nos. 33 to 50 inclusive lent by Mr. and Mrs H. L. Joly. 

34. Ivory, the Sennin Kinko. 

35. Ivory, small figure of Jurojin, signed Ikkosai. 

36. Ivory, a monkey and its young, signed Tomotada. 

37. Ivory, emissary of Riujin. 

38. Ivory, Toto no Tenjin. 

39. Ivory, Kengiu, the divine herdsman. 

40. Wood, a polistes gallica on its nest, signed Toy omasa. 

41. Ivory, Daruma standing. 

42. Wood, one of the Ni O, signed Getsushi. 

43. Wood, an onr seated. 

44. Wood, Tengu no Tamago subject, signed Minko. 

45. Ivory, Tcbosako hugging a huge peach. 

46. Ivory, a Mainezumi toy, rat charged with fireworks. 

47. Ivory Kugutsume Kaneko the strong woman of Omi. 

48. Ivory, the severed head of Kesa. 

49. Kagami buta, shibuichi, portrait of an actor, signed 
Baido Shuraku. 

50. Kagami buta, shibuichi, Gama Sennin. 

51. Cherry wood, a foreigner holding a drum, signed Miwa. 

Sir Hercules Read. 

52. Daikoku and three tame rats, wood and ivory, signed 
Tokoku, end of the XlXth Century. Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

53. Lacquered wood, the Nabe Kammuri penance. 

Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

54. Ivory, a rabbit, signed Yoshitomo. Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

55. Ivory, tiger curled on itself to lick its hind quarters, 
signed Masanao. Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

56. Ivory, a kirin. 

Nos. 56 to 70 lent by Frederick M ' einertzhagen , Esq m 

57. Ivory, a kirin. 

58. Ivory, a cat scratching its fore leg. 

59. Ivory, a snail, signed Kwaigiokusai, made to order. 

60. Ivory, a horse, large piece, signed Shigemasa. 

61 . Ivory, a stag, the head bent back, signed Okatomo. 


62. Ivory, a snake coiled about a toad, signed Chikusai. 

63. Tall figure of a foreigner (? Chinese) with long flowing 
hair and curly beard holding a Chinese child with the right 

63a. Ivory, an octopus on top of an inverted tako tsubo, 
signed Mitsuhiro. 

64. Ivory, large manju, story of Raiko and the spider devil, 
signed Akizane. 

65. Ivory, Benkei in the conch shell, signed Issai. 

66. Ivory, Tengu no Tamaso. 

67. Ivory, a wild boar asleep on a litter of leaves, behind 
suzuki grass near a small rock, signed Kwayioku Masatsugu. 

67a. Wood, a dragon in the round inside a gourd, signed 
Toyomasa, aged 88. 

68. Wood, The Seven Gods of Luck, manju shape, signed 


69. Wood, a goat squatting on its hams, signed Tomotada. 

70. Ivory, manju, Daruma stretching and breaking a wall 

71. Ivory, Fugen Bosatsu seated on the elephant. 

Numbers 71 to 76 are lent by 5. D. Bles, Esq. 

72. Ivory, Chinese woman holding a pet dog. 

73. Ivory, Kirin seated on its hind legs, signed Tomotada. 

74. Ivory, a man laughing. 

75. Ivory, the head of a horned Karashishi, signed Tomotada. 

76. Ivory, Shoki. 

77. Lacquered wood, small figure of Jurojin. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

78. Ivory, Ushidoji asleep on the buffalo. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

79. Wood, a cock, signed Ikko (Kazutora). 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

80. Large ivory manju carved in high relief with over 
seventy-five personages, representing the final scene in the 
Chushingura story, signed Kyomin. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell 

81 . Ivory, Ono no Komachi in her old age. 

Nos. 81 to 88 inclusive lent by Dr. J. Hutchinson. 


82. Stag's antler, a Komuso. 

83. Stag's antler, a box with a peony in red lacquer. 
83a. Ivory, reclining bull, signed Tomokazu. 

84. Wood, lacquered gold on red, mask of Okame, signed 

85. Wood, fox mask with movable jaw, inscribed Deme 

Sukemitsu (Uman). 

86. Wood, a butterfly dancer, in the style of Shuzan II. 

87. Ebony, the Riugu in the clam shell. 

88. Bamboo, the Six Poets and their poems legibly written 
in microscopic characters. 

89. Ivory, rabbit and a bunch of loquat fruits, signed 
Okatomo. Nos. 89 to 97 lent by /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

90. Ivory, snake coiled on itself. 

91 . Ivory, a cat, worried by a butterfly, signed Ikko. 

92. Ivory, Hotei seated at the side of his bag on which climbs 
a small child. 

93. Ivory, wild goose preening its feathers. 

94. Ivory, wild boar on a litter of chestnut leaves, bamboo 
and lespedeza, signed Masanori. 

95. Wood, goat looking backwards. 

96. Wood, Tanuki no hara tsuzumi, signed Minko. 

97. Wood, mask of Buaku, signed Tametaka. 

98. Ivory, Daruma seated, yawning, signed Shugetsu. 

Nos. 98 to 110 inclusive lent by M. Tomkinson, Esq, 

99. Manzai dancer in the garb of Sambaso, signed Mitsuhiro. 

1 00. The Gods of Luck in the Takarabune, signed Riosa. 

101 . Ivory, dragon coiled in a ball, signed Hogen Rantei. 

102. Ivory, snake coiled on itself, yellow colour. 

103. Ivory, a basket containing several fishes carved in 
coral, signed Somin. 

104. Ivory, manju, Shibayama work, cock, hen and chicks, 
signed Shibayama Munekazu. 

105. Ivory, manju, Shibayama, nanten covered with coral 
berries, signed Shibayama. 

106. Ivory, Shibayama manju, wood inlaid with a bird on a 
branch of persimmon, signed Shibayama. 


1 07. Wood and ivory, crane in a pine tree. 

108. Wood and horn, a snail on a piece of wood, signed 

109. Ajiro manju of silver and shakudo, with Katabami 

110. Framed print of the Tokaido Gojiu san tsugi, 36 X 
26mm. net printed surface. 

111. Narwhal ivory, figure of Fukurokujiu. K. Tomita, Esq. 

112. Wood, a group of five tortoises in the round, signed 
Komin. K. Tomita, Esq. 

113. Ivory, bearded foreigner with long cloak. 

Nos. 113 to 121 are lent by Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

114. Ivory, Sambaso dancer. 

115. Ivory, Choryo and Kosekiko, signed Unzan. 

116. Wood, a child creeping on all fours, signed Masakatsu. 

117. Ivory, yawning figure of squatting Okame. 

118. Ivory, Shidoken the story-teller, signed Shukosai 

119. Shibuichi, quail and lespedeza. 

120. K, B, shibuichi, a warrior seated on a rock, Kebori, 
signed Shuraku with tsuishu frame. 

121. K, B, shibuichi, Gwaten and three rabbits, signed 

122. Ivory manju, a Rakan, intaglio relievato with Shi- 
bayama inlay, signed Mitsutoshi. 

Nos. 122 to 132 lent by H. C. Clifford, Esq. 

123. Manju, wood, carved in high relief, Daruma holding a 
Jui, signed Shumin. 

124. Ivory, Shoki riding on a karashishi, an oni scampering 
away at the back, intaglio relievato, signed Moritoshi. 

125. Ivory, small tortoise, signed Mitsuhiro. 

126. Ivory, two loquat, signed Mitsuhiro. 

127. Wood and stained ivory, sea slug and worm-eaten 
chestnut, signed Mitsuhiro. 

128. Ivory, rat on a candle. 

129. Ivory manju, Taikobo seated, part metal work, signed 
Riumin and Shibayama Yoshin. 


130. Ivory, a bale of hamaguri, signed Giokuhosai. 

131. Large wooden mask of Hannya, signed Tominsai 

132. K, B, coiled rope enclosing a spinning top. 

133. Ivory, a child pushing a snowball, signed Kwansai 
Masanobu. G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

134. Ivory manju, the animals of the Zodiac. 

Nos. 134 to 136 inclusive lent by Mrs. Spencer Gollan. 

135. Ivory, two pheasants amongst peonies, signed 

136. Wood, two sparrows fighting, signed Kwaigiokusai. 

137. Ivory manju, design of Uta garuta, signed Ichimuken 
Nanka of Izumi. Nos. 137 to 143 inclusive lent by 

R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

138. K, B, Kato Kiyomasa drinking from a large sake cup, 
signed Jiumin. 

139. Wood, the Sennin Gama, signed Minko. 

140. Wood, a group of snails, seal signature Kwanzan. 

1 41 . Ivory, group of small frogs on a straw sandal. 
141a. Ivory, an elephant driver climbing on his beast. 

142. Ivory, the Fuji musume, signed Keiseki. 

143. Manju, two children playing a game of Sugoroku, 
signed Chounsai Hidechika. 

144. Ivory, woman diver wringing her dripping skirt. 

Nos. 144 to 147 inclusive lent by Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

1 45. Ivory, group of three pea pods, signed Kiokatsu (Seisho). 

146. Wood, oni squatting on a basket, signed Tomokazu. 

147. Bamboo lacquered with the emblems of Moso, signed 
Jo and Soko. 

148. Red lacquered wood figure of Kosekiko. 

Nos. 148 to 170 inclusive are lent by Henry J. Reiss, Esq, 

149. Honen, mask of an oni, signed Ono Riomin. 

1 50. Ivory, of rich colour, Fukurokujiu sniffing. 

151. Ivory, a pilgrim to the Sixty-six shrines. 

152. Ivory, the Sennin Koko signed Masakazu. 

153. Ivory, children playing the game Kotoro-Kotoro. 

154. Ivory, a devil holding a Kanabo. 

c 2 


155. Ivory, the Sennin Oshikyo. 

1 56. Ivory, the clam's dream, signed Fuboku. 

1 57. Ivory, group of tortoises in the round. 

1 58. Ivory, Kagamibuta, an owl on a branch, signed Shuraku. 

159. Wood, Shoki carrying an oni. 

1 60. Wood, a severed head with teeth inlaid bone. 

161. Wood, the story of Kiyohime, signed Masamitsu (not a 

162. Wood, the twin heads of the two witnesses of Hell. 

163. Wood, a ningyo, mermaid, signed Tadatoshi. 

164. Wood, a snake curled up ready to strike, signed 

165. Wood, two small combs (Kushi). 

1 66. Wood, a blind man lifting a heavy stone, signed Shumin. 

167. Wood, Fukurokujiu. 

168. Wood, a ghost towering above a woman. 

169. Wood, giant octopus changed into a ghost. 

1 70. Rhinoceros horn, Southsea islander. 

171. Ivory, clam shell, the Views of Omi, signed Kaigiokusai 
Masatsugu. Nos. 171 to 203 inclusive are lent by 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

172. Ivory, manju, Map of Japan, signed Nanka. 

173. Ebony, old Chinese sage. 

174. Wood, Shoki holding an oni. 

175. Wood, a fox woman. 

176. Wood, Kwannon seated on a lotus leaf, signed Hojitsu. 

177. Wood, a leopard, signed Kashu. 

178. Wood, horn and metals, a group of three mushrooms 
overrun by ants, style of Meibun. 

179. Umimatsu, a dried-up bean pod, in Meibun style. 

180. Ivory, Gama Sennin. 

181. Ivory, the Sennin Roko. 

182. Ivory, a dried-up pine cone, signed Mitsuhiro. 

183. Ivory, the dream of Rosei, signed Kagetoshi. 

184. Ivory, a coiled snake, signed Okatomo. 



185. Ivory, a hawk's claw. 

1 86. Ivory, a stag, squatting on its hams. 

187. Ivory, a stag, actually a seal, not a netsuke. 

188. Ivory, a sake tub, signed Hojitsu. 

189. K, B, shakudo nanako, a horse inlaid in gold, signed 
Yokoya Eiji (Terutsugu). 

190. K, B, shakudo and iroye, the ghost of Kazane, signed 

191. K, B, shibuichi, Bunshosei, signed Shuraku. 

192. K, B, shibuichi, the three heads in the story Mikenjaku, 
signed Somin. 

193. K, B, shibuichi, three men in a boat admiring the 

194. Ivory, Shiba Onko breaking the jar. 

195. Ivory, a long tail cat, with inlaid eyes, signed Dosho. 

1 96. Ivory of rich orange colour, seal shape, a man climbing 
on an elephant. 

197. Ivory, large manju, group of eleven No masks, signed 
Chikuyosai Tomochika. 

1 98. Stag's horn, a Komuso, Ronin playing the shakuhachi. 
1 99. Stag's horn, one of the Ni O. 

200. Stag's horn, a frog using a folded lotus leaf as a boat. 

201 . Stag's horn, little frog-like oni on a sanko, signed Ren. 

202. K, B, shakudo inlaid with a puppet show, signed 

203. Netsuke, ivory, a mother and child. H. C. Beck, Esq. 

204. Ivory, figure of Fukurokujiu, dancing, with a Chinese 
fan held in the right hand. Lady E. Lawrence. 

205. Ivory, a wrestling match. Lady E. Lawrence. 

206. Ivory, either Kan no Koso or Choshinjin killing the 
dragon, signed Rakuun. Lady E. Lawrence. 

207. Ivory, group of eleven cranes in the round, signed 
Kagetoshi. Lady E. Lawrence. 

208. Ivory, a Shojo seated near a sake jar, holding a dipper 
and a cup. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

209. Ivory, a dog playing with a haliotis shell, signed 
Okatomo. Prof. J. N. Collie. 



1. Suzuri bako, the temples at Ashiyama dera, gold taka- 
makiye, probably XVIth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

2. Suzuri bako, five maple leaves on a bridge over an angry 
river, Tatsutagawa design, School of Koyetsu. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

3. Suzuri bako, bright black lacquer decorated with three 
monkeys, the inside of the lid is decorated with two rabbits 
in aogai outline amongst long grass painted in gold. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

4. Suzuri bako, long shape, gold takamakiye design of 
bamboo tossed in the wind. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

5. Suzuri bako, gold takamakiye, a stream between moun- 
tains, Yama Mata Yama design, period of Joken in, XVIIIth 
Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

6. Suzuri bako, small size, black lacquer, a boat moored 
behind an island on which grow pine tree, cherry tree and 
willow, takamakiye, being a copy of the famous Genji 
Kocho Suzuri bako, made circa 1880-1890. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

7. Suzuri bako in the shape of a Koto. Sir C. Hercules Read. 

8. Suzuri bako, gold takamakiye, a horse standing amongst 
flowers of autumn. Sir C. Hercules Read. 

9. Shikishi box, i.e. box for poem papers, black ground, 
a pine tree and a wistaria growing together, probably XVIth 
Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

10. Suzuri bako, two rabbits amongst lespedeza on the lid, 
one pewter the other gold lacquer, has been attributed to 
Shimizu Kukei, of Kaga, circa 1640 (?). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

* Suzuri Bako are writing boxes, containing an ink-stone, the 
brushes, ink-cake, water vessels, and other requisites of the 
Sino-Japanese calligraphist. Usually the inside of the lid, called 
Mikayeshi, is decorated with as much care as the outside. 


1 1 . Sururi bako, small, a silver cuckoo in flight cryptomeria 
and clouds takamakiye. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

12. Sururi bako, nashiji, herbs of autumn in the moonlight, 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

13. Shikishi bako, small size decorated with a mosaic of 
kirikane, side charged with a fan. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

14. Suzuri bako, black lacquer, and gold takamakiye, a 
design representing Ono no Komachi in her old age, Koami 
style, XVIIIth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1 5. Suzuri bako, black lacquer with bevelled edges decorated 
with floral scroll with four deer amongst maples. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

16. Suzuri bako, brownish black ground with gold poudre, 
decorated on the lid with a Chinese landscape in gold taka- 
makiye, inside Choryo attacking the dragon, Kosekiko on 
bridge. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

17. Suzuri bako, togidashi, sparrows fighting on a slightly 
rising ground, inside flowers of autumn on Yasuriko nashiji, 
early to middle XVIIIth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

18. Suzuri bako, a river scene on the lid with two boats 
moored behind rocks, gold takamakiye on nashiji ground, 
circa 1780-1800 (or possibly earlier), Koami work. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

19. Suzuri bako, the Eight Views of Omi, gold takamakiye. 

Prof. W. Gowland. 

20. Suzuri bako, chinkinbori, a karashishi and peonies. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

21 . Suzuri bako, a stream in flood, drawn in gold lines on 
black lacquer, the land represented by pewter inlays and 
old rubbed gold in high relief. On the lid, a boat containing 
an old bearded man of high rank, is being steered down the 
rapids by a boatman who is standing in the stern holding his 
long paddle. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

22. Suzuri bako, decorated inside with a gourd vine, bearing 
flowers and fruit, outer decoration a saddle, horse-bit and 
cheek. Middle XlXth Century. Lieut.-Col. f. B. Gaskell. 

23. Suzuri bako, black ground, with bevelled edges, deco- 
rated in takamakiye with the subject Yatsuhashi, old stone, 
and old fan-shape mizuire, copper, part gilt. 

Lieut.-Col. f . B. Gaskell. 


24. Suzuri bako, shitan wood carved with a pine tree covered 
with snow ; on the branch is perched a hawk, landscape of 
snow-clad mountains and two sparrows in flight. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

25. Suzuri bako, flowers of autumn on the shore of a lake, 
five mandarin ducks swimming in two groups, inside, small 
plants, bamboo and a hill with trees in Chinese style, before 
1750. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

26. Suzuri bako, decorated inside with carp aswim amongst 
imbricated waves of aogai. Lord Swaything. 

27. Suzuri bako, black lacquer decorated with the enclosure 
of a football ground, inside which stands a cherry tree in 
bloom, signed Shunsho. James Orange, Esq. 

28. Suzuri bako, black, nine cranes in slightly raised gold 
and silver lacquer, inside three carp in a river amongst water 
weeds togidashi. James Orange, Esq. 

29. Suzuri bako, nashiji, gold takamakiye, shishi on the lid. 

R. Phene Spiers, Esq. 

30. Suzuri bako, nashiji with Horai san design in gold 
hiramakiye. R. Phene Spiers, Esq. 

31. Suzuri bako, red lacquer with a dragon on the lid, 
inscribed Kwanyei 3 (1626), fifth month, signed Shimizu 
Ichidaiyu Masatomo seisu. R. Phene Spiers, Esq. 

32. Suzuri bako, nashiji ground and gold takamakiye, a 
temple half hidden amongst trees in the mountains. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

33. Suzuri bako, of large size, nashiji, the lid a landscape 
with hummock and waterfall, the waters coursing between 
pine trees, fir trees and cherry trees in bloom, in the mikayeshi 
a waterfall toppling from rock to rock into a chasm hidden 
from view. XVIIIth Century. Kajikawa school. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

34. Suzuri bako, fireflies at Uji above a winding stream, 
XlXth Century. /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

35. Suzuri bako, chrysanthemums in thick takamakiye, 
forming a hedge behind a bamboo fence. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

36. Suzuri bako, black lacquer, a group of Eji, in pewter 
and mother-of-pearl. Koyetsu school. /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

37. Suzuri bako, wood, inlaid on the lid with varieties of 
shells in ivory and pottery, signed Ritsuo. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 


38. Suzuri bako, decorated with the flowers of autumn in 
silver togidashi. Mrs. Adlercron 

39. Suzuri bako, red box, Ebisu carrying a Tai, rubbed gold 
with mother-of-pearl details. Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

40. Suzuri bako, long shape kokutan wood decorated with 
the crescent moon behind flowers of autumn in gold taka- 
makiye. Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

41. Suzuri bako, nashiji, the lid decorated with a wild goose 
standing on a rock on the edge of a swift stream in which is 
placed a water wheel, the latter mounted between two 
thicknesses of the lid is actuated by means of mercury. 

Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

42. Writing table, Bundai and Suzuri bako, black 
lacquer decorated with the moon behind autumn grass. 

Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

43. Suzuri bako, black lacquer, a branch of flowering plum 
tree, in gold takamakiye, the blossoms inlaid pewter in high 
relief. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 

44. Suzuri bako, fir tree, camellia and plum tree in flower 
on the edge of a swift brook, takamakiye. 

James Orange, Esq. 

45. Suzuri bako, Jogahana technique a plum tree in bloom, 
green twigs in takamakiye, the blossoms white with red 
sepals. James Orange, Esq. 

46. Suzuri bako and Bunko, black lacquer decorated in 
mother-of-pearl inlay of various colours, the Temple Kiyo- 
mizu on the writing box, other subjects around Kyoto on 
the Bundai. R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

47. Suzuri bako, Tanabata design, nashiji with takamakiye 
decoration. W. Crewdson, Esq. 

48. Suzuri bako, black ground decorated in takamakiye 
with a landscape at cherry blossom time, waterfall in the 
background, the flowers gold, the rocks and clouds gold 
hirame. W. Crewdson, Esq. 

49. Suzuri bako, the lid imitating old sugi wood, charged 
with two fan panels, one decorated with a temple under a 
pine tree on Giobu nashiji, the other with two mandarin 
ducks. Koami school. XVIIIth Century. M. B. Huish, Esq. 

50. Suzuri bako, natural wood with plum blossoms, deco- 
rated inside with a Bugaku dance. H. P. Vacher, Esq. 


50a. Suzuri bako, Gyobu nashiji decorated in high relief with 
a fan bearing a design of monkey and persimmon tree on a 
rock, gold takamakiye chrysanthemum in flowers of autumn 
inside, same technique. Lady E. Lawrence. 

50b. Suzuri bako, nashiji with Ken Katabami crest, moun- 
tain and lake landscape in gold takamakiye, inside a fan with 
Malva and chidori design repeated on the brush tray. 

Lady E. Lawrence. 


51. Fubako of large size, nashiji, clumps of iris in a winding 
stream, takamakiye. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

52. Fubako, nashiji, fans in slightly raised lacquer. 

James Orange, Esq. 

53. Fubako, black lacquer, scene from the Genji Monogatari, 
with two lovers in a boat under a pine tree, hiramakiye, 
heidatsu and aogai inlay. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

54. Fubako, black lacquer with bracken leaves in gold and 
silver togidashi. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

55. Fubako, large size, a curtain and drums for a Bugaku 
dance. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

56. Fubako, black lacquer, shikishi in gold and silver togi- 
dashi. XlXth Century. /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

57. Fubako, black lacquer, gold design of chrysanthemum 
with red, white and blue flowers in mitsuda. XlXth Century. 

58. Fubako, black lacquer, cherry twigs and Fuki leaves. 

R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

59. Fukabo, wood grain design charged with the pawns of 
the Shogi game, takamakiye. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

60. Fubako, small size arched shape, the ground imitating 
natural wood, charged with circular groups of flowers. 

James Orange, Esq. 


61. Kyaradansu, nashiji ground decorated in takamakiye 
with the Sho Chiku Bai, the Minogame and crane of Horaizan, 
and charged with the Tokugawa mitsuaoi crest and Ume- 
bachi in a ring, repeated in the gilt metal hinges, lock and 
drawer handles, the inside of the door panel decorated with 
butterflies in gold hiramakiye. Rt. Hon. Lord Swavthling. 

* Boxes used for the transmission of letters by hand. 


62. Cabinet, nashiji with Sho Chiku Bai design in gold 
takamakiye, Umebachi crest on fittings and on the field 
together with Tokugawa Mitsu aoi crest. 

Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

63. Paper box with hanging tray, black lacquer with kikusui 
design, i.e. chrysanthemum blossoms on running water. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

64. Box for playing cards, rich nashiji decorated in hiramakiye 
with strawberries, the fruit depicted in red, and Tokugawa 
Gosankiri crest in various places, inside mountain landscape 
with temple and steep pathway. W. Harding Smith, Esq 

65. Kodansu, small cabinet, coarse nashiji with chrysanthe- 
mum design all over in slightly raised gold lacquer on hillocks 
of polished hirame and rinzu, decorated base. 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

66. Cabinet for the poetry game, three drawers inside and a 
small suzuri bako, reticulated pattern of cloth brocade in half- 
inch pitch, each square containing a chrysanthemum crest, 
the hinges, lock and handle Kaga inlay of clematis Karakusa 
on iron, XVII.-XVIIIth Century work. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

67. Miniature cabinet for a doll's house, black lacquer 
decorated with pine, plum tree and karakusa. 

M. B. Huish, Esq. 

68. Bento bako (i.e. picnic box to carry food and drink), 
decorated with plum branch and tanzaku, wistaria vine 
and brocade designs. M. B. Huish, Esq. 

69. Bento bako, the whole surface decorated with triangles 
of brocade designs in various patterns thrown over a stream. 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

70. Small bento bako, decorated all over with herbs of 
autumn in gold lacquer. /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

71. Tabako bon (i.e. smoking set), nashiji decorated with the 
Sho Chiku Bai, on nashiji. G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

72. Tabako bon, fruit in togidashi in colours. 

M. B. Huish, Esq. 

73. Smoking set, nashiji decorated in gold takamakiye, with 
a wistaria in bloom. Prof. W. Gowland. 

74. Box for the incense game, complete with all accessories, 
decoration of landscape and cherry blossoms with silver 
flowers. Lady E. Lawrence. 


75. Kobako (incense game box), in two tiers, nashiji with 
Sho Chiku Bai design and crest, in very slightly raised gold 
lacquer, with complete set of utensils and fittings inside. 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

76. Incense game box, gold takamakiye design of chrysan- 
themum growing all over rocks between which rushes a 
torrent. G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

77. Cabinet for the poetry game, the ground mi-parti 
hirame. Lady E. Lawrence. 

78. Utagaruta case, Ariwara no Narihira and the Yatsuhashi 
design. Lady E. Lawrence. 

79. Bunko, large deep paper box, black lacquer turning 
brown, decorated with a bold design of tsubaki and pine 
tree. Dr. H. R. Spencer. 

80. Gold lacquer box, the lid covered with sprays of wistaria, 
chrysanthemum and leaves, over which are inlaid butterflies, 
another of pearl, XlXth Century. J. Spier, Esq. 

81. Kogo, Tsugaru lacquer imitating a node of bamboo on 
which are two sparrows in flight. Dr. H. H. Spencer. 

82. Small box, gold lacquer, shaped as a court lady seated 
with her robes spread around her. J. Spier, Esq. 

83. Small box, fan shape, decorated with a ferry boat 
moored under a cherry tree in bloom. J. Spier, Esq. 

84. Small box, gold lacquer all over leaving in reserve of 
minute lines a design of cherry blossoms, hiramakiye, over 
which are thrown two fans. /. Spier, Esq. 

85. Box, the lid shaped as three fans thrown on one another, 
the box follows the outline and is decorated with fans all 
over. Lady J. Lawrence. 

86. Takigara-ire, ash vessel, lined with brass, mokko shape, 
gold fundame ground decorated with houses, a small arbour 
on a hill by the side of a lake, gold takamakiye, the leaves 
of a pine tree inlaid silver and gold wire ; on the lid, 
seven wild geese in flight gold takamakiye, nashiji inside, 
Koami style, early XVI Ith Century. W. Crewdson, Esq. 

87. Small Jubako kogo for incense parties, nashiji of dark 
hue on brown foundation, flowers of autumn gold in low 
relief, probably Kajikawa work, circa 1700-1720. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 


88. Oblong kogo, crane crest repeated all over, gold hira- 
makiye on fundame, inside Ashide design. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

89. A small mokko shaped kogo, nashiji, the design Tsuta 
no Hosomichi. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

90. Square kogo, pine trees and chidori. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

91. Circular kogo, decorated in very high relief with a 
Karashishi and peonies. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

92. Circular kogo inlaid in aogai with figures under a pine 
tree by the side of a lake. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

93. Kogo, square with pewter rim, with chrysanthemum 
decoration. W . Harding Smith, Esq. 

94. Kogo, shaped as an orange, with reddish brown outside, 
the inside lined with small orange leaves in gold on a field of 
scroll-work. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

95. Kogo, small with design of Katawa guruma on waves. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

96. Small square box, nashiji, covered with a semis of chry- 
santhemum flowers, XVII.-XVIIIth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

97. Small oblong box, Karashishi and peony. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

98. Small oblong box, a spray of dianthus caryophyllum, 
and a love knot. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

99. Small oblong box, hanabishi design. 0. C. Raphael, Esq 

100. Kogo, shaped as a figure of Hotei. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

101. Sutra box, decorated in nashiji and flat gold and silver 
lacquer togidashi with a child praying before a Bodhisattva 
and two Apsaras. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

102. Charm box, black lacquer decorated in gold hiramakiye 
with the construction of Kyoto Imperial Palace, supervised 
by various Daimyo whose names are recorded on banners, 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

103. Jubako, kogo, cylindrical decorated all over with tiny 
fern leaves. R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

104. Three cases jubako, kogo with metal lining in bottom 
tray, the two others lined nashiji decorated with a shippo 
and a square spiral diaper, gosankiri inlaid pearl and metal. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 


1 05. Kogo, small square box covered with a design of Asagao. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1 06. Small square box in two tiers, a flight of cranes about a 
hilly landscape, XlXth Century. M . Tomkinson, Esq. 

107. Kobako, suzu mushi amongst lespedeza, XVIIIth 
Century. Lord Swaythling. 

108. Miniature Hasami bako (chest for clothes), nashiji of 
Mitsuaoi crests and hanabishi, from a doll's set of toy imple- 
ments, early XVIIIth Century. Lord Swaythling. 

109. Small circular box, implements for the Chanoyu, the 
brocade covering of the Cha-ire being inlaid with aogai and 
minutely decorated with red and green lacquer imitating 
brocade, XlXth Century. R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

110. Small circular lacquer box (62 X 13mm.) black ground 
decorated with live quail feathers in togidashi, ascribed to 
Yamamoto Shunsho. Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

111. Small lacquer box, a mass of chrysanthemum blossoms 
the leaves picked with aogai, internally four small boxes are 
fitted decorated in pairs with quails and herbs of autumn, 
work of Harui, modern artist. Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

112. A small box, nashiji, a Byzantine Bishop, XVIIIth 
Century work. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

113. Kobako, plum-flower shape, containing six boxes 
decorated with floral designs. R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

114. Box, decorated with the bridge of Seta, by Harui, 
modern Kyoto artist. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

115. Small box, landscape with waterfall, pine and fir trees, 
carved all round and on the inner tray, made circa 1910, 
Tokyo work. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

116. Lacquer box, by Harui, unsigned; on lid a land- 
scape with mountains and river with a boat containing three 
people, design of the thousand flowers imitating brocade. 

Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

117. Small oblong box house by the side of a brook in 
autumn, very high technique, modern work. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

118. Small oblong box, Jurojin with makimono and staff, 
brocade coat, transparent head-dress. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 


119. Box in the shape of two piles of Shikishi entering one 
another decorated with two poetical subjects. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

120. Cha bako (i.e. box for the tea ceremony utensils), black 
lacquer with landscape from the Eight Views of Omi. 

M. B. Huish, Esq. 

121. Cha bako, mi-parti nashiji and diaper of silver squares, 
on which rests an arrangement of stones and Sho Chiku Bai 
on a bronze tray, representing the Horai Islands. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

122. Cha bako, mokko shape, the hundred fans on black 
ground. M. B. Huish, Esq. 

123. Cha bako, natural wood rubbed with lacquer and 
decorated in gold takamakiye with an ox tethered to a stump 
of coral near lake Biwa, on which are seen a few sails, late 
XVII.-early XVIIIth Century. /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

1 24. Cha bako, said to have been the property of a Daimyo of 
Awa, late XVI Ith Century piece, the lid decorated with a 
peasant smoking in a rice field over which hovers a flight of 
wild geese, on the sides the Four Seasons. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

125. Natsume (lacquer box for ground tea), black ground 
with chrysanthemum decoration. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

126. Natsume of black lacquer with gold crest of the 
Kuroda Daimyo on the top. Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

127. Natsume, plain enoki wood with a wild pink design, 
signed Totan. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1 28. Natsume, yellow mottled lacquer inlaid with butterflies 
and a chrysanthemum design, signed Z onset. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

129. Natsume, decorated in high relief in coloured lacquer, 
with flowers. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

130. Natsume, nashiji charged with a design of Karashishi 
and peonies. Mrs. Adlercron. 

131. Natsume, black lacquer, the outer surface decorated 
with feathers in coloured togidashi, seal signature Shozai, 
late XlXth Century. James Orange, Esq. 

132. Natsume, Kinji charged with chrysanthemum blossoms, 
signed Shosai (Shirayama), Tokyo work, 1910. 

James Orange, Esq. 


133. Cha ire (i.e. bottle for ground tea, usually made of 
pottery), brown lacquer, a clump of Reishi, a tortoise and a 
bat, all emblematic of longevity wishes. Mrs. Adlercron. 

1 34. Shikishi box, black, horizontal clouds, the inside nashiji, 
a pine tree and a landscape, Kajikawa work. 

/. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

135. Mirror box, Jidai kinji inlaid with a design of Karahana 
in mother-of-pearl. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

136. Circular mirror box, nashiji with shinobu gusa in gold. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1 37. Mirror box, black lacquer with three Howo birds in gold 
togidashi. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

138. Mirror box, black lacquer with butterflies and shino- 
bugusa. James Orange, Esq. 

139. Mirror box, with Tokugawa mitsu aoi crest and lozen- 
gular hanabishi. James Orange, Esq. 

140. Lacquered okimono, two Shojo and a sake jar. 

Lady Ethel Macdonald. 

1 41 . Small circular ebony box, the lid inlaid with a Howo bird 
in flight. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

142. Box, black lacquer decorated in coloured mitsudaso 
with a chrysanthemum, by Shirayama Shosai of Tokyo 
(1910). James Orange, Esq. 

143. Jubako, square shape in four tiers with mitsuda floral 
decoration, in colours on white ground. Lady Lawrence. 

144. Box, bridge and fishmarket with Fuji in the distance 
beyond a castle, XlXth Century. Lady Lawrence. 

145. Flute case, black lacquer with cherry blossom designs 
in gold hiramakiye and heidatsu, containing two flutes. 

Lady Lawrence. 

1 46. Pair of trays, black lacquer decorated with a pine tree 
and a begonia respectively. M. B. Huish, Esq. 

147. Small box, black lacquer with red figure of Daruma 
crossing the sea on a reed. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

148. Small box, grey slate surface, Rogin lacquer decorated 
with herbs of autumn. 

149. Small square box, gold lacquer, a courtier looking back 
at a stag and a doe. W. H. Samuel," Esq. 


1 50. Koro, incense burner, six lobed shape, ishimatsu, 
charged with the Tokugawa crest. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

151. Kogo, Ebisu on the Tai fish. H. C. Beck, Esq. 

152. Water vessel, with crane and pine tree emblematic of 
longevity. H. C. Beck, Esq. 


1 53. Katana kake, i.e. swork rack for five swords, black 
lacquer decorated with peacocks and peonies in takamakiye. 

James Orange, Esq. 

154. Katana kake for five swords, gold lacquer in brocade 
patterns. R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

155. Katana kake, gold hiramakiye design of bamboo, 
charged with crests. Sir C. Hercules Read. 

1 56. Katana kake for three swords, Somada inlay of diapers 
and clematis design. /. Spier, Esq. 

157. Folding sword stand for a makura katana, decorated 
with butterflies over black ground, reeds at back. 

/. Spier, Esq. 

157a Katanakake, decorated with three hawks, a pine tree 
and hawk feathers. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

1 58. Small katanakake of kokutan wood, chidori in flight, 
waves and shells. Horace C. Beck, Esq. 

159. Tray, large deep piece (22 x 19J X 3J ins. deep), being 
a hanging tray (kake ban) from a large square box, decorated 
with the Sho Chiku Bai, crane minogame, &c, of Horaisan 
in the moonlight, style of Koami Nagashige, XVI Ith Century. 

Mrs. Adlercron. 

160. Cake tray, Kwashi bon, in the shape of a flower deco- 
rated with five designs, one on each petal, emblematic of 
Genji Monogatari poems, takamakiye on nashiji ground, 
XVII.-XVIIIth Century. Sir C. Hercules Read. 

161. Square tray with Karakusa border decorated emblems 
of the Tanabata festival ; on the ground a water vessel laid 
on a board, the stars being reflected in the water. 

Dr. H. R. Spencer. 

162. Sake bottle, design of peonies and mitsuaoi crests in 
gold hiramakiye and heidatsu on nashiji, signed Shiomi saku. 

Lady Lawrence. 


163. Sake jar shaped as a silver crane, silver lacquer with 
black details. Lady Lawrence. 

1 64. Sake bottle shaped as a puppet figure of Ebisu with Tai 
and fishing rod, in colours and gold. Lady Lawrence. 

165. Eight Sakazuki : Red with gold shinobugusa, hira- 
makiye ; Gold, with poet in black and his poem ; Red, two 
tortoises in the water under a pine tree, takamakiye, signed 
Tachibana Giokuzan ; Silver lacquer, poetess and her utai ; 
Red, Fuji and a landscape in the inland sea ; Red, mass of 
Komatsu in gold takamakiye ; Red, Mitsuda design, a joro 
and two Kamuro ; Red, takamakiye design, Horaisan. 

Lady E. Lawrence. 

166. Sakazuki, Mount Fuji and a village seen from a dis- 
tance, signed Shorinsai. M. B. Huish, Esq. 

167. Sakazuki (sake cup), decorated in chinkinbori with a 
design of chrysanthemum in bloom. Dr. H. R. Spencer. 

168. Sake cup, a large hall open on the side facing a garden, 
signed Shokwasai Masaisune. James Orange, Esq. 

169. Sake cup, distant view of Fuji San beyond lake Biwa, 
signed Yukijune. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

170. Sake cup, red lacquer with river scene and landscape, 
seen through the meshes of a square fishing net, signed 
Eishusai. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

171. Sakazuki, a flight of five birds above combed waves 
in the style of Seigai Kanshichi, and described as copied by 
Zeshin from the style of that master. James Orange, Esq. 

1 72. Tray in similar style with Jakago and reeds on the shore, 
signed Zeshin. James Orange, Esq. 

173. Cha ire, tea jar, imitation of Takatori ware, in lac- 
quered wood, signed Zeshin. W. Crewdson, Esq. 

174. Kushi, comb, ivory, inlaid with the Takaramono in 
Shibayama work. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

175. Comb, wood, the hundred cranes in flight above waves. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

176. Comb, very large piece, tortoise-shell in a framework 
of silver in design of chrysanthemum in openwork on a 
ground of red lacquer. M. Tomkinson, Esq 

177. Comb, gold lacquer, a screen on one side decorated 
with a green pottery shishi, on the other side yellow pottery 
and takamakiye Fukujuso. H. P. Vacher, Esq. 


178. Ten combs in various materials, designs and colours. 

Lady E. Lawrence, 

179. Small box, Kirin and clouds in black on a light red 
ground charged with a design of peonies in darker red, the 
inner side decorated with Shinobu gusa in gold of two 
colours, signed Zokoku. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

180. Circular box, guri lacquer in ten layers of black, red 
and yellow, with red outside, late XVIIIth Century to early 
XlXth Century. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

181. Circular Kogo of Guri lacquer imitating the underside 
of a camellia flower, signed Otokichi. R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

182. Small circular Kogo, Guri outside, red and black, the 
inside black, signed Shinraku Bunsan, (signed pieces of 
Guri are scarce). /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

183. A flower vase of solid Tsugaru lacquer in red, black, 
yellow, blue and green layers, rubbed down and polished. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

184. Solid Tsugaru nuri lacquer plate in many layers of 
various colours. Lord Swaythling. 

185. Solid lacquer plate, Tsugaru nuri, in reds, browns and 
green, circa 1800. James Orange, Esq. 

186. Metal plaque, black lacquer with gold decoration, 
representing Dutch shipping off a European village, inscribed 
De Rede Van Batavia. R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

187. Oval medalion (138 X 118mm.), black lacquer with 
portrait in gold, copy of portrait of Gustavus III, 1788. 

R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

188. Oblong metal box, black lacquer decorated with Nep- 
tune in a conch shell drawn by sea horses, Juno in the clouds, 
also in a chariot, hiramakiye, pearl shell and togidashi, 
cherry blossoms on side, inscribed inside : Gedenk aan P.F. 
Van Duivenboden, Japan, 1822. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

191. Model of a court chariot, with black bull, ladder and 
stand for the shafts, the whole surface decorated with a zig- 
zag pattern of nashiji, kinji and black charged with crests. 

Lady E. Lawrence. 

192. Model of a Norimono, gold peony and Karakusa hira- 
makiye with tachibana crests on black ground, gilt brass 
fittings. Lady E. Lawrence. 

D 2 



1. Pouch shaped, this inro is figured in the Shoko Zuroku, 
part 1, with the accompanying description : ' Inro of (worn 
by) Taiko Hideyoshi, gold lacquer design on black ground, 
size as per illustration. This inro was given by the Bishop 
of Kinkwan to the Bishop Joo of Daiji-in " ; end of the 
XVIth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

2. With design of two sails, in high relief over a ground of 
waves in gold hiramakiye. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

3. Black, the design imitates a lady's writing in several 
techniques. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

4. Much rubbed old nashiji decorated with a group of fans. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

5. Old nashiji with three envelopes of letters in mother-of- 
pearl and rubbed gold on one side (the end showing the old 
pattern of connected shippo on one side of them) and sasa 
bamboo leaves on the back, aogai inlay. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

6. Black ground inlaid with a design of chrysanthemum and 
lespedeza in bloom behind a matting screen, style of Chobei, 
beginning of the XVIIth Century ; amber ojime, ivory 
netsuke a group of chrysanthemum. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 

Koma School. 

7. Natural wood, banana tree, grasshopper and coccinella, 
signed Koma Yasumasa. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

8. Red lacquer decorated with buri buri and footballs, 
signed Koma Yasutada. Lord Swaythling. 

9. Black, a silver crane amongst falling snowflakes, Koma 
Koriu, after the painting of Kano Tsunenobu. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

10. Black, quails amongst suzuki grass in togidashi, signed 
Korin. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

inro. 53 

11. Black ground with togidashi design, a Daimyo proces- 
sion in ancient days, style of Shunsho, signed Kiuhaku with 
kakihan, XlXth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1 2. Silver fundame decorated in black with a heavy rain over 
cryptomerias, and on the other side a rainbow above clouds, 
signed Koma Kiuhaku. James Orange, Esq. 

13. Black lacquer decorated with a branch of a herbaceous 
plant and a fan on which is a painted a design of cherry 
blossoms, signed Koma Koriu ; manju signe d Taishin. 

Lord Sway thling 

14. Vermillion red, decorated in silver takamakiye and aogai, 
with a ceremonial Noshi, signed Koma Kiuhaku. 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

1 5. Black, waves above which an eagle stands on a rock, 
takamakiye, signed Kwansai. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

16. The hundred horses, signed Koma Kwansai, ivory net- 
suke, Chokwaro and his horse on a gourd, signed Tomochika. 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

17. Gold lacquer, fundame ground with ishime finish, 
bamboo grove and clouds gold, signed Koma Kwansai. 

James Orange, Esq. 

1 8. Kinji, the story of Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu, Toyowara 
Tokimoto and the Sho lesson at Ashigara Yama, sumiye 
togidashi, signed Koma Kwansai. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

19. Silver lacquer, landscape scenes by moonlight very 
delicately drawn in black, sumiye, signed Koma Kwansai ; 
ojime, amber bead : netsuke, amber cicada. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

20. Silver lacquer with autumn scene in togidashi, sumiye, 
a crow on an old tree, crane in flight, and another in the 
river, signed Koma Kwansai, XlXth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

20a. Wild duck on a rock, background of waves, signed 
Koma Yasutada. Prof. J. N. Collie. 


21 . Kinji, decorated with a Sambaso dancer, signed Zeshin , 
the netsuke to match. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

22. Kokutan, silver chidori in flight above waves in the 
technique of Seigai nami Kanshichi, signed Zeshin ; wood 
netsuke, the bamboo lid decorated with the Takarabune, 
also signed Zeshin. James Orange, Esq. 

54 INRO. 

23. A cake of Chinese ink with a border of musical instru- 
ments, the back decorated with a balloon-like contrivance 
with ribbed spherical body rising above the clouds, seal Kwan 
of Ritsuo, made by Zeshin. James Orange, Esq. 

24. Black, imitating a stick of Chinese ink, with the same de- 
sign as above but shorter, signed Zeshin. 0. C. Raphael, Esq- 

25. Black lacquer, a sagittaria plant, and trifolium filiformis, 
netsuke to match, signed Zeshin. James Orange, Esq. 

26. Single case, cherry bark, lacquered black, decorated in 
black with a pine cone and two pine needles, signed Zeshin. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

27. Allusion to the battle of Dan no Ura. M. B. Huish, Esq. 

28. Black lacquer, millet and praying mantis, aogai, gold, 
silver, Zeshin style. James Orange, Esq. 


29. Togidashi of gold and coloured lacquer, a kabuki per- 
formance watched by a number of people (43), on the stage 
are eighteen personages, style of Shiomi Masanari, XVIIIth 
Century ; netsuke, ivory mask of an old man with drawn 
mouth. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 

30. Gold fundame with hirame clouds, a ferry boat on a 
stormy sea, the boat contains thirty-five personages and a 
monkey depicted with great minuteness of detail, XVIIIth 
or early XlXth Century, mokume, shakudo and silver ; 
wooden netsuke, group of five hamaguri tipped with ivory, 
unsigned work in the style of Sari. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 

31. Black decorated with crows on a background of trees, 
signed Shiomi Masanari, aged 76. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

32. Inro, nashiji, sparrows in flight around oval arrange- 
ments of flowering plum, signed Shiomi Masanari, Kagami- 
buta wood, Ushidoji in katakiri on shakudo ground, signed 
Rokuju Go Temnin. James Orange, Esq. 

33. A map of Japan divided in provinces alternately black 
and gold, each inscribed with its name, signed with red seal, 
Shiomi Masanari. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

34. Double inro, togidashi work, on one side a rat at the 
foot of a stand on which a flower vase is placed before 
a kakemono, on the other side a cat, outside the house ready 
to spring through the window, signed Shiomi Masanori 
(Masanobu) and Shiomi Masakage. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 



35. Togidashi, snipe in flight above a swamp, dilapidated 
hut at back, signed Shiomi Masanari. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

36. Shoki waging war on the Oni's castle, ojime a carved 
peach stone and netsuke carved nuts, signed Shiomi Shosei 
(Masanari) at the age of 65. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 


37. Black, with Arashiyama landscape, signed Kajikawa, 
wooden netsuke a snail, signed Tadatoshi. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

38. Tamagawa scenes, gold takamakiye, signed Kajikawa. 

Lady E. Lawrence. 

39. Pines covered with snow, signed Kajikawa, solid lacquer 
netsuke landscape, mokume ojime. James Orange, Esq. 

40. Black, with Views of Nikko in gold takamakiye, on one 
side the red bridge, waterfall and cryptomeria, on the other 
the pagoda and shrines, signed Kajikawa Hidetaka, lacquered 
manju maple leaves. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

41 . Gold lacquer, the Sho Chiku Bai, plum flowers and 
Kotobuki, signed Kajikawa ; jasper ojime ; Shibayama 
manju ; Manzai dancers. W. H. Samuel. Esq. 

42. Two boats bearing the arms of the Tokugawa family 
going on a whale hunting expedition, signed Kajikawa. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

43. Black lacquer decorated with a Chinese boat with dragon 
prow, signed Kajikawa, solid lacquer square manju. 

James Orange, Esq. 

44. Black, paddy fields in autumn over which are nine fire- 
flies, looking like tiny smuts on the dark ground but for their 
luminous apparatus indicated by a dot of gold, signed 
Kajikawa. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

45. Five children and a hana gumma, takamakiye, signed 
Kajikawa. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

46. A landscape and shrines, a large bridge at the back, 
signed Kajikawa ; netsuke a chajin and two rats on his tea 
mill. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

47. A number of votive pictures, etc., signed Kajikawa. 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

56 INRO. 

48. Gold lacquer decorated in hiramakiye with a Japanese 
army fighting a host of devils and driving them into the sea 
with the assistance of the Thunder God and of a Buddhist 
priest, at whose feet numerous arrows are falling without 
touching him, signed Kajikawa ; Tsuishu manju, a sage 
reading a scroll. Lord Swaythling. 

49. Black, Rosei's dream, togidashi, signed Kajikawa. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

50. Hexagonal section, black lacquer ground with a parrot 
on one side and a Howo on the other, signed Kajikawa, 
after the painting of Ko Hogen. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

51. Black and gold lacquer, illustrating the story of Raiko 
and the spider goblin ; on the reverse three men playing a 
game of Go, signed Kajikawa Bunriusai ; ojime, amber bead ; 
netsuke, wood carving, a man in an umbrella, the head and 
limbs red lacquer. Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

52. Rosei's dream, signed Kajikawa, also red seal ; ojime, 
black lacquer bead ornamented with gold and mother-of- 
pearl inlay, signed Kajikawa ; netsuke, wood, Rosei him- 
self asleep. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

53. Lacquer, a Chinese landscape with pavilion, and a boat 
on a lake, signed Kajikawa. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

54. Yasuriko nashiji, with low relief gold decoration of 
Fukiyose, i.e. scattered leaves, also rake and besom emble- 
matic of the elders of Takasago, early XlXth Century, signed 
Kajikawa ; ojime, brass, imitating plaited work ; netsuke, 
wood, a rabbit. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

55. Kinji with gold takamakiye, the stations of the Tokaido, 
starting and finishing on the top, with Nihonbashi and Kyoto, 
inside nashiji, signed Kajikawa ; agate bead ; manju, a 
rabbit, mother-of-pearl and asters (copper) on ivory, signed 
Shibayama, early XlXth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

56. A curious piece in the shape of an ornamented house- 
boat, signed Kajikawa ; ojime, a red bead ; netsuke, ivory 
in the shape of an egg, with seven birds in flight, signed 
Shibayama. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 


57. Black, with design of sixteen cranes in a swamp, signed 
Inagawa, seal Chuyu, XVIIIth Century ; crystal ojime, lac- 
quered netsuke, a crane. Mrs. and Mr. H. L. Joly. 

inro. 57 

58. Togidashi, sudare in front of which a hawk perches on 
his stand, signed Inagawa ; glass bead ; manju, black, with 
gourd in gold and silver takamakiye. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

59. A conventionalised grove of trees in low relief gold, 
Kajikawa or Inagawa work, middle XVIIIth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

60. Black, insects amongst autumn grasses, signed Jokasai. 

Charles Holme, Esq.. 

61. Gold takamakiye, arbour beneath trees, steep path- 
way on the rocks, boats in a lake and plum tree in bloom, 
signed Jokasai. James Orange, Esq. 

62. Ears of rice, signed Jokasai. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

63. A motley array of brocade patterns in takamakiye 
inlaid with hirame and coloured mother-of-pearl, and signed 
Jokwa ; ivory, netsuke a tortoise with Urashima Taro 
inside. Lady E. Lawrence. 

64. Kinji, with the Seven herbs of Autumn, signed Jokasai, 
XlXth Century ; coral ojime ; Kagami buta, a stork 
amongst reeds, gold inlaid in relief on shakudo, Kinji frame. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

65. Shitan wood, Karashishis and peony, signed Jokasai. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

66. Chrysanthemums in low relief, self coloured, signed 
Joo, Mokumei bead, ivory netsuke, three Chinese children 
with a snowball. James Orange, Esq. 

67. Taiko Sama accompanied by three retainers and his 
sword-bearer, watching the departure of his fleet for the 
Korea war, signed Joo, Shibayama netsuke, toy horse and 
cherry blossoms. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 


68. Black, decorated in flat gold with a design of carp in 
waves, signed Toyo. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

69. Cherry colour with tatebina on one side and cherry 
blossoms, signed Toyo ; netsuke, small Tatebina. 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

70. Rogin lacquer, incised in two Oharame and their ox, 
lacquer manju decorated with a nail, signed Kwanshosai. 

James Orange, Esq. 

58 INRO. 

71 . Kinji, sumiye design of hamaguri and weeds, signed 
Kwanshosai at the age of 66 years. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

72. Black, a Karashishi, signed Kwanshosai after the design 
of Jitekisai, XlXth Century ; ojime, the sage Toyemmei ; 
wood netsuke Karashishi. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

73. " Print inro," a tea house, with shadows in black on the 
paper shutters, on the other side two girls under a maple 
tree in the moonlight, signed Kwanshosai, XVIII to XlXth 
Century ; ojime, black lacquer, incised with crabs ; netsuke, 
ivory, two Shojo. Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

74. Sudare, seen through clouds of gold fundame, an aoi spray 
passing through, signed Kwanshosai ; netsuke, ivory, three 
Chinese children at play, signed Shuosai. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

75. Red, with gold togidashi design of bamboo, signed 
Toshi. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

76. Nashiji, chrysanthemum blossoms and leaves lightly 
traced in gold lines, togidashi work, signed Tojiu at the age 
of 75. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

76a. Sang dragon colour, two gomame and chestnuts, 
signed Tojiu, at the age of 75. Prof. J. N. Collie. 


77. Kinji on and over inlays of mother-of-pearl, a branch of 
peony in bloom, signed Seisei Korin utsusu ; the owner 
states that it has been authenticated at the Tokyo Museum 
as genuine ; ivory netsuke, Kwanyu and Chohi. 

James Orange, Esq. 

78. Black foundation with waves in gold, nobleman and 
court lady in a boat, inscribed Hokyo Korin seisu. 

/. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

79. Kinji, gold waves and Fuji mountain, signed Seisei 
Korin. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

80. Kinji, with a design of dandelion, equisetum and fern 
fronds, signed Hokyo Korin seisu. Charles Holme, Esq. 

81 . Kinji, a Chinese sage and a child standing at the foot of a 
mountain slope down which gush two waterfalls, signed 
Seisei Korin Seisu. Charles Holme, Esq. 

82. Hexagonal section, groups of cranes in flight and at 
rest, on a background of waves, after Korin. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

inro. 59 

83. Black, fifteen cranes in Korin style, in various grades of 
gold lacquer. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

84. Chinese ink-cake with landscape on one side and on the 
other Chinese characters, in the style of Ritsuo. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

85. Black takamakiye with archaic characters, Sorio, 
' double dragon," takaramono and an inscription, signed 

Ritsuo with seal Kwan. H. P. Vacher, Esq. 

86. A pouch of toad-skin with pottery Kanamono, signed 
Ritsuo with Kwan seal. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

87. Black lacquer imitating a cake of Chinese ink, decorated 
with a dragon in relief and the usual array of characters, 
signed Ritsuo with red seal Kwan ; pink glass ojime ; net- 
suke, lacquer Karashishi, middle XlXth Century. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

88. Black flecked with gold, old piece, decorated on each 
side in the style of Ritsuo with a design imitating a piece of 
Tenjiku Kawa, i.e. a kind of stamped leather ; ojime, shi- 
buichi, incised, with Kaga inlay ; netsuke, box shape, made 
of old leather ; XVIIIth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 


89. Black with chinkinbori design of fan papers, Karashishi, 
&c, signed Rinchoken. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

90. Four cases inlaid with three fishes in mother-of-pearl, 
floral design on risers, chinkinbori, signed Kiukoku. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

91. Black lacquer, with eleven horses in chinkinbori, signed 
Chinyei. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

92. Black wood with orchids (ran) in high relief, on Chinkin- 
bori pattern, signed Chokwan. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

93. Black, on one side Rosei asleep, takamakiye work, at 
the back the Imperial cortege coming to fetch him, Chin- 
kinbori, signed Kaikeisai Chinkei. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

94. Olive coloured lacquer decorated in chinkinbori and 
takamakiye with a cock on drum and a hen beside under a 
pine tree and a plum tree, signed Chingi. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

95. Chinkinbori, Howo and paulownia on each side. 

Lady E. Lawrence. 

60 INRO. 

96. Tsuishu, the Sho Chiku Bai design in relief on a ground 
of Asanoha diaper, manju covered with a design of peach 
blossoms ; Tsuishu ojime, a sage instructing a youth. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 

97. Tsuishu, each side decorated with eight Chinese stories 
of Sennins and sages in panels, signed Ikko ; manju to match. 

Lady E. Lawrence. 

98. Tsuishu lacquer, the Sages of the Bamboo Grove in 
relief ; ojime. also Tsuishu agricultural scene ; netsuke, 
gourd ditto, Chinese garden scene, early XlXth Century. 

W . H. Samuel, Esq. 

99. The whole surface covered with same, decorated with a 
dragon on each side in gold lacquer. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1 00. Thick black layer carved as a dragon on a scroll-work of 
leaves, on a yellow ground. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

101. Kinji with black karakusa in relief, on each side a 
central medallion containing a Tennin. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

102. Guri with vermiculated surface, the whole inro shaped 
like a flint implement. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

103. Four cases, thick giobu nashiji all over, inside and out, 
decorated with a cock and two puppies in shibuichi, once 
gilt and now rubbed. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

104. Zokoku lacquer, a design of birds and tree covered 
with fruit, the design emphasized in kebori, lacquer manju, 
Seto dolls. F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 


105. Black inlaid in aogai and gold with a design of Daikoku 
under a shimenawa, pulling gold tama out of a straw bale 
and throwing them to his rats, Somada Mitsumasa. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

106. Three Howo birds and a paulownia tree, early XlXth 
Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

107. Jurojin and his stag under bamboo, XlXth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

108. Various patterns in aogai and togidashi, charged with 
the twelve animals of the Zodiac in cartouches ; netsuke, 
lacquered gold waves and shippo pattern. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

109. Designs of books, chiefly collections of poems. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

INRO. 6l 

1 1 0. Diaper design with cuckoo and daffodils, butterfly and 
peonies. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

111. Peacock and peonies in aogai, Umebachi crest ; manju, 
a small lacquer box with Adonis Amuriensis and fan design, 
early XlXth Century. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

112. Chorio and Kosekiko, signed inside. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

113. Clematis and butterfly design, manju to match, pot of 
yakukoji, and fan. Ellice Clarke, Esq. 

1 1 4. Leather, four panels on each side, each inlaid with a 
snow crystal pattern. Ellice Clarke, Esq. 

115. Aogai inlay, a design of chrysanthemums behind a 
hedge, limited in pewter, circa 1800. /. Spier, Esq. 


116. Ivory inlaid in Shibayama work with several Kara- 
shishi and a waterfall amongst rocks and peonies, signed 
Shibayama. R. A. Pfungsl, Esq. 

1 1 7. Ivory, carved in relief with the Seven Sages of the 
Bamboo Grove ; netsuke, pomegranate and maple leaf. 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

118. Ivory, Inari helping Munechika to forge a sword, 
signed Jiugioku ; coral ojime and Colombo diver with huge 
coral mass on a stand as netsuke. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

1 1 9. Ivory, painted with Chinese designs, a lady on each 
side, one smoking, the other standing in a garden ; ivory 
netsuke, a child carrying gifts from Tori no Machi. 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

120. Ivory, case fret work enclosing a togidashi inro of 
four cases with dragon design. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

121. Wood, carved with waves and the Yatsuhashi in relief ; 
manju, Jurojin and the Takaramono ; copper ojime, the 
Takaramono. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

122. Ivory, The Thousand Cranes, signed Riusai with 
Choryo-Kosekiko netsuke. Ex-Trower Collection. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

122a. Ivory, elaborately carved, a Chinese landscape with 
tiny personages, signed Masanobu ; peach stone ojime ; 
netsuke the views of Omi, signed Kagetoshi. 

Prof. J. N. Collie. 

62 INRO. 

123. Ivory, carved in low relief with a Quest of the Shuten- 
doji, signed Jugioku, probably middle XlXth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

124. Ivor}/, carved in relief with a Oharame, a woodcutter 
and a saltmaker. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

125. Ivory, carved in relief three tigers in a bamboo grove 
during a storm, XlXth Century. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

126. Ivory, inlaid in Shibayama work with a kingfisher and 
lotus on each side, signed Dosho. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

127. Ivory, on one side a map of Japan, the other side 
engraved with various poems in Chinese style, the netsuke 
to match, with Tokaido stages and a list of lucky and 
unlucky days, both signed by Nanka. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 


128. Five horses in gold togidashi under a willow, signed 
Uki Arimitsu. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

129. Takamakiye, grasshopper, a suzu mushi and a horned 
beetle on a mud wall, signed Jitokusai. M. Tomkinson, Esq^ 

130. Chinese dog playing with peacock feathers, signed 
Tachibana Giokuzan. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

131. A Daimyo's procession on the road, the Daimyo 
himself in a Norimono followed by retainers, signed Jito- 
kusai Giokuzan, XlXth Century. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

132. Wood, cock, hen and bamboo in red and black, signed 
Genjosai Hoin and Genshosai Hogen. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

133. Eagle on a flowering plum tree, signed Heisensai. 

James Orange, Esq. 

134. Turtle aswim on each side, signed Tamura Hisahide 
(Juishu) after Okyo's design. 

135. Black clouded with gold, decorated in gold takamakiye 
with bamboo, signed with kakihan Jukakusai Hisataka. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

136. Black, decorated with a rooster, red togidashi and a 
bamboo to which a tiny spider is attached by a long thread, 
seal signature Hoku. F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 

137. Foreign ship with dragons upon the sails, signed 
Kakosai. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

INRO. 63 

138. Black decorated with a thistle in bloom, signed Naga- 
hide (Toshihide). Charles Holme, Esq. 

139. Flight of cranes in colours, &c, signed Koami Nagataka. 

James Orange, Esq. 

140. Seven blind men following one another across a river, 
signed Seiko, dated 1875. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

141. Sprays of chrysanthemum before a sudare, signed 
Hasegawa Shigeyoshi. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

142. A maiden and a Buddhist priest who have changed 
garments, signed Hasegawa Shigeyoshi ; manju of black 
lacquer, with a laughing girl, pointing her finger at the couple 
and covering her mouth with her sleeve. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

142a. Black, emblems of the five festivals, at back five 
Hotta mokko crests in gold takamakiye, signed Shokiusai ; 
original ojime with Hotta mokko crest ; netsuke, wood, a 
melon attacked by seven rats, signed Seisui. 

Prof. J. N. Collie. 

143. Chidori and boat in gold takamakiye on a ground of 
aogai in chevrons. Lady Lawrence. 

144. The Sixteen Rakans in the clouds, dated Kayei, cock 
year, signed in seal character Shunyin. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

145. A snake winding round the two sides and ends of inro, 
nashiji inside, signed Kushosai Shusui. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

146. Silver lacquer, a Rakan threading beads to make a 
rosary, by Tokoku, XlXth Century. F. Meinerizhagen, Esq. 

147. Five wild geese in flight and alighting on water, signed 
Toshihide, seal. J . 0. Pelton, Esq. 

148. Iroye togidashi, a brawl amongst eji around a couple 
of court carriages ; gold ojime, the Emperor Komei, signed 
Toshimitsu (Juko) ; netsuke, lacquered wood, child on a 
tortoise. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

149. A roadway in a forest, containing many different kinds 
of trees, signed Yoshimitsu. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1 50. Green lacquer, a man and a woman dancing, signed 
Yoyusai. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

151. Kinji, warabi and dandelion, signed Yoyusai after 
Hoitsu. M. B. Huish, Esq. 

64 INRO. 

152. Kinji, with fern leaf decoration covered with books 
referring to " No " plays and dances, signed with seal 
Yoyusai. Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 


1 53. A number of fir trees conventionally treated in front of 
a small torii. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1 54. Peonies in bloom amongst which five frolicking Kara- 
shishi are inlaid in tortoise-shell, in relief, XVII. or early 
XVIIIth Century, agate ojime ; ebony netsuke, two Kara- 
shishi at play. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 

155. Idaten in the clouds pursuing an oni, carved in a 
tortoise-shell layer covering a coating of gold lacquer. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

156. Design of eupatorium sinensis, saddle and two stirrups 
in takamakiye ; red jasper ojime, ivory netsuke an inro, 
pouch and netsuke. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly, 

1 57. Black, Shin no Shiko seeking shelter under a pine tree, 
after Tachibana Morikuni's design. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

158. Three Howo birds, now somewhat rubbed, so-called 
" Jidai inro," XVIIIth Century. 0. C. Raphael. Esq. 

1 59. Gold takamakiye, the battle of Ichi no Tani, some- 
what rubbed " Jidai inro/' XVII.-XVIIIth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

160. Takamakiye, sliding partitions of a house, between the 
shutters is depicted a court lady ; ojime, a peachstone 
carved a jour with Handaka Sonja, signed Seimin ; ivory 
netsuke, Hashihime mask. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 

161. Each case shaped as a bamboo stem, with buds picked 
in burnished gold, XVIIIth Century. Coral stem ojime ; 
ivory netsuke, tiger on a bamboo. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 

162. Black ground with shinobugusa behind a rock, togi- 
dashi . 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

163. The Yoshino cherry trees, one on each side in raised 
brown lacquer, original inro XVIIth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

164. Single case imitating a box covered with brocade 
togidashi, reddish fundame and gold, the hinges and padlock 
inlaid aogai. J . 0. Pelton, Esq. 

INRO. 05 

165. Togidashi, in gold and colours on black ground, an 
eagle pouncing on a bear cub, dead tree and rock at back, 
the latter in takamakiye. Charles Holme, Esq. 

166. Togidashi, design of cryptomerias in two golds and 
red, nashiji inside. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

167. Togidashi, three temple lanterns (ishi doro) under 
cryptomeria, signed Moyei (Shigehide), with seal. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1 68. Rinzu of light gold on darker gold ground. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

169. A tsuta leaf, with low relief gold lacquer design, 
the Yoro no taki. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

170. Maple leaves and cherry blossom in gold takamakiye. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

171. The Thousand Characters Classic, complete, 500 seal 
characters on each side ; ivory manju minutely inscribed 
on one side with the 53 stations of the Tokaido road, the 
69 stations of the Kisokaido, and on the other side with the 
principal towns of the central provinces, by Ichimuken 
Nanka, XlXth Century. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 

172. A No stage, and people seated taking tea in a house 
surrounded by a small garden, and watching the play. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

173. Mirror black with fifteen feathers, in togidashi of silver, 
red and various golds. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

174. A mass of feathers, XVIIIth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

175. Landscape, subject from the Yamashiro Meisho, the 
district around Fushimi (shown on the top). 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

176. The pagoda of Nikko and the Kirifuri waterfall, 
XlXth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

177. Books and paraphernalia of the No and Bugaku 
dances surrounded by Shinobugusa. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

178. Kinji, groups of puppies fighting one another. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

179. Kinji, painters' seals and the kakihan of a Chinese 
Emperor ; ivory netsuke, tiger and bamboo, signed Kogioku. 

James Orange, Esq. 


66 INRO. 

1 80. Kinji, trees, houses, around a stream, XVIIIth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1 81 . Nashiji, design of tsuba, Kozuka and karashishi menuki 
in takamakiye, XVIIIth Century ; kagami buta a yin-yang, 
signed Na-tsu-6. James Orange, Esq. 

182. A bamboo grove, takamakiye, XVIIIth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

183. Kinji, water wheel and a wave. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

184. Carp leaping in a huge wave, XVII.-XVIIIth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

185. Gold ground with takamakiye of cranes in flight in the 
rain, in a mountain gorge. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

186. Five panels, decorated with landscapes and designs in 
allusion to old poetry ; oijme in guri ; wooden netsuke, 
Benkei in the conch shell. James Orange, Esq. 

187. The Seven Sages in the Bamboo Grove. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

188. A ferry boat in which three Samurai are hustling an 
unwilling black horse. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

189. Wild boar on a litter of oak and small pine twigs 
amongst herbs of autumn, XVIIIth Century. 

James Orange, Esq. 

190. Black and poudre gold, the herbs of spring, at back 
large chrysanthemum growing over a fence ; the whole of 
the inside of each case and risers treated in the same way. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

191. Black decorated with three Hozuki ; bone netsuke, 
a minogame. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

192. Blue lacquer decorated in red and gold togidashi with 
three butterflies and chrysanthemum. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

193. Red, the Hundred Monkeys, black and gold. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

194. Kinji, the Hundred Monkeys in black with gold details. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

195. Brown, inlaid in aogai with a cock on a thatched house 
and a cicada on a pine tree, XVIIIth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

INRO. 67 

196. Nashiji, spinning tops and teetotums in slightly raised 
gold lacquer, circa 1800. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

197. Spray of chrysanthemum and another flower, behind 
a fence of aogai strips. /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

198. Nashiji, in sheath of black fundame decorated with a 
begonia in bloom behind a rock. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

199. A cherry tree in bloom, the blossoms silver leaf, early 
XVIIIth Century ; amber bead ; netsuke, wood, Karashishi 
and young. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

200. Cherry tree in bloom, takamakiye of gold, the flowers 
silver and pewter inlay, small size, XVII. -XVIIIth Century. 

/. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

201 . Small size, a boatman and reeds. /. O. Pelton, Esq. 

202. Herbs of autumn, on black ground. /, O. Pelton, Esq. 

203. Waves in black on black inlaid with seven shells, attri- 
buted to Goto Sojo by Mitsuteru. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

204. The Hundred Cranes in takamakiye. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

205. Large inro, landscape, Emperor and his courtiers 
travelling on horseback ; on the other side imperial chariot 
and attendants ; netsuke, a jeweller's loupe. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

206. Large size, inlaid in nashiji ground with eighteen war- 
riors in armour fighting in a brook, signed Hayakawa 
Kounsai and Seiriuken. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

207. Humorous treatment of the Seven Sages in the Bamboo 
Grove, early XlXth Century ; manju, shitan wood, a kirin 
on waves. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

208. Black lacquer, with five crests of the Suwa family, 
XlXth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

209. Black, ominameshi and chrysanthemum, hiramakiye, 
gold leaf and aogai ; inside cases and risers treated in similar 
way on nashiji. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

210. Black lacquer, six horses in black and one in brown 
takamakiye. F. Meinertzhagen, Esq, 

211. Black lacquer with chariot wheel and praying mantis, 
in takamakiye. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

212. Black, five rabbits under the moon, XVIIIth Century, 
unsigned ; Shibayama manju, frog on mokugyo made of 
stag's antlers. James Orange, Esq. 


68 INRO. 

213. Black, flight of chidori over waves, in Kanshichi style. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

214. Black lacquer, bamboo design, Kozuka and squarer 
yema decorated with chrysanthemum and paulownia crests. 
XVIL-XVIIIth Century. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

21 5. Toba on his mule, snow covered bamboo at back. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

216. Twenty-five travelling booths or decorated processional 
chariots used for street matsuri ; kagami buta, grapnel on 
waves in high relief. James Orange, Esq. 

217. Gosankiri and crane crest of Mori. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

218. Kinji, three rabbits amongst herbs of autumn, near a 
stream in which can be seen the reflection of the moon. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

219. The fifty-four Genji-mon, i.e. the chapter marks of 
the Genji Monogatari, early XlXth or late XVIIIth Cen- 
tury ; netsuke, tsuishu lacquer, gourd, Chinese in a garden. 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

220. Iron sheath, Buddhist angels on an openwork of clouds, 
XVIIIth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

221. Silver, story of the Three Laughers (Kokei sansho), 
signed Noriyuki, circa 1780. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

222. Shibuichi, engraved with peony scrolls in katakiri, con- 
taining a small French clock of XVIIIth Century workman- 
ship in working order, with Japanese dial, Kinchaku attached 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

223. Silver, two cases, quails under a clump of chrysanthe- 
mum and suzuki, and engraved at the back with a Chinese 
poem. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

224. A Dutchman, ivory, and on the other side a monkey 
suspended from a tree, trying to catch a crab. 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

225. Sheath inlaid with cartouches engraved with Jurojin, 
a stag and a crane under a pine tree, signed Somin (III.)- 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

226. Cherry red lacquer, cherry blossoms, signed Tsuchida 
Soyetsu. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

227. Shinno holding a bunch of herbs and a young Sennin 
on the other side. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

INRO. 69 

228. Moon and rinzu pattern in brass sheath cut a jour with 
a Temple watchman Uguisu and cedars. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

229. Stags in the grass, after a Korin design. 

Nos. 229 to 236 lent by W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

230. Large " jidai inro/' temples, priests, &c. 

231. Camellia and bamboo, suzumushi and grass. 

232. The Hundred Monkeys in gold togidashi. 

233. String bag rilled with shells of various kinds. 

234. Gold dragon and tama of coral. 

235. Two fishes in the waves. 

236. Kinji, water course with weeds and shells. 

237. Black lacquer, the Hundred Cranes on one side, the 
Hundred Deer on the other ; netsuke, hand warmer. 

Nos. 237 to 249 lent by R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

238. Black, peonies in tsuishu lacquer. 

239. Tsuishu tobosako and the peaches. 

240. Tortoise-shell case decorated with sparrows on a cherry 
tree ; ivory netsuke, two books of poems. 

241. Kinji, small bird on a branch of magnolia in bloom. 

242. Brown, a Rakan in high relief, inscribed after Tanyu's 
picture ; ivory netsuke, a mokugyo. 

243. Bundle of reeds, 

244. Kinji, with Chinese sages engaged in the four achieve- 

245. Kinji, butterflies and peonies in Mitsuda work, in 

246. Alternately kinji and black lacquer, decorated with 
geese in paddy fields near a house ; Hotei in a boat, and a 
ferryman on a lake, together with poems. 

247. The Hundred Horses, outlined in gold on black. 

248. Black, Six Shishis fighting, giobu lining and boxes in the 
cases, inscribed Tsunenobu (Kano) no zu. 

249. A betto cleaning the legs of a horse, inscribed at back 
with a Chinese poem, seal Nobumitsu (?) with the date 
Kyoho ; netsuke, wood, a monkey, signed Masakazu. 

70 INRO. 

250. Jidai inro, chrysanthemum design. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

251. Iris and two water fowls in a lake amongst Kohone. 

Prof. J. N. Collie. 

252. Gold takamakiye, three women, planting rice in a paddy 
field. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

253. Black, with the flowers of spring. Prof J. N. Collie. 

254. Moon and sheaves of rice in gold takamakiye across 
paddy fields. Prof J. N. Collie. 

255. Black in the shape of four leaves tied together, in an 
ivory case shaped as the fruit of an egg plant. 

Prof J. N. Collie. 


1. Prehistoric jar, tsubo, from Hatakeyama through the 
Kitano and Bowes Collection. Charles Holme, Esq. 

2. Pottery, prehistoric Kataguchi, from a shell mound. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq 9 

3. Chawan, Setokusuri Satsuma. Charles Holme, Esq. 

4. Chawan Satsuma, Seto Kusuri. Charles Holme, Esq. 

5. Chawan, " Torafu," i.e. tiger skin Satsuma ware. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

6. Tea bowl, tortoise-shell Satsuma ware. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

7. Tea bowl, Satsuma Shiroseyaki. Charles Holme, Esq. 

8. Satsuma, tea bowl decorated with cherry trees in bloom, 
gold branches and red flowers, M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

9. Chawan, Satsuma ware with large crackle, grey glaze, 
XVII Ith Century. W. Crewdson, Esq. 

10. Chawan, ivory colour decorated with a gourd design 
in colours, Satsuma ware,XIXth Century. W. Crewdson, Esq. 

11. Satsuma tea bowl, decorated with chrysanthemum in 
red and gold. Kington Baker, Esq. 

11a. Small Satsuma koro, with decoration of plum blossoms 
in various colours. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

12. Cha ire, roughly facetted light creamy glaze with bold 
splash of red around mouth and on two opposite sides, 
Gorosuke Raku, Kyoto. Charles Holme, Esq, 

13. Tea bowl, white glaze with dark grey scroll-work of 
foliage and flowers, seal Yeiraku, Kyoto. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

14. Chawan, reddish clay, white glaze outside inscribed in 
columns with calendar of hakkei for the week, moral 
precepts, &c, signed with seal Tsumbo (deaf) mei, Raku ware. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 


15. Chawan, deep shape, thick whitish glaze decorated a 
design of kogo, green Raku plants, Eiraku. 

Charles Holme, Esq, 

16. Kogo, green Raku, hexagonal shape with a crane in 
flight in white and red, the inside gilt, stamped Raku. 

H. C. Beck, Esq. 

17. Chawan, almost hemispherical, grey glaze with white 
patch charged with small bamboo in brown glaze, signed 
Kenzan. Charles Holme, Esq. 

18. Kogo, circular, lenticular shape, black glaze with two 
white cranes outlined in black, on a gold moon, signed 
Kenzan. W . Crewdson, Esq. 

1 9. Chawan, light brown cafe au lait glaze ; wild geese in flight 
above a blue stream and green reeds, Hozan ware, Kyoto. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

20. Cha ire, grey glaze, covered with uroko pattern, red 
and gold, the other side black, seal Ninsei. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

21. Kogo, Narihira at the foot of Fujisan, red, green and 
gold, Ninsei ware with stamped signature. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

22. Kogo, shaped as a Koto with tosaye inside in green, gold 
and rouge de fer, Omuroyaki attributed to Ninsei. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

23. Bowl, Hachi, flaring shape, light brown outside with a 
broad band of white, repeated inside on the greyish glaze, 
the sides squeezed up to a tricorne shape, Kyoto ware, pro- 
bably Rokubei. Ex-Bowes (1221). Charles Holme, Esq. 

24. Rokubei cake bowl, spiral shape, lightly gilt, brown 
glaze, signed Rokubei. Kington Baker, Esq. 

25. Cha ire, trilobate, with a fan design representing the 
Noji no Tamagawa, signed Do, attributed to the first 
Dohachi of Kyoto. Charles Holme, Esq. 

26. Chawan. dark brown above a design of karakusa and 
crests, Inuyama ware, Owari. Mrs. Adlercron. 

27. Cha ire, Oribe ware from Owari. Ex-Bowes Collection. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

28. Chawan, crackled whitish glaze decorated with single 
dots, groups of four and umebachi, seal Owari. 

Sir C. Hercules Read. 



29. Cha ire, squat shape, old Seto ware. Dr. J . Hutchinson. 

30. Cha ire, decorated with chrysanthemum in colours, 
Banko ware. Charles Holme, Esq. 

31. Chawan, large size, Kyoto clay with thin white glaze 
over which runs a deep orange colour in patches ; seal. 

W. Crewdson, Esq. 

32. Chawan, Awata ware with Kadomatsu and Shimenawa 
in green, red, gold and brown, three naming tama on one 
side, seal Hozan, circa 1830. Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

33. Choji buro, large piece, Awata ware with bamboo, pine 
trees and chrysanthemum in blue, green and gold. 

Prof. W. Gowland. 

34. Pair of square sake bottles with chrysanthemum deco- 
ration in blue, Awata ware. Prof. W . Gowland. 

35. Chawan, dark mouse grey with stream lines of yellow, 
charged with a lespedeza growing on the side of a brown 
hill outlined in black ; Awata ware, Kyoto. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

36. Bizen pottery, figure of Kosekiko seated holding the 
Rikuto san ryaku, signed Mori, late XVIIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

37. Bizen pottery, figure of Chokwaro seated holding his 
magic gourd, late XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

38. Bizen pottery, incense burner shaped as a figure of 
Jiotei, in two parts, XVI I th Century. Ex-Magniac Col- 
lection. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

39. Bizen, seated figure of Hotei with his bag, made into a 
koro, on which stand a fan and a tama, early XlXth Century. 

Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

40. Bizen, tokkuri, i.e., small bottle with three figures 
roughly modelled and pressed on the surface. 

H. C. Beck, Esq. 

41 . Cylindrical vase, decorated with a mountain landscape 
and lake after Morikage's style, mark Fuku Kutani. 

W. Crewdson, Esq. 

42. Kogo, shaped as a small duck, Kutani ware, XVIIIth 
Century, mark Fuku inside. Charles Holme, Esq. 

43. Small Kutani plate, two Sennin in blue, yellow and 
purple, under black bamboo, mark Fuku in red. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 


44. Kutani plate, a yellow tiger and green bamboo, with 
three Howo and leaves in green and aubergine on the yellow 
marli and green back, green mark Fuku in red. 

45. Hachi, glassy translucent glaze covered with three wide 
coulures, Seto Ofuke ware. Charles Holme, Esq. 

46. Chawan, double ring and Umebachi crests in dark brown, 
sectors of lavender, clair de lune and brown glaze inside 
and out, Ye Karatsu ware. Charles Holme, Esq. 

47. Tea bowl, heavy Shino ware with thick creamy glaze, 
crackled Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

48. Square Imari jar, pyramidal shape with flowers of 
autumn in blue, rouge de fer and gold. Dr. Herbert Spencer. 

49. Porcelain flower vase, a Chinese woman standing at the 
foot of a pine tree, holding a box with both hands, omoto 
plant at the foot, blue and rouge de fer decoration. From 
the Burghley House Collection (Marquis of Exeter), pro- 
bably XVI Ith Century. Sir C. Hercules Read. 

49a. Porcelain vase imitating a bronze shape, decorated with 
kiku sui and chrysanthemum design in blue, rouge de fer 
and green, from the same collection. Sir C. Hercules Read. 

50. Hirado, porcelain paper weight, daffodils and chrysan- 
themum, Hirado ware, late XVIIIth Century. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

51. Chawan, yellowish grey glaze with large crackle, Hagi 
ware. Charles Holme, Esq, 

52. Cha ire, bottle shape, Chikuzen Takatori ware. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

53. Chawan, Soma, inside celadon glaze, blue horse design, 
outside applique horse, the glaze light green mouchete with 
brown. Ex-Bowes Collection. Charles Holme, Esq. 

54. Soma bottle, gourd shape, with horse in white on black 
glaze. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

55. Cake dish with clematis design under the glaze, attri- 
buted to Onohara, by Prof. Morse. Charles Holme, Esq. 

56. Chawan, Mishima ware in Korean style with stamped 
floral pattern filled up by the white glaze. H. C. Beck, Esq. 

57. Shallow bowl, dark grey, with engraved chrysanthemoid 
design, Mishima ware. Charles Holme, Esq. 

58. Cha ire, Izumo ware. Charles Holme, Esq. 


59. Chawan, small size light green turning to darker green 
according to its thickness, Mimpei ware, Bekkogusuri, i.e. 
tortoise-shell, in box of plaited paper lacquered solid 
(Koyori). Charles Holme, Esq. 

60. Deep vase, mi-parti black and creamy glazes, black 
and blue fern fronds, and small green grass blades on an 
undulating ground, signed Kenya, Musashi. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

61. Koto bowl, conventional design of pomegranates and 
foliage, signed Koto. Kington Baker, Esq. 

62. Kakiyemon bowl, octagonal shape, with a plum tree 
and chrysanthemum in bloom. Kington Baker, Esq. 

63. Porcelain bowl, flaring shape, conventional leaves, two 
wild geese, sagittaria and waves in five colours, Kakiyemon 
ware. Sir C. Hercules Read. 

64. Porcelain bowl, the inside fluted, decorated outside with 
dianthus, caryophyllum, Kakiyemon ware. 

Sir C. Hercules Read. 

65. Porcelain figure of a child holding a maritsuki and 
seated on table used for the Shogi game, old Kakiyemon 
ware. Sir C. Hercules Read. 

66. Tea bowl, Koren ware, brown with plum tree design in 
relief, signed Koren tsukuru. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

67. Pottery figure of a young girl in a brocade dress slightly 
lifting her hood, and holding the edge of her dress, unsigned 
Koren work. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

68. Tea bowl, Yabu Meizan ware, Satsuma paste minutely 
decorated in gold and colours with the festivals of the twelve 
months. Kington Baker, Esq. 

69. Ivory white, Seifu bottle with plum tree in bloom, by 
the side of a spring. James Orange, Esq. 

70. Makuzu koro, tripod shape, Fuji San rising behind clouds 
and fir trees, seal signature Makuzu Kozan. 

Kington Baker, Esq. 

71 . Koro, globular shape, openwork of butterflies and reeds, 
covered with thousands of tiny butterflies, work of Kinkozan 
Sobei of Kyoto. Mrs. Spencer Gollan. 



72. Koro, shakudo, ishime ground, with takaramono inlaid 
in gold and enamels, signed Hirata Narumasa. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

73. Slender flower vase, grey ground with wistaria in green 
and purple, signed Namikawa (of Kyoto). 

Mrs. Spencer Gollan. 

74. Spherical Koro, dark blue enamel, a flight of chidori 
above a swamp in which grow reeds and Kohone. Nami- 
kawa of Kyoto. Mrs. Spencer Gollan. 

75. Ichirin hike, vase for a single flower, gourd shape the 
neck decorated with a gourd vine in bloom, signed Namikawa 
of Kyoto. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

76. Small globular vase, apple-green ground with a running 
design of flowers of the four seasons in their natural colours 
around the shoulder, signed Namikawa of Kyoto. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

77. Square enamel tray, purple iris in natural colours on 
grey ground, musen enamel by Namikawa of Tokyo. 

James Orange, Esq. 

78. Tray, grey ground decorated with a rooster in red, yellow, 
green and black, musen enamel, by Namikawa of Tokyo. 

James Orange, Esq. 



1. Tachi, Bizen blade, 970mm. long from heel to boshi, 
770mm. from boshi to habaki moto, gunome midare yakiba, 
with triangular mune and double grooves, all fittings shakudo 
with gosankiri crest in gold on nanakoji, the scabbard nashiji 
with Karakusa and gosankiri in gold lacquer, itomaki and 
leather obitori, signed Bishu Osafune Morimitsu (XlVth 
Century). A gift from Prince Katsura to the late Sir 
Claude M. MacDonald. Lady Macdonald. 

2 Tanto, straight blade, signed Bishu Osafune Morimitsu, 
dated 19th year of O Yen, all the fittings dark shibuichi with 
design of fishes, signed Egawa Toshimasa. 

M. N. Strachan, Esq. 

3. Katana, 760-600mm., signed Sukesada of Osafune Bizen, 
dated 1510, tsuba, shibuichi chased with views of Omi, signed 
Issho Nakagawa Katsuzane, dated Meiji Ka Uma, gold 
fittings with same design. This sword is said to have been a 
present from the late Emperor of Japan. R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

4. Katana by Yukihiro of Bizen, mounted with guri fittings 
all complete. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

5-6. Pair of swords, Dai-sho, black scabbard with red moon 
design in relief, unsigned grooved blade with midare yakiba, 
the tsuba and small fittings shakudo nanako with many 
horses in low relief iroye, signed Yanagawa Naomitsu (Fuchi 
of big sword) ; Jukakusai Ishiguro Masayoshi, and Nakajima 
Haruhide on small sword, the small blade signed Norimitsu 
of Osafune Bizen, dated Bunsho, 2nd year (1467). 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

7. Tanto in scabbard of inlaid lacquer, in various colours, 
with takaramono designs, signed Shiomi Fusen, blade 450- 
345mm., signed Norimitsu, all fittings shakudo with enamel 
decoration, signed Hirata Haruhisa. G. H. Naunton. Esq. 


8. Ornamental tanto, the fittings Karashishi and peonies, 
signed Yanagawa Naomasa, blade 380-283, engraved with 
shishi and Monju Bosatsu, signed Gessan, seal Tei, dated 
Keio, 2 midsummer. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

9. Tanto, the blade signed Kanetomo, engraved with an 
Amakurikara Ken, Fudo Bonji and two grooves, iron 
fittings decorated with enamels, signed (fuchi) Hirata 
Hikojiro, red lacquer scabbard, The Seven Gods of Luck, 
signed Hokei. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1 0. Tanto, with Buddhistic fittings in Hamano work. 

Matt. Garhutt, Esq. 

11. Tanto, aiguchi fittings, Seki style of blade, signed 
Kaneyuki, the fittings shakudo, swan on waves and Kirin on 
waves, signed Yoshioka Inaba no Sake. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

12. Tanto, Shobu shape with Fudo horimono in Kokutan 
scabbard, all mounts being Karashishi and cubs in high 
relief, signed Echizen no jiu Miochin Yoshihisa, with seal 
Mid. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

13. Katana, wide blade 912-708, with broad yakiba, chased 
with plum tree dragon and ken, mounted on natural wood 
scabbard with silver fittings in designs of monkeys and 
persimmons, iroye in relief by Giokusai of Tokyo {ex-Gilbert- 
son Collection), the blade signed Echizen Yasutsugu, signed 
made of Namban Tetsu at Yedo Bushu Honda Ida Nari- 
shige, one of those in the possession of Narishige. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

14. Wakizashi, Soshu blade, signed Kanekage, the tetsu- 
same in Namban style, the tsuba landscape in relief, signed 
Nara Toshiharu ; scabbard with landscapes in high relief. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

15. Wakizashi, Soshu blade engraved with a figure of Fudo 
Mio O, straight narrow yakiba, signed Yamashiro no Kuni 
Nishijui no jiu Umetada Miojiu Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

16. Small dagger in a tanto scabbard decorated with 
Buddhist emblems, the kozuka replaced by a tiny knifejand 
two silver chopsticks. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

17. Yoroidoshi, mounted as a tanto, the blade signed Sasshu 
no jiu Kuniyoshi, the fittings signed Iyetada of Satsuma. 

Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

18. Yoroidoshi, mounted as a tanto, signed Sadakuni of 
Suruga, in black lacquered scabbard, iron fittings in Otsuki 
style. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 





1 . T, iron, a bell decorated with clouds and with the prayer 
Namu Mio Ho Renge Kyo, signed Yamashiro no Kuni 
Fushimi no Jiu Kaneiye, XVIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

2. T, iron, Chinnan on his hat crossing the sea, signed 
Kaneiye of Yamashiro. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

3. T, iron, a long arm monkey suspended from a tree to 
reach the reflection of the moon on the water, signed Yama- 
shiro no Kuni Fushimi no Jiu Kaneiye. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

4. T, iron, small tsuba, Shuzan no Shaka with a Daruma-like 
cast, School of Kaneiye, probably XVIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

5. T, iron, landscape and flights of wild geese, signed Yama- 
shiro no Kuni Fushimi no Jiu Kaneiye. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

6. T, nigurome, waves, a carp and water weeds, style of 
XVth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

7. T, shakudo nanako, on one side two men in a boat, on 
the other a man in a boat and wild geese above, style of the 
XVth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

8. T, Nigurome nanako, chased in relief with chidori, salt- 
making huts under a pine tree. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

9. T, iron, paulownia branch in sukashi bori ; XVIth 
Century or earlier. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

10. T, iron, Heianjo work, mitsutomoye, gosankiri, half 
chrysanthemum and tachi aoi crests, XVIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

11. T, iron, a pheasant under a plum tree, Heianjo tsuba, 
XVI.-XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly. Esq. 

N.B. — In the following pages T means Tsuba, i.e. the guard of the 
sword ; K means Kozuka, i.e. the small knife carried on the side of the 
scabbard ; F K refer to the pommel (Kashira) and the ferrule (Fuchi) 
at the ends of the handle. Large as this section may appear, it is 
hardly adequate to represent the thousands of sword-guards and other 
fittings in English collections ; in some cases circumstances prevented 
us from obtaining exhibits, in other cases the selection had to be 
curtailed to small numbers : this particularly refers to collections and 
specimens which have been recently dispersed by sales or published in 
illustrated catalogues. 


12. T, iron, marubori, a Howo bird in the round, XVII.- 
XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 3. T, iron, flight of geese, cherry blossoms, so-called Kama- 
kura style. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

14. T, iron, a Howo bird, heraldic treatment, XVII.- 
XVIIIth Century. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1 5. T, iron, marubori, three cranes and horizontal clouds. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

16. T, iron, marubori zogan, three butterflies and two iris 
clumps. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

17. T, iron, marubori zogan, two cranes and iris dotted with 
dew. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

17a. Iron, horse and cobweb on marubori, signed Kiyohiro, 
dated Tensho, eighth year. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

17b T, iron, a wistaria over a fence, openwork in Hizen 
style, XVII.-XVIIIth Century. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

17c. T, iron, thin with plum and cherry blossoms perfora- 
tions, XVII.-XVIIIth Century. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

18. T, Yamagane tsuba, a Chinese sage, trees, a cricket 
and chrysanthemum, XV.-XVIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

19. T, iron, nenuke tsuba, tortoise in a bevelled rim, XVI.- 
XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

20. T, iron, Kanayama nenuke tsuba, fern fronds and three 
matsukawa bishi crests, probably XVIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

21. T, iron, perforated with a semis of hanabishi and of 
Kashiwa leaves. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

22. T, iron, " Kamakura tsuba," decorated with a bridge 
and a wistaria, XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

22a. T, iron, decorated open work, the characters San jiu 
ban jin. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

23. T, iron, perforated with pine tree silhouettes, XVIIth 
Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

24. T, iron, type illustrated in the Buki Sode Kagarni as 
early XVIIth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

25. T, iron, armourer's work, Genji mon, clematis crest and 
tama, XVII.-XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

26. T, iron, mokko, the perforations imitating snow flakes 
with four bamboo rods in relief. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


27. T, iron, oval, pierced with double gourds and wild boars' 
eyes, signed Yamakichi. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

28. T, mokko, pine needle in itosukashi, signed Y amakichibei 
of Owari, early XlXth Century. C. P. Peak, Esq. 


29. T, iron, mokko, with openwork design, signed Nobuiye, 
XVII.-XVIIIth Century. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

30. T, iron, engraved with a dragon and waves, signed 
copied from Nobuiye by Hisakuni, dated Ansei 3 (1856). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

31. T, iron, engraved with stirrups and grasses, signed 
Nobuiye (Kaga). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

32. Iron, mokko, with a spider and willow leaf in low relief, 
signed Nobuiye, late XVIIIth early XlXth Century, copy. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

33. Iron, centipede and a wheel, signed [copy of] Nobuiye ; 
Miochin Yasuchiki. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

33a. T, iron, incised with an anchor design, signed Kunitsune. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

34. T, iron, mokko, roughly chased tendrils, signed Karaku 
Shichijun o Shigekuni. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

35. T, iron, a frog, a stream and a willow tree, in relief and 
kebori, signed Kaiun Sadayuki. Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

36. T, iron, mokko shape, the design Sho Chiku Bai, signed 
Naoaki (Hata), dated 1864. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

36a. T, iron, convex, dragon and cloud vortices, signed 
Miochin Nobutada, dated Eisho 1st year (1504). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

36b. T, iron, dragon and clouds, Miochin work, circa 1700. 

Matt Garbutt, Esq, 

36c. T, iron, Kikusui, signed Miochin Munechika. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

37. T, iron, mokko, carp and Mo grass, signed Miochin 
Moritsugu. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

38. T, iron, a Japanese saddle, XVIII.-XIXth Century. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

39. T, iron, crossed choji and Karakusa, signed Kashu no 
jiu Miochin Ki no Muneyuki. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


40. T, iron, imitating a helmet top, signed Miochin Mune- 
taka. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

41 . T, iron, dragon-fly, suzuki reed and water, signed 
Miochin. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

42. T, iron, a helmet top, made of strips actually rivetted 
together. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

43. T, iron, made like the top of a helmet in eighteen strips, 
with five holes representing two constellations, late XVIIIth 
Century, by a Miochin worker. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell 

44. T, iron, mokko, Shoki on one side and on the other an 
oni hiding under a bridge, signed Miochin Ki Munehisa 
(smith) Izumi Masahisa (engraver), early XlXth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

45. T, iron, three segments of Rimbo, signed Miochin 
Yoshihisa of Echizen. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

46. T, iron, three chrysanthemum leaves, signed Echizen no 
jiu Miochin Yoshihisa. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

47. T, iron, two pieces of armour, overlapping one another, 
signed Miochin Sadashige of Sendai Mutsu. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

48. T, iron, a musubi karigane, signed Sendai no jiu Miochin 
Sadashige. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


49. T, iron, inlaid with an ebi on each side, sentoku, 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

50. T, iron, a man's head severed at the neck, signed Shoami 
Fusamitsu, and dated 1644. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

51. T, iron, the Poet Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, Shoami 
work, about 1700. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

52. T, iron, three paulownia racemes, signed Nishijin no jiu 
Shoami Ichirobei Masanori of Yamashiro, circa 1700. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

53. T, iron, a Samurai running away in a storm, Raiden 
appearing in the clouds, signed Awataguchi Omi no Kami 
Tadatsuna. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

54. T, iron, two karashishi, signed Shoami Morikuni of 
Matsuyama lyo, dated 1735. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

55. T, iron, the signs of the Zodiac, signed Shoami Moritsugu 
of Matsuyama Yoshu. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 


56. T, sentoku, plum blossom shape with a linear design of 
foliage, some leaves affecting dracontine shapes, signed 
Iyo Matsuyama no jiu Chiiko Kaisan Shoami Moritsugu, 
Masahide. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

57. T, iron, a gourd vine, the tendrils delineated in Itosu- 
kashi, signed Dewa Akita no jiu Shoami Denshichi. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

58. T, iron, a split bamboo fence, marubori and itozukashi, 
signed Shoami [defaced] of Akita Dewa (probably Shoami 
Dembei). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

59. T, iron, a Howo bird soaring above paulownia trees, 
Akita Shoami work, XVIII. -XlXth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

60. T, iron, a ribbon forming a six-pointed star with rounded 
ends, signed Shigehiro of Akita Dewa, XVI Ith Century. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

61. T, sentoku, perforated with the silhouettes of two 
mushrooms and inlaid with pine needles, signed Shoami 
Kiyonari of Shonai Dewa, XVIIIth Century. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

62. T, iron, with Fuji San, Lake Biwa and at back salt- 
makers' huts, signed Shoami Yoshikazu, XVIIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

63. T, iron, six monkeys playing with ropes, Kyoto Shoami, 
early XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

64. T, iron, flattened peony flower, probably old Shoami 
work, XVI Ith Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

65. T, copper, design of waves, gilt and lacquered, on which 
is inlaid the character ; wild goose, XVII. -XVIIIth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

66. T, sentoku, inlaid with pine twigs in shakudo, XVIIIth 
Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

67. T, sentoku, plum blossoms and twig inlaid in very high 
relief. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

68. T, iron, three sagittaria and three Kohone. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

69. T, iron with shakudo rim, Daruma in high relief. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

70. T, sentokudo, inlaid in hirazogan with a gold design of 
Torii and fence, broken wheels and rope, signed Shoami 
Shigenobu. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

F 2 


71. T, iron, dragon-fly, praying mantis and suzuki, signed 
Aizu Shoami Ichiriusai Masamitsu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

72. T, iron, Kadori Miojin trying to restrain the Namazu. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

73. T, iron, a cuckoo in flight, jakago, bushes, two oxen, on 
one side, and on the other a stag and a doe amongst lespedeza 
bushes in bloom, signed Shosenshi of Aizu. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

74. T, iron, inlaid in relief with fifty-three cranes, signed 
Shoami Daijito Kanemasa of Kwaiyo (Aizu). 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

75. T, iron, stag beetle called Yamanaka Shikanosuke, 
Shoami work, early XlXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

76. T, copper, several pairs of oars. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

11. T, iron, mountain landscape, old Shoami work. 

A. C. C. John, Esq. 

78. T, iron, hawk feathers in relief, late XVIIth Century. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

79. K, shakudo, kakemono, silver with gold and sumiye 
inlay, signed Shoami Morihisa (tomi) of Matsuyama, dated 
1811. Lieui.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

80. Kozuka, Books of Utai, the text inlaid gold, signed 
Shoami Moritomi of Matsuyama. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

81 . K, shakudo, the kozuka proper inlaid with the thirty-six 
famous poems, covered by a sliding kozuka ita, inscribed 
San jiu Rokkasen in a framework of aoi karakusa, Yoshu 
Matsuyama no jiu Shoami Moritomi, dated Bunkwa 14th 
year (1817). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


82. T, iron, perforated with conventional birds in flight, 
trace of signature of Umetada, probably Mioju, XVI.- 
XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

83. T, iron, silhouettes of six wine cups, the field inlaid with 
gold and silver constellations, attributed to Umetada Mioju 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

84. T, sentoku, asagao leaves in shakudo hirazogan, XVII- 
XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

85. T, copper, asagao leaves in shakudo and gold hirazogan, 
signed Umetada Mioju (XVII.-XVIIIth Century). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


86. T, sentoku, tsuta leaves in gold hirazogan, signed 
Umetada Mioju (XVII.-XVIIIth Century). 

Major E. Calthrop. 

87. T, iron, property boat of the No Funa Benkei, signed 
Umetada Shigeyoshi of Nishijin Yamashiro, XVII.-XVIIIth 
Century. Major E. Calthrop. 

88. K, shakudo, the weaving Princess, the back engraved 
with three karashishi and peonies, signed on the edge 
Umetada Shigeyoshi, XVII.-XVIIIth Century. 

G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

89. T, iron, design emblematic of Tanabata, signed Joshu 
Nishijin no jiu Umetada Tachibana Shigeyoshi. XVII Ith 
Century. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

90. T, sentoku, flowers of autumn, signed Mitsutada. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

91 . T, sentoku, a kingfisher, a tree, reeds and two minogame, 
style of Mitsutada. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

92. T, sentoku, plant design with lantern and yema in 
Mitsutada style, signed Umetada, probably XVIIIth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

93. T, sentoku, wistaria tree, repeated on both sides, XVIIth 
Century. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

94. T, sentoku, the characters Eiraku tsuho inlaid, XVIIIth 
Century. Mrs. Adlercron. 

95. T, sentoku, various leaves, pine cones, paulownia badge, 
tsuta badge, pine needles, etc., in relief, signed Umetada 
Shigemitsu, late XVIIIth early XlXth Century. 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

96. T, shakudo, imitation of snake's skin, signed Umetada. 
XlXth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

97. T, shakudo, three gourd leaves, filled with translucent 
coloured enamels, signed Umetada, XlXth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

98. T, copper, mokko, pine needles and shippo designs, 
signed Umetada. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

99. K, mokume of shakudo and copper inlaid with a 
vine, signed Umetada, XVIIIth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

100. K, shakudo, twelve godroons alternately in chased 
reticulated pattern and Umetada inlay. C. P. Peak, Esq. 


101. T, copper, eighteen Eiraku Tsuho cash, XVII.-XVIIIth 
Century. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

102. T, sentoku, deeply chased on both sides with cloud 
vortices. Shoami or Umetada. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

103. K, iron, inlaid with a suzumushi and dewdrops. 

R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

104. T, iron, chased in high relief with peonies, signed 
Ichiyosai Umetada Narimasa with kakihan. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

105. T, iron, three dragon-flies incised, signed Umetada, 
XlXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 06. T, shibuichi, three dragon-flies in high relief, and gilded, 
signed Narikata (Umetada) at the age of 75. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

107. T, iron, rounded square with raised rim, the priest 
Saigyo seated on the shore of lake Biwa, admiring Fuji, 
signed Umetada with the plum flower and kakihan, mid- 
XlXth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

108. Sentoku, engraved with karakusa and inlaid with tsuta 
in outline. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 09. Shakudo, mokko, gold rinzu and copper and gold shippo 
diaper, late XVIIIth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

110. K, shibuichi, praying mantis amongst chrysanthemum, 
signed Narinobu, XVIIIth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

111. F K., copper ishime, Daruma barefoot, carrying his 
nyoi, hossu and bamboo, signed Umetada Narinobu. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

112. T, copper, Sho Chiku Bai, on Rinzu ground, XlXth 
Century. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

113. K, copper bound with shakudo and silver like a scab- 
bard. Umetada School. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

114. T, mokume, the Thunder God Raiden with his drums 
and thunderbolts, late XVIIIth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

115. F K, shakudo, inlaid all over with minute cross and 
rinzu patterns, XlXth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

116. K, shakudo, a long gourd chased in intaglio and gilt, 
signed Kanskisai Arikazu with seal, XlXth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


117. K, copper, inlaid in shakudo hirazogan with five archaic 
characters representing the five sacred mountains of China. 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

118. T, iron, perforated with seven cherry blossoms, signed 
Tadatsugu. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 


119. T, iron, howo bird and paulownia branches on the 
back, XVIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

120. T, iron, dotted with spots of brass in a circle, with a 
bridge post perforations, XVIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

121. T, iron, chrysanthemoid, Onin style, XVIth Century. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

122. T, iron, vine creeper and crest of Yanagisawa, signed 
Nagayoshi (Chokichi) of Yamashiro, XVI.-XVIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

123. T, iron, rim inlaid with a sagari fugi crest, the web 
decorated with a design of two monkeys, a dwarf pine tree 
and an old man, signed Nagayoshi (Chokichi) of Yamashiro. 
XVI.-XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

124. T, iron, Shosoin design of Tennin and dragon, chrysan- 
themum scroll-work on back, style of Nagayoshi, XVIth 
Century. H. L, Joly, Esq. 

125. T, iron, crests of Shimazu and Wakizaka in openwork, 
XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

126. T, iron, inlaid all over with Karakusa of brass, XVII.- 
XVIIIth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

127. K, iron bridge and willow tree, XVI.-XVIIth Century. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

128. T, iron, tsuta leaves and tendrils, XVI.-XVIIth Cen- 
tury. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

129. T, iron, Karakusa in sentoku, XVIIth Century. 

A.C.C. Jahn, Esq. 

130. T, iron, mandarin ducks and water weeds, XVIIth 
Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

131. T, iron, Mon-Zukushi type, " small pine tree " pattern 
and crest a jour, signed Bizen Okayama no Jiu nin Saburo 
daiyu, XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

132. T, iron, Yoshiro Monzukushi type. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


133. T, iron, dragon, thick brass in relief, on waves and 
clouds, XVIIth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

134. K, iron, Howo bird and a paulownia, XVIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

135. O Kozuka, brass, waves inlaid with rafts and cherry 
blossoms, XVI. or early XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 36. T, iron, old armourers' work covered with gomoku 
zogan, XVI.-XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 37. T, iron, reed to which are attached tanzaku decorated 
with landscapes, late XVIIIth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

138. T, iron, the Ni O brass, Kaga Yoshiro. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 39. K, iron, closed bridge and houses. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

140. K, copper, raceme of wistaria inlaid silver, signed 
Kuwamura Katsuhisa. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

141. T, shakudo nanako, butterflies and chrysanthemum, 
XVIIIth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

142. T, copper, cherry blossoms and primula leaves. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

143. T, shakudo inlaid all over with chrysanthemum flowers. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

144. K, shakudo, Kikijido seated near a waterfall, XlXth 
Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

145. K, shibuichi, the Rats' wedding, Nezumi no Yomeiri. 
XlXth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1 46. F K, shakudo, bamboo delicately inlaid in gold. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

147. K, shakudo, Kaki branch on which are perched spar- 
rows, XVIIIth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

148. F K, shakudo, Karakusa pattern, signed Ameya toru. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

149. F K, shakudo, rinzu of gold wire, with key pattern 
border. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 50. F K, shakudo, minute rinzu and a broad band of key 
pattern. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

151. T, shakudo, inlaid all over with a diaper of gold lines, 
XlXth Century. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 


1 52. K, shakudo, matt surface, insect and grasses. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

153. K, shibuichi, design of medlars. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1 54. T, copper, swallows over waves and a willow. 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

155. K, shakudo nanako, chrysanthemum Karakusa, 
XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 56. K, shibuichi, landscape after Morikage. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 57. K, three men towing a boat. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 58. K, swallows and bamboo on dark shibuichi. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

159. F K, shibuichi, Tanabata loom, XVIIIth Century. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

160. Shibuichi, a huge wave, above which fly a host of 
chidori. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

161. T, shakudo, gingko leaves, chrysanthemum and shino- 
bugusa. G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

162. K, shakudo, flat inlay, books. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

163. K, shibuichi, three boats and a pine tree, 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

164. K, shakudo, three horses amongst grasses, XlXth 
Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

165. K, shibuichi, flower basket containing a peony and two 
sprays of yamabuki. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

166. K, copper, drying nets and two chidori. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

167. K, shakudo, gingko leaves, ferns and chrysanthemum 
(perhaps Umetada work). G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 68. F K, shakudo nanako, butterflies and grass hopper. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq, 

1 69. K, shakudo, cobweb and Tombo. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

170. T, iron, inlaid in hirazogan, silver wire, peony blooms. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

171. T, iron, five cherry flowers outlined in brass and silver. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

172. T, iron, the rim formed by two dragons in brass. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


173. T, sentoku, border of chrysanthemum flowers and a 
semis of Awa work, XVII.-XVIIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

174. T, sentoku, Yoshitsune on horse-back under a pine tree, 
Awa work, XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

175. T, sentoku, seven fan designs in Kano style on either 
side, XVIIIth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

176. T, iron, dragons amongst the waves, Awa or Hizen. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

177. T, iron, two dandelions in flower, late XVIIth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

178. T, copper ishime, five poems in very minute gold inlay 
on shakudo, F K to match, signed Shunsuishi Sukekazu, 
dated Shinki Moshun (probably 1851). R. C. Boyle, Esq. 


179. Fuchi only, copper. Kamo horse race, signed Hosono 
Sozaemon Masamori. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

180. T, shibuichi, tanto tsuba, a game of Kiokusai no Yen 
between monkeys under a peach tree, signed Hosono Sozae- 
mon Masamori with kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

181. K, shibuichi, forty monkeys in various attitudes, 
inscribed Masamori. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

182. K, light shibuichi, the thirty-six poets, signed Hosono 
Sozaemon Masamori, in running hand. W . H. Samuel, Esq. 

183. K, shibuichi, ferry boat with a number of minute 
people. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

184. K, shibuichi, landscape in minute inlay. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

185. K, shibuichi, ferry boat containing twenty-one people, 
signed Hosono Sozaemon, XVIII.-XIXth Century. 

186. K, shibuichi, the thirty-six poets, signed Hosono 
Sozaemon. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

187. T, copper, silvered over, engraved with a bamboo 
curtain and Shinobugusa, one of a pair, signed Hosono 
Sozaemon. Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 



188. T, sentoku, an eagle above an oak tree to which clings 
a tiny monkey, signed Nakanori of Bushu. 

/. C. Hawkshaw, Esq. 

1 89. K. three hamaguri in relief shakudo, signed Jochiku. 

Mrs. Juliet S. T rower. 

1 90. F K, shakudo nanako, dragon-fly on each piece, signed 
Jochiku. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

191. K, shakudo, a plum tree in bloom, signed Jochiku. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

192. K, silver, bamboo about which climbs a squirrel, 
sumiye, signed Jochiku with kakihan. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

193. T, copper, design of bamboo in shakudo and shibuichi, 
early Murakami work, XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

194. T, sentoku, peony karakusa design, signed Fujiwara 
Kunishige. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

195. K, shibuichi, butterflies, signed Jochiku. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 96. F K, shakudo, large butterfly and chrysanthemum, 
signed Jochiku. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 97. F K, shakudo, butterfly on each piece, signed Jochiku. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

198. T, sentoku, Tanabata design. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

199. K, shakudo, inlaid in gold hirazogan, with a clump of 
wild Dianthus, signed Jochiku. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 99a. F K, shakudo inlaid with a wasp on each piece, copper 
and shakudo in high relief, signed Jochiku. 

Chas. Holme, Esq. 

200. F K, silver, bamboo design, signed Josen. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

201 . K, silver, inlaid with a bamboo design in sumiye zogan, 
signed Josen. Mrs. Juliet S. T rower. 

202. K, silver, wild goose nigurome, under a reed, signed 
Josen. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

203. K, Ushidoji under a tree. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

204. K, growing rice in black and gold. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 


205. F K, fireflies on reeds and grass blades, signed Jochu 
with kakihan. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

206. F K, dark shibuichi with Fuji (silver) in clouds, signed 
Josei with kakihan. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

207. F K, shibuichi, sumizogan design of bamboo. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

208. K, shibuichi, a bamboo in the moonlight. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

209. T, polished shakudo, design of insects in various 
coloured metal in flat inlay, signed Masamitsu, XlXth Cen- 
tury. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 


260. K, silver, rocks of Futami ga Ura. 

Nos. 260 to 270 inclusive lent by G. H. Naunton, Esq, 

261. K, shakudo nanako, ingots of silver koban, ichibu, 
and cash, inscribed Shin jo Saku Mitsuteru. 

262. K, shakudo nanako, Buri buri and gold purse, inscribed 
Teijo saku, Mitsumori. 

263. K, Rohan propping up the bridge. 

264. K, shakudo nanako, three arrows inscribed Yetsujo 
saku Mitsumasu. 

265. K, shakudo nanako, the mathematical problem of 

266. K, shakudo nanako, two small figures of Jo and Uba, 
signed Mon Teijo, Mitsumori (Teijo died 1673). 

267. K, shakudo, gilt, nanako, three blind men and a dog, 
late XVIIIth Century. 

268. K, shakudo nanako, squirrels and tsuta creeper. 
Ex-Huish Collection. XlXth Century. 

269. O kozuka, shakudo nanako, gilt dragons, gilt back 
engraved with tiger, leopard and bamboo. 

270. T, heavily plated with gold, waves and three carp, 
signed Sasaki Shobei. 

271 . K, shakudo, nanako, much worn, decorated in high 
relief with Cha dogu in the style of Goto Joshin. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

272. K, shakudo nanako, two fans in high relief, attributed 
to Goto Teijo by Goto Mitsutaka, XVI Ith Century. 

G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 



273. K, shakudo nanako, a sudare of shakudo and sprays of 
aoi, signed Goto Denjo. XVIIth Century. 

G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

274. T, pair, shakudo, scenes from the War of the Three 
Kingdoms, signed Goto Denjo. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

275. T, shakudo nanako, horses frolicking amongst bamboo, 
signed Goto Teijo. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

276. T, shakudo nanako, battle scene, inscribed Kwojo, 
certified by Mitsutaka. J . Pelton, Esq. 

211 . K, shakudo nanako, snake, silver and rocks, signed 
Goto Mitsuyasu, dated fifth year of Bunsei (1822). 

Lieut.- Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

278. K, shibuichi, red plum and orchid flowers, signed Goto 
Mitsumasa, XlXth Century. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

279. T, iron, two dragons and snowflakes, signed Goto Seijo. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

280. F K, copper, nanako, a crane and plum blossoms, 
signed Goto Koran. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

281 . F K, silver inlaid with butterflies and fireflies iroye, 
signed Goto Korai. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

282. T, shakudo nanako, pair, Genji war scene, signed Goto 
Shunjo. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

283. T, shakudo, mokko shape, Karakusa, a peony and 
three cherry flowers, mid XVIIIth. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

284. K, shakudo nanako, Choryo and Kosekiko, Goto 
work, XVIIIth Century. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

285. K, shakudo nanako, three mon with tachibana trees 
in circles, XVIIIth Century. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

286. K, shibuichi, engraved reeds and silver moon, signed 
Goto Mitsuhiro. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

287. T, Sentoku, oblong, engraved with a design of holly- 
hocks, signed Goto Mitsuaki (Teru). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

288. T, shakudo nanako, three butterflies, aster and dianthus 
caryophyllum, signed Goto Mitsuaki with kakihan. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

289. T, shakudo nanako, Sambaso and Manzai dancers, 
pine trees at back, signed Goto Mitsuieru. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


290. T, copper, dianthus and suzuki aster and the moon, 
signed Goto Mitsuteru. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

291. K, shakudo nanako, a bird escaping from its cage 
tilted by a disappointed cat, signed on edge Goto Kenjo, 
certified by Mitsuyoshi. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

292. K, shakudo nanako, three dancers of the No Dojoji. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

293. K, shakudo nanako, five oxen in relief and the roof of a 
house in the foreground. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

294. K, shakudo nanako, a Bugaku dancer and a Bugaku 
stage, gold in relief, Goto school. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

295. K, five strips of metal, a fence and flowers in relief. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

296. F K, shakudo nanako, iroye of Kagesuye and Taka- 
tsuna. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

297. K, shakudo nanako, long Yajiri (arrow head), ken 
shape. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

298. K, sentoku and shakudo, the setting sun at Miho no 
Matsubara, signed Goto with kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

299. T, iron, large tsuba, polished surface, around the edge of 
which are coiled two elongated dragons. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

300. K, shakudo nanako, horses in relief iroye, by the side 
of a stream, signed Goto Wajo. F. J . Peplow, Esq. 

301. K, shakudo nanako, cherry blossoms, back a man on a 
raft, signed Goto Mitsuyoshi. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

302. T, shibuichi nanako, three men tracking a boat. 
Ex-Hawkshaw Collection. Signed Tobari Kisoji Fujiwara 
Tomihisa. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

303. T, shakudo, mokko, cricket and chrysanthemum iroye, 
signed Goto Mitsuyasu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

304. T, iron, cherry tree in bloom and chariot wheel, signed 
Sanhoken Shigetoshi (Koyama). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

305. F K, shakudo nanako, each piece decorated with a 
mukade, signed Sasaki Shigekata (Jiukin). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

306. F K, shibuichi ishime, plum tree and bamboo, signed 
Harunaga (Sakade). F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

307. T, shakudo, mokko, nanako, one of a pair representing 
rice, signed Yamazaki Ichiga. C. P. Peak, Esq. 



T, Pair, with dragon design. 

See Exhibits lent by His Excellency Marquis Inouy'e. 

308. T, shakudo, dragon amongst clouds, on nanako, signed 
Goto Ichijo. G. H. Nannton, Esq. 

308a. K, shibuichi, crane under a plum tree, signed Goto 
Hokyo Ichijo. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

309. T, shakudo, mokko shape, a falcon on a gnarled pine 
tree, signed Goto Ichijo. Ex-Hawkshaw Collection. XlXth 
Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

309a. K, a shakudo, crane in flight, signed " Rakuhoku " 
Ichijo. Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

310. K, shibuichi, trout in a river, signed Goto Hogen Ichijo. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

310a. K, shibuichi, a Joro, the back inlaid with a blind man, 
a samurai, signed Goto Hokyo Ichijo. Charles Holme, Esq. 

311. K, shakudo, very fine nanako, a pipe and a fly, signed 
Goto Hokyo Ichijo. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

312. T, shibuichi and copper, inlaid with snow crystals, 
silver and cherry blossoms, signed Goto Hokyo Ichijo, dated 
Tempo (1832). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

313. T, shakudo, cuckoo in very high relief on one side and 
inscribed on the other side under a gold crescent moon, 
signed Goto Hokyo Ichijo. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

314. K, shakudo, Oharame carrying a basket on her head, 
signed Ichijo. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

315. F K, shakudo nanako, deer's antlers, signed Goto 
Hokyo Ichijo. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

316. K, shakudo nanako, Fuji san, signed Goto Hokyo Ichijo. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

317. T, shakudo, a butterfly and two clumps of saxifrage, 
signed Goto Ichijo. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

31 8. T, shakudo, stag and doe, signed Hogen Ichijo, the other 
side inlaid with two bats in the clouds, shibuichi, signed 
Isshi (Hashimoto). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

319. K, shakudo, bamboo stem, inlaid with plum blossoms 
and pine needles, signed Hashimoto Isshi. 

Mrs. Juliet S. T rower. 


320. T, shibuichi, chidori, breaking wave and pine tree, 
signed Ito Kazunaga (Icho) and Ikkin. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

321. Iron, tiger, signed Ikkin, after a drawing by Masayoshi 
(Iwama). G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

322. K, shibuichi, Fuji as a dark silhouette, signed Ikkin, 
with kakihan. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

323. K, copper, Daikoku holding a mortar decorated with 
fern leaves, signed Funada Ikkin Yoshinaga, and dated 1846. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

324. K, shibuichi, chrysanthemum on a stream, signed Ikkin. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

325. F K, shakudo, pine and bamboo, signed Ikkin. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

326. T, shakudo, a dragon in high relief, signed Funada 
Ikkin, dated 1841. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

327. F K, iron, allusion to Kojima Takanori, signed Ikkin. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

328. K, copper gilt, chidori and nets, signed Goto Mitsumori, 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

329. K, shakudo, plum or peach tree, signed Toho (pupil 
of Goto). Ichijo school, circa 1855-1860. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

330. K, shakudo nanako, in relief bamboo and chrysan- 
themum, signed Goto Ichijo no Monjin Nakagawa Issho. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

331. K, shibuichi, grasshopper near a linear stream, signed 
Nakagawa Issho (Katsuzane). R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

332. K, shibuichi, two storks and sun, signed Issho Naka- 
gawa Katsuzane. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

333. K, shibuichi, plum tree and bird on torii with poem 
at back, signed Issho Nakagawa Katsuzane. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

334. K, shakudo nanako, crane swooping towards a stream, 
Goto Ichijo no mon Issho (Nakagawa). G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

335. T, shibuichi, a Tanuki, suzuki and chrysanthemum, 
signed Nakagawa Katsuzane. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

335a. F K, shibuichi, bats and reishi in low relief touched 
with gold, signed Issho Nakagawa Katsuzane. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 


335b. K, shibuichi, bird on a plum branch, at back a bamboo, 
Katakiri, signed Goto Seii, dated Kanoe no haru (? 1851). 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

336. T, shakudo nanako, herbs of autumn, signed Heianjo 
Fujiwara Nagatake, dated 1851, in winter. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq, 

337. T, iron, swallows, a willow and cherry twigs, signed 
Nagatake. Matt. Garbutt, Esq, 

338. T, iron, two doves in relief about a brook, and a stag, 
signed Nagatake. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

339. T, iron, golden cranes in flight and rushes, on the shore 
of a lake, signed Imai Nagatake. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

339a. T, shakudo, big nanako, chased and inlaid in relief 
with five horses, bamboo and herbs of autumn, signed Goto 
no Monshi Imai Nagatake. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

340. T, iron, two horses and herbs of spring, signed Kane- 
hara Isso. H. C. C. Jahn, Esq. 

341. K, shakudo nanako, old trees in relief behind which 
appears the crescent of the moon. School of Goto Ichijo. 
XlXth Century. Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

342. K, iron, a Rakan holding a shrine, seal signature, 
XlXth Century. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell m 

343. K, shibuichi, deer, signed Mitsuhiro (Shokatei). 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

344. K, shakudo, three wild geese, inscribed Shojoo zu 
(i.e. after the design of Shojo Kyosai). F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

345. T, shibuichi, mokko, plum tree in bloom and a bird on a 
weeping willow, signed Masatatsu. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

346. T, copper, nanako, butterflies, violets, chrysanthemums 
and Katabami, signed Wada Isshin Masatatsu, and dated 
Ansei 4, 1857. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

347. T, shibuichi, cherry tree and flowers of spring in a 
shower of rain, allusion to the story of Kojima Takanori, 
signed Adachi Shinso (pupil of Wada Isshin), dated Meiji 2, 
in winter (1870). Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

348. K, shibuichi, peonies in shakudo, signed Morimura 
Takanori. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

348a. K, copper, same design and technique as above, 
signed Morimura Atsutaka. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 


349. F K, shibuichi, a Karashishi drinking under a peony 
bush, signed Rengetsutei Jumei. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

350. F K, shakudo, bats in a border of clouds. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

351. T, shakudo, crescent moon above snow crystals, sprays 
of cherry blossoms, signed Sanshotei Kazutame. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

352. F K, shibuichi, spider on its thread and grasshopper, 
signed Shima Kazunari. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

353. T, shakudo, on one side a cherry tree, signed 
Watanabe Issei. F. J. Peplow. Esq. 

354. T, shakudo, Fudo Mio O seated on a rock, the back of 
pure gold, a waterfall, signed Kazunori. 

J. C. Hawkshaw, Esq. 

355. T, shakudo nanako, Nitta Yoshisada after having 
offered his tachi to the Dragon God of the Sea, signed 
Korhtsai Kazunori, dated 1856. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

356. T, shakudo, mulberry leaf and frog in relief, signed 
Koriusai Kazunori. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

357. F K, shibuichi, Asahina Sabura and an oni, signed 
Kazunori. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

358. K, mokume with a floral design, signed Kazunori with 
kakihan. Ex-Hawkshaw Collection. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

T, shibuichi, Kwannon. 

See Exhibit lent by H.E. Marquis Inouye. 

359. K, shibuichi, Soga no Goro lifting the curtain of the 
Minamoto camp, signed Ginshotei Tomei. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

360. K, shakudo nanako, a sprig of millet, signed Tomei. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell, Esq. 

361 . F K, shakudo nanako, heads of millet gold. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

362. T, shakudo, horse under a cherry tree in bloom, this is 
an allusion to a Chinese poem, signed Shinriusai Mitsunaga. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 


363. T, shakudo, small chidori above a deep wave, signed 
Natsuo. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

364. T, iron, white peony flower inlaid in silver, signed 
Natsuo. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


365. K, shakudo, branch of plum tree covered with snow, 
signed Natsuo. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

366. K, shibuichi, the Chinese lady Sorenko, signed Heian 
Natsuo (early work). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

367. T, shakudo, a stork in shibuichi, signed Riuso Hogen ; 
at back two grains of rice, signed Natsuo, dated 1860. 
Ex-Hart and Trower Collections. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

367a. T, shakudo, Jurojin, small figure in various metals 
inlaid in a circular reserve in the clouds above waves rubbed 
with gold, signed Kiyonaga and Natsuo. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

368. K, shibuichi, shipping in the moonlight, signed Natsuo. 

369. K, iron, water insect on a stream, signed Natsuo. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

370. K, shibuichi, two carp in a stream, signed Katsura 
Funiio. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

371. T, iron, goblin woman of Adachigahara, on the 
other side a cucumber vine, signed Shorakusai Chikatsugu. 
XlXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

372. F K, shibuichi, woodpecker on an oak tree, signed 
Ka Toshitsuna (Kazutsura). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

373. F K, shakudo nanako, monkey perched on a stump by 
the side of a stream, iroye in relief, signed Ka Toshitsura. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

374. T, sentoku, pine tree one side and signed Kakutei 
Aritsune. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 


375. T, iron, Kwannon seated on a dragon., signed Teikan 
(Sadanaka), dated 1867. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

376. T, iron, the Yamauba holding Kintoki in her arms, 
signed Shiho Sanjin (i.e. Teikan). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

377. T, shakudo, mokko, a breaking wave, signed Teikan 
and Nobuhisa. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

378. K, copper, Bishamon ten, " made at Tokyo," Tobu 
ni oite, signed Shiho Uso Teikan. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

379. K, copper, the Rakan Hattara Sonja, signed Teikan 
Uso. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

380. K, iron, Rihaku, drunk, being helped by a friend, 
signed Shiho Rosetsu Teikan. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

G 2 


381. K, copper, Yuima Koji (Vimalakirti), a copy of Joi's 
work, probably by Teikan. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

382. T, shakudo, a rabbit under a clump of chrysanthemum, 
signed Teikan. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

383. K, shibuichi, Shichi Fuku jin, signed Shiho Uso Teikan 
teppitsu. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


385. Iron, rocks, shells and a flight of wild geese, signed 
Goshu Hikone no Jiu Shuten. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

386. Iron, the origin of the Baka proverb on one side : Chao 
Kao kneeling before the Emperor, signed Goshu Hikone no 
Jiu Soheishi Kitagawa Niudo Soten, with kakihan. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

387. T, iron. Gempei war, signed Goshu Hikone no Jiu 
Kitagawa. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

388. K only, copper, Watanabe no Tsuna and the Oni, 
signed Kitagawa Soshu. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

389. T, iron, the herbs of autumn, signed Soheishi Niudo 
Soten. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

T, iron, Daruma. 

See Exhibit lent by H.E. Marquis Inouye. 

390. T, iron, mokko shape, Kioyu seated near a waterfall, 
signed Soheishi Niudo Soten, attributed to the second Soten, 
XVII.-XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

391. F K, shakudo nanako, animals of the Zodiac in relief, 
iroye, signed Soheishi Niudo Soten. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

392. Iron, the battle of Ichinotani, on the other the battle, 
of Yashima, signed Goshu Hikone no Jiu Soheishi Niudo 
Soten seisu, XVIIIth Century. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

393. T, iron, shakudo rim, children at play. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

394. T, iron, twelve horses and at the back eight cows and 
a calf, signed Goshu Hikone no Jiu Kitagawa no Monjin 
Yoshiaki. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

395. T, iron, the Rokkasen (six celebrated Poets), signed 
Goshu Hikone no Jiu Mitsuyoshi. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

396. T, shakudo nanako, Choryo and Kosekiko, Choryo 
and Tsao Tsao, signed Goshu Hikone Nakayabu no Jiu 
Soheishi Kitagawa Niudo Soten. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


397. T, iron, marubori, Watanabe no Tsuna and Raiko killing 
the giant earth spider, signed Soheishi Soten, seisu (XVIIIth 
Century). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

398. K only, shakudo nanako, one of the Ni O, signed on 
the edge Nomura Kanenori. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

399. T, iron, Tawara Toda Hidesato and the centipede. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

400. T, iron, war scene on one side and story of Shiba Onko, 
signed Goshu Hikone no Jiu Soheishi Niudo Soten, seisu. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

401 . T, iron, marubori zogan, the battle of Yashima, signed 
Yamashiro no Jiu Fujiwara Kiyonaga (Seicho). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

402. T, iron, marubori zogan, Ushiwaka and Benkei, early 
XlXth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

403. Iron, marubori, Chinese traveller on a winding road, 
XVIIIth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

404. T, iron, large marubori, Kosekiko and Choryo, signed 
Nakagawa Hambioye Yoshiharu with kakihan. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 


405. T, iron, circular armourer's guard, in the style of Hirata 
Hikozo, probably XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

406. T, sentoku. the design Tagoto no Tsuki, equisetum and 
leaves in a pond in which is reflected the crescent of the third 
night of the moon, after the famous design of Hirata Hikozo, 
XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

407. T, sentoku, characteristic specimen of Hirata Hikozo's 
work. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

408. T, copper, suzuki grass and crescent moon, circa 1800, 
by one of the Hirata. Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

409. T, iron, five sails in openwork, inlaid with crests of 
the Hosokawa family of Higo, XlXth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

41 0. Iron, openwork, being a sentence from the book of war 
of Sonshi, Higo work, perhaps by Kamiyoshi Rakujiu, early 
XlXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 


411. K, iron, inlaid with double Karakusa and three Gosan- 
kiri crests, gold nunome. Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

411a. T, iron, openwork, Howo and paulownia, XVIIth to 
middle XVIIIth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

412. T, iron, a cow under a pine tree inlaid with koboku, 
XlXth Century. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

413. T, iron, inlaid with brass in high relief, dragon, a 
Vajra and the character Moto (Gen), XVIIIth Century. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

41 4. T, iron, a stylized pine tree, style of Mannichibo (early 
XVIIth Century). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

415. T, iron, an ox, signed Yatsushiro Jingo (first or second"), 
XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

41 6. T, iron, eagle holding in its claws a monkey, work of the 
second Yatsushiro Jingo, XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

417. T, iron, mokko chased, small bamboo and pine tree, 
grasses and wild geese, Jingo work. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

418. T, iron, a dragon and vajra, Jingo school. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

419. T, iron, dragon and vajra ken, inlaid in brass in relief, 
XVIII.-XIXth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

420. T, iron, Shoki inlaid brass in high relief, Jingo school. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

421. T, iron, conventional wave within a bevelled rim, 
School of Kasuga, XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

422. T, iron, cherry in the mist design. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

423. T, iron, Karakusa and Hosokawa crest. 

Malt. Garbutt, Esq. 

423a. T, iron, inlaid with thick gold nunome in designs of 
paulownia racemes, rinzu and shippo patterns. 

Prof. J. N. Collie. 


424. T, iron, dragon in the round, signed in full Kinai (short 
stroke). R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

425. T, Iron, a langouste, marubori, signed Kinai of Echizen. 

H. L. Joly, Esq, 

426. Iron, a langouste in the round, signed Kinai of Echizen 
(short stroke). W. H. Samuel, Esq. 


427. Iron, several pieces of a Japanese saddle, signed Kinai 
of Echizen. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

428. T, iron, dragon in the round, signed Kinai of Echizen. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

429. Iron, circular, group of monkeys, signed Kinai, XVIIIth 
Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

430. T, iron, group of five No masks in marubori, signed 
Kinai genso Mitsuine no saku. W. Harding Smith, Esq . 

431. T, iron, three cranes in a circle, signed Echizen no Jiu 
Kinai. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

432. T, iron, Yasumasa and Ii no Hayata killing the Nuye, 
signed Echizen no Jiu Kinai (short stroke). 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

433. T, iron, two butterflies, signed Kinai of Echizen. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

434. T, iron, group of peonies in bloom, signed Echizen no 
Jiu Kinai. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

435. T, iron, two bundles of rice, signed Kinai of Echizen. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

436. T, iron, five masks in the round, signed Echizen no Jiu 
Kinai. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

437. T, iron, group of shells, marubori, unsigned Kinai 
work. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

438. T, iron, passion flowers, signed Kinai of Echizen, long 
stroke. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

439. T, iron, groups of shells, signed Kinai of Echizen. 
(long stroke). H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

440. Iron, group of maple leaves, Kinai (long stroke). 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

441. T, iron (one of a pair), group of small aoi leaves, signed 
Kinai (long stroke). H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

442. T, iron, marubori, seven monkeys under a persimmon 
tree, signed Kokitsune of Echizen. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

443. T, iron, Saigyo Hoshi at the foot of Fuji san, signed 
Echizen no Jiu Soshiro saku. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

444. T, iron, a big dragon in the round, signed Echizen 
Zenshi of Akashi. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

445. T, iron, series of insects, in openwork. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 



446. T, iron, centipede inlaid in shakudo in high relief, 
signed Yasuyoshi of Soma (Mutsu, Dewa). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

447. T, iron, Gosankiri and mitsuaoi, signed Nakamura 
Rokuyemon Tadamasa of Unshu. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

448. T, iron, five cranes in the round, signed Kobayashi 
Yashiro of Unyo, Geijiu. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

449. Iron, three shachikoko in the round, signed Kobayashi 
Yashiro Geijiu of Unpu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

450. T, iron, a monkey holding an haliotis, signed Unyo no 
jiu Kobayashi Yasuke Motokiyo. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

451. T, iron, Sukisage bori, a Karashishi and a peony on a 
rock, signed Unyo no jiu Haruta. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

452. T, iron, two karashishi amongst peonies and rocks, 
signed Soshu, XlXth Century. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

453. T, iron, Taikobo fishing under a pine tree, signed Unyo 
no jiu Haruta Maikan. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

453a. T, iron, maple leaves and pine needles, signed Suruga 
Takayoshi (Takurio). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

454. T, iron, fox, chrysanthemum and a hedge, signed 
Suruga Takaoki of Inaba. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

455. T, iron, six plum flowers or buds and three pine needles, 
signed Suruga of Inshu. Ex-Hawkshaw Collection. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

456. T, iron, the horse of Chokwaro and the Sennin's magic 
gourd, signed Takatsugu (Takuji). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

457. T, iron, fox in openwork amongst suzuki grass and 
chrysanthemum (at back), signed Takatsugu (Takuji). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

458. T, iron, pine needles on a mushroom, signed Takushige 
of Inaba, Suruga, XlXth Century. A.C.C. John, Esq. 


459. T, iron, dragon in the sea, mountain landscape in the 
background, signed Nakai Zensuke Tomotsune of Hagi, 
Chohan Koku, XVIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

460. Iron, the Seven Sages in the Bamboo Grove, signed 
Nakai Zensuke Tomotsune of Hagi, Choshu. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


461. T, iron, octagonal, two Ebi and leaves on a ground of 
Mo and Karakusa, signed Nakai Zensuke Tomotsune of Hagi, 
Choshu. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

462. Iron, three gourds in the round, signed Nakai Zensuke 
Tomotsune of Hagi, Choshu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

463. T, iron, Chinese landscape, signed Chojo Nakai Hiko- 
zaemon Tomonobu, with kakihan. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

464. T, iron, palm tree in bloom above a hedge of dried twigs. 

/. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

465. Iron, galloping horse and small bamboo, signed Zaki 
Rojin Tomonobu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

466. Iron, Madori Kiojin pressing a gourd against a namazu, 
signed Nakai (Zensuke) of Hagi Nagato, and the back Go 
Tomonobu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

467. Iron, a makimono with a dragon and clouds, signed 
Nakai Tomonobu, XVIII.-XIXth Century. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

468. Iron, cuckoo above small waves, branch of plum in 
front of the moon, signed Zaki Tomonobu (Setsuan Rojin) 
of Choshu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

469. Copper, Howo in the round above a paulownia tree, 
signed Nakai Zensuke Tomotsune of Chohan (Choshu). 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

470. T, iron, six horses under two pine trees, signed Kawaji 
Tomoichi of Hagi Choshu, XlXth Century. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

471 . T, iron, a peasant loaded with brushwood, two bullocks, 
and gigantic grass blades, signed Kawaji Gonnojo Tomokane 
of Hagi Choshu, circa 1810. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

472. T, iron, the Eight horses of Buwo, signed Kawaji Tomo- 
michi of Hagi Choshu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

473. T, iron, an eagle pouncing on a monkey, signed 
Choshu no jiu Kawaji Tomomichi. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

474. T, iron, bamboo canes overlaid with cherry flowers, 
signed Kaneko Juroyemon Yukinaka of Hagi Choshu. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

475. T, iron, silver herons and a boat beached amongst 
reeds, tsuta design and a hedge, signed Kaneko Chubei of Hagi, Choshu. Mrs. Juliet T rower. 


476. T, copper, chrysanthemum blooms, and pine needles, 
signed Choshu Hagi no jiu Kaneko Jurobei Yukinaka. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

477. T, iron, books and makimono in the round, signed 
Choyo Hagi no jiu Inouye Kiyotaka. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

478. T, sentoku, dragon in clouds, signed Okamoto Tomo- 
mitsu of Hagi, Choshu, XVI Ith Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

479. Iron, sagittaria plants in a stream, signed Oka Tomo- 
nobu of Choshu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

480. F K, iron, dragons in the clouds, Okamoto style, XI Xth 
Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

481 . T iron, Hotei and his bag, signed Choshu Hagi no jiu 
Tomofusa. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

482. T, iron, waterside arbour, pine tree and mountain 
landscape, signed Choshu Hagi no jiu Tomohisa. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

483. T, iron, the game of Go between Abe no Nakamaro 
and the Chinese minister, on the other side a Chinese playing 
the koto, another looking at a kakemono of a dragon held 
up by a child, signed Tomokata (Yuran) of Choyo. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

484. T, iron, square, landscape, signed Tomokiyo of Hagi, 
XVIIIth Century. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

485. T, iron, the Tamagawa river design, signed Tomomasa 
of Chohan Castle. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

486. T, iron, three grapnels and their ropes, signed Choshu 
Hagi no jiu Hisatsugu. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

487. T, iron, lotus leaves, rushes and an insect, inscribed 
Nagato Hagi no jiu kore [wo] Seisu. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

488. T, iron, mountain landscape, temples, flying geese at 
back, early XlXth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

489. T, iron, mass of dragons, waterfalls, carp, ebi, namazu, 
etc., inlaid in brass and copper. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

490. T, iron, tsuta leaves and three dragons on the edge, 
signed Chohan. R. H. Pfungst, Esq. 

490a. T, iron, two karashishi, male and female, signed 
Naka (hara) Yukito of Choshu (1789). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

— J 


490b. T, iron, sea shells on a muddy ground, signed Naka 
Yukitoshi of Choshu, dated Kwansei 7 = 1797. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

490c. T, iron, double plum blossom, signed Yasutsura Naka- 
hara Mabito (Chugen Shin jin). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

491 . T, iron, chased in the round with two karashishi amongst 
peonies and rocks and picked up with gold nunome, signed 
Choshu Hagi no jiu Ba 0. Lady Church. 

492. T, sentoku, chased in low relief with Chinese buildings 
and pagodas, signed Choshu Hagi no jiu Masatomi. 

Matt. Garbuit, Esq. 

493. T, iron, chased in low relief with dragon and clouds, 
signed Choshu Hagi no jiu Mitsutaka. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

494. T, iron, two stems of aoi in the round, signed Choyo 
Hagi no jiu Shigetsune. R. E. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

495. Iron, narcissus flowers in the round, signed Choshu 
Hagi no jiu Nobukata. Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

496. T, copper chased and inlaid in relief with the story of 
Choryo and Kosekiko on one side, on the other a warrior 
watching a Buddhist priest coming down a mountain path 
near a waterfall, signed Choshu Toyoura no jiu Torino 
Moyei. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 


497. T, iron, a torii swept by dashing waves, signed Bushu 
no jiu Akasaka Hikojiro Tadatoki (1). Matt. Garbuit, Esq. 

498. T, iron, a torii, pine tree and Suzu mushi, early Akasaka 
work. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

499. Iron, mitsu tomoye, Matsukawa bishi and Mitsubishi, 
early Akasaka work, XVII -XVIIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

500. T, iron, eight chrysanthemum flowers. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

501 . T, iron, wild geese around suzuki grass, signed Akasaka 
Hikojuro Tadatoki of Bushu. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

502. T, iron, two crests, signed Akasaka Tadatoki. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

503. Iron, three fans, Yare ogi, signed Akasaka Tadatoki 
of Bushu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 


504. Iron, the character Shu with chrysanthemum blossoms, 
signed Bushu no jiunin Akasaka Tadatoki. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

505. T, iron, karakusa in openwork, Akasaka work, XlXth 
Century. Lady Church. 

506. Iron, twelve forms of the character Jiu, late XVIIIth- 
early XlXth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

507. Iron, flight of geese above boats, reeds and pine tree. 
XlXth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

508. T, iron, arrows forming a wheel, signed Bushu no jiu 
Tadatoki (Akasaka), early XlXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

509. T, iron, openwork, suzuki grass, signed Akasaka 
Tadatoki of Bushu. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

510. T, iron, moon and suzuki grass, signed Akasaka Tada- 
toki. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

511. T, iron, the Charm of Mitsumine. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

512. T, iron, two Howo birds, heraldic treatment. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

513. T, iron, nine cherry blossoms. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

514. T, iron, cock on a torii, signed Akasaka Tadanori. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

515. T, iron, two cherry blossoms on a net, early XlXth 
Century. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

516. T, iron, waterwheel amongst churned waves, XlXth 
Century. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

517. T, iron, lenticular openwork of peony blossoms in 
negative silhouette, signed Akasaka Tadatoki. 

Edgar Jepson, Esq. 

518. T, iron, the riohitsu limited by the design of peony 
blossoms in positive outline, signed Akasaka Tadatoki. 

519. T, iron, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and pine 
needles in positive silhouettes, signed Akasaka Tadatoki. 


520. T, iron, wild geese, reeds and drying nets. The above 
four pieces lent by Edgar Jepson, Esq. 

521 . T, iron, Japanese landscape in low relief in Chinese 
style on one side, Masatsune, on the back Ishiyama Deva 
in the moonlight, signed Okada Masatoyo of Bushu. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 



522. T, veined iron, wild geese across clouds in the moon- 
light, signed Ito Masamitsu of Bushu. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

523. T, iron, chrysanthemoid design, signed Masatsugu of 
Bushu. Ex-Gilbertson Collection. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

523a. T, iron, chrysanthemoid design with minute divisions. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

524. T, iron, mushrooms, signed Masachika of Bushu. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

525. T, iron, bamboo, signed Masachika of Bushu. 

R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

526. T, shakudo, Kohone daffodil, peony, iris, gentian and 
chrysanthemum, signed Masachika of Bushu. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

527. T, iron, itozukashi design of fox and grapes, signed 
Toto no jiu Masayuki, dated 1813. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

528-9. T (pair), iron with russet patina, perforated with 
three crests in itozukashi work of marvellous precision and 
delicacy, the edge of one inlaid with heads of rice in gold, 
the other with millet, the field otherwise identical in both 
pieces, signed Morioka no jiu Tachibana Takaiye, Hidemune. 

Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

530. T, iron, five crows on a bough, itozukashi, late XlXth 
Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

531. T, iron, itozukashi design of crests, XTXth Century. 

Lady Church. 

532. T, iron, ita tsuba, shrimp in itozukashi, signed Naga- 
tsugu of Bushu. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

533. T, iron, itozukashi, three sprays of water weed, signed 
Yukihiro. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

534. T, iron, itozukashi, two strips of cloth. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

535. T, iron, three thread spools in the round, signed Kofu 
no jiu, Sadatsune. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

536. T, iron, five maple leaves. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

537. T, iron, three oak leaves, signed Bushu no jiu Masayasu. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

538. T, iron, Ran, orchid, cut in itozukashi, signed Bushu 
no jiu Masayoshi. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

539. T, iron, a landscape, signed Bushu no jiu Masatsune. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 


540. T, iron, five dragons-flies, signed Bushu no jiu Masa- 
yoshi. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

541. T, shakudo, a suzumushi amongst reeds, XlXth Cen- 
tury. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

542. T, iron, a well-head with bucket, signed Bushu no jiu 
Masatada saku. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

543. T, iron, salt-burners on a beach, flight of chidori in 
the sky. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

544. T, veined iron, design of cock on a drum, signed Kuni- 
naga. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

545. T, iron, sun and moon perforation filled with shakudo, 
signed Kuninaga. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

546. T, iron, eight sword tangs in low relief, signed Takaki 
Kuninaga. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

547. T, iron, cherry blossoms in the round, signed Goto 
Tsunemasa. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

548. T, iron, a snake curled on a rock, signed Goto Tsune- 
masa. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

549. T, iron, a horse by a stream in itozukashi, signed 
Bamen Tsunemasa with kakihan, circa 1800. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

550. T, brass, a begonia in bloom, signed Buye no jiu Yuka. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

551. T, iron, a shimenawa, late XlXth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

552. T, iron, five large minogame and two small ones, signed 
Tokitoshi of Kofu (Yedo). G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

553. T, iron, five Tachibana crests of a Hikone family, 
signed Tokinao of Yedo. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 


554. T, iron, a bridge in the round, signed Shohakudo Suna- 
gawa Masayoshi. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

555. T, iron, a Shinto temple, pine trees, bridge in the 
foreground, signed Sunagawa Masayoshi. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

556. T, iron, three minogame, signed Shohakudo Sunagawa 
Masayoshi. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

557. T, iron, group of arrow heads, signed Shohakudo 
Sunagawa Masayoshi. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


558. T, iron, crests, Nakagawa Kashiwa, signed Sunagawa 
Masayoshi. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

559. T, sentoku, the " male and female steps " of Temple of 
San O, Tokyo, signed Sunagawa Masanori. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

560. T, iron, fifteen Uchiwa, signed Sunagawa Masanori. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

561 . T, iron, dodecagonal, Awase tsuba, openwork design of 
shikishi, makimono ink slab, fude, paper box, &c., signed 
Kiridoshi Jinsuke of Sasshu (Satsuma) dated 1779. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

562. T, iron, a gourd vine in the round, signed Oda 
Naonori, dated 1786. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

563. T, iron, grape vine twisted round a bamboo trellis, 
XlXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

564. T, iron, marubori, character Ura (harbour). 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 


565. F K, iron, wild pink and gentian, signed Nara Toshi- 
haru. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

566. F K, iron, Shoki pursuing an oni, signed Toshinaga 
with kakihan. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

567. F K, iron, Shoki and oni, dragon and cloud in relief, 
signed Toshinaga. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

568. T, iron, a Chinese peasant in the rain, carrying his hoe, 
signed Toshinaga. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

569. T, sentoku, Jurojin, his stag and crane, signed Toshi- 
naga, XVIII.-XIXth Century. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

570. T, sentoku, Daruma travelling from India, style of 
Toshinaga. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

571 . Shakudo, old man under a mulberry tree lighting his 
pipe, signed Toshinaga. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

172. T, shakudo, circular, Yorimasa, signed Toshinaga 
(Riyei). R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

573. T, iron, two foreigners from Ranha, style of Nara 
Toshinaga (I), mid XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

573a. T, iron, marubori, the Foreigners from Ranha with a 
shishi, iroye, signed Toshinaga. Prof. J. N. Collie. 


574. T, sentoku, Shoki in a storm, under a pine tree in which 
hides a little oni, signed Tsuneshige. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

575. T, sentoku, Daruma seated under a pine tree, signed 
Kikwan. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

576. T, shakudo, with Chinese embroiderers at work, two 
children looking at a strip of embroidery, signed Bushu no 
Jiu Kikwan. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

577. T, copper, snake in high relief, signed Ishikawa Shige- 
rnasa, aged 63. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

578. T, sentoku, willow and swallows, signed Bushu Yedo 
no jiu Shigemitsu. J. G. Pelton, Esq. 

579. F K, shibuichi, landscape in relief, signed Nara Shige- 
mitsu. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

580. F K, shibuichi, birds perched on mattock and on a 
peasant's hat beneath suzuki grass, signed Shigemitsu. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

581. F K, sentoku, writing implements, kakihan of Yasu- 
chika (I.). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

582. F K. sentoku, the Sho Chiku Bai, signed Yasuchika (I.). 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

583. F K, shakudo, ishime, one of the Ni O, a hossu and a 
begging bowl, signed Yasuchika II. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

584. T, sentoku, wild boar amongst bamboo, signed Yasu- 
chika (II.). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

585. T, sentoku, bamboo and herbs of autumn, wild geese 
in flight, signed Hirokatsu after the design of Yasuchika. 

R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

586. T, sentoku, Kanzan reclining on an unrolled makimono, 
signed Yasuchika (II.). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

587. T, copper, a crow, on a willow in a drenching rain, 
signed Yasuchika (II.). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

589. T, sentokudo, a tiger snarling at a cloud (katakiri). 
signed Tsuchiya Yasuchika, seal Tou, XVIIIth Century. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

590. F K, sentoku, a crab and weeds, signed Yasuchika. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

591. K, copper ishime inlaid with a kozuka, signed Yasu- 
chika (III.). H. L. Joly, Esq. 


592. T, shakudo, dragon amongst clouds, signed Yasuchika 
in Sosho i.e. Yasuchika III. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

593. K, copper and gold mokume engraved with suzuki grass 
and eupatorium sinensis. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

594. K, shibuichi ishime, the giant salamander, signed 

Kamiyama Munemichi. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

595. T, iron, Benten and the dragon, signed Munemichi at 
the age of 67. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

596. F K, shibuichi, two views of Omi, signed in Sosho : 
Yasuchika (III.). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

597. K, shibuichi, shishimai, signed Ichirin (Yasuchika IV.). 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

598. F K, copper nanako, gilt Kappa, signed Yasuchika. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

599. T ( shakudo, design imitating stamped leather, signed 
with kakihan of Yasuchika. Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

600. T, copper, pine trees, chidori in flight, and moon above 
clouds. Signed with Kakihan of Yasuchika. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

601 . T, copper, a praying mantis near a broken wheel, style 
of Yasuchika. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

602. T, sentoku, old man gathering equisetum under the 
moon, signed Yasuchika, late XVIII. or early XlXth 
Century. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

603. T, " Day and night," a peasant trudging home in the 
moonlight, signed Shummei Hogen, on the reverse shibuichi, 
a girl stooping to examine the horse's hoof, signed Kunichika 
with kakihan (Yasuchika V.) 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

604. T, iron, Daigaku shape, plum blossoms and buds. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

605. T, iron, a bamboo, signed Kinkwodo Morichika, XlXth 
Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

606. T, shibuichi, rats gnawing a kakemono, a fan and an 
inro cord. /. O. Pelton, Esq. 

607. F K, copper, rat and kakemono, signed Yasuchika. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

608. T, iron, a snake, a toad and a Yamanaka Shikanosuke 
horned beetle, signed Yasuchika. Matt Garbutt, Esq. 



609. T, iron, equisetum pratense, signed Yasuchika. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

61 0. F K, sentoku, silver cranes above a swamp, signed 
Tsuchiya Masachika (VI.), dated Kokwa, fifth year (1848). 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

611. F K, shibuichi, the black horse brought before the 
Chinese Emperor, instead of a bay mare, signed Tsuchiya 
Takechika. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

612. K, iron, with the sentence " With this sword one may 
kill or rescue," signed Kunichika, at the age of 63. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

613. F K, iron, vine tendrils in gold and shibuichi, cf. Kuni- 
chika above. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

614. T, shibuichi, the Six Celebrated Poets, their poems 
engraved on the back, signed Hogen Yasuchika (VI.). 

Walter H. Samuel, Esq. 

615. T, iron, wild geese in flight in the rain, signed Seki- 
yenshi Tsuchiya Marachika (VI.), dated Kayei (1851). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

61 6. T, iron, Yemma Ten judging souls, on the reverse, signed 
Tsuchiya Masachika, XlXth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

617. F K, shakudo, shippo ishime, stag and bat in high 
relief, signed Tsuchiya Masachika. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

618. K, copper, a toy fishing line and a hato fuye, signed 
Naotoshi. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

619. F K, shibuichi, Gama Sennin and Kanzan and Jittoku, 
signed Nara Toshinai. R. Clarke Edwards. Esq. 

620. T, copper, E-sen and coins inlaid in relief, kakihan of 
Yasuchika. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

621 . F K, shibuishi, fisherman in boat, chidori and nets, 
signed Yasuchika. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

622. F K, sentoku, geese and moon in high relief, unsigned. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

623. T, sentoku, a temple watchman passing under a torii. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

624. F K, copper, the Quest of the Shutendoji, minute work, 
signed Joi. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

625. Silver, Hotei showing the crescent moon to a child, 
signed Joi, seal Nagaharu. Lady Church. 


626. K, shibuichi, hawk in intaglio, signed Joi. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

627. T. iron, Shoki on horseback, signed Joi, seal Nagaharu. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

628. K, shakudo, Chokwaro in the style of Nara Joi, signed 
Sukeshige. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

629. T, copper, Kanzan and Jittoku, signed Rakuto no Jiu 
Hiramatsu (Heisho) with seal. J. 0. Pelton, Esq, 

630. T, iron, an episode in the Quest of the Shutendoji, 
XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

631. T, shibuichi, Choun carrying the Child Emperor Ato, 
signed Toshinao. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

632. F K, shakudo, ishime, a woodcutter returning home 
carrying two faggots, signed Nara Toshiharu. 

Lieut.~Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

633. T, shibuichi, Fudo under the waterfall doing penance 
instead of Mongaku Shonin, signed Toshitevu, dated Kavei 
5th (1852). R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

634. T, shibuichi, Rokurokubi smoking and bakemono 
hibachi, signed Katsuriuken Naochika. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

635. F K, shibuichi, nanako, Gama Sennin, his toad upon his 
head, signed Masachika with kakihan. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

636. T, shibuichi, the story of Yasumasa and Ii no Hayata 
killing the Nuye, signed Tounsai Tsuchiya Yoshichika. 
XlXth Century. A.C.C. Jahn, Esq. 

637. K, shibuichi, Daruma in a grotto, signed Tsuchiya 
Seimin. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

638. Menuki, a pair, shakudo, the Ni O, signed Seimin. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

639. F K, shibuichi, Chokwaro, Kanzan and Jittoku, 
minutely signed Shunkei Tsunenori (Harumi Jokei) at the 
age of sixteen. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 


640. K, iron, Toyei, the Chinese paragon of filial virtue, the 
face by Hamano Shozui, the back by Konishi Hirosada. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

641. K, shakudo, full length portrait of Ichikawa Danjuro, 
signed Shozui (Masayuki). Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

H 2 


642. K, shakudo, Danjuro in the role Shibaraku, the back 
engraved with a poem by Kikaku, signed Miboku (Shozui 
seal). G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

643. K, shibuichi, one of the Ni O, signed Shozui, XlXth 
Century. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

644. T, dark shibuichi, Toyemmei admiring a red Chinese 
aster growing on the roadside, signed Shozui, XVIIIth Cen- 
tury. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

645. T, sentoku, five Tengu's heads protruding between the 
trunks of trees, signed Reifudo Shozui, late XVIIIth Century. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

646. T, iron, Moso coming home with the bamboo shoots, 
signed Shozui. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

647. K, sentoku, crescent moon and nightingale, signed 
Shozui, 73 years old. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

648. F K, shibuichi, a Shojo holding a sake cup, signed 
Shozui. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

649. F K, iron, wild boar at the foot of a cryptomeria, 
signed Miboku. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

650. F K, sentoku, an inkstone, ink block, two brushes and 
peacock feathers, signed Shozui. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

651. T, shibuichi, temple watchman in the rain and a 
cuckoo above, inscribed Otsuriuken, signed Shozui. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

652. T, shibuichi, three crows (shakudo), pine tree and rising 
sun, signed Shozui at the age of 66. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

653. F K, sentoku, Tekkai, Botankwa, Gama, signed Otsu- 
riuken Miboku. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

654. F K, iron, Hannya mask, rosary and faggots, signed 
Otsuriuken Miboku with kakihan. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

655. K, shibuichi, three water beetles and reeds, signed 
Godaime Otsuriuken Miboku. C. P. Peak, Esq^ 

656. F K, sentoku, two Tengu reading a scroll, signed 
Otsuriuken Miboku. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

658. F K, shibuichi, Daruma and a hossu, signed Yukeishi 
Miboku. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

659. F K, shibuichi, Chinese children at play with trumpets, 
signed made by Noriyuki, certified by his son. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 


660. T, shibuichi, story of Omori Hikoshichi, signed Hamano 
Noriyuki (I.). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

661. K, shibuichi, the Rakan Handaka Sonja, signed 
Hamano Noriyuki (I.). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

662. K, sentoku, begonia in bloom, signed Hamano Noriyuki 
(I.). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

663. T, shibuichi, Emperor Riuzen welcoming Komei on 
his return from the wars, signed Hamano Noriyuki. Ex- 
Huish and Trower Collections. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

664. T, shibuichi, the Seven Gods of Good Fortune in the 
Takarabune, signed Hamano Noriyuki. 

Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

665-6. T, shibuichi, a pair, the Weaving Princess and the 
Herdsman in the Tanabata myth, signed Hamano Noriyuki. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

667. F K, shibuichi, crows amongst cryptomerias, in relief, 
signed Noriyuki, aged 66, after the picture of Slmnkasai. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

668 K, shibuichi and shakudo, a branch of plum tree and an 
arrangement of Adonis Manchurica, signed Hamano Noriyuki 
at the age of 70. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

669. T, shibuichi, two sages watching a waterfall, signed 
Bosoken Noriyuki. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

670. K, sentoku, the Sennin Roko with the minogame, signed 
Hamano Noriyuki. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

671 . T, shibuichi, a lady carrying a basket full of hamaguri, 
signed Hamano Noriyuki (Koizumi). G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

672. T, shibuichi, the Three Sake tasters (Budha, Laotze, 
Confucius), signed Hamano Noriyuki, dated Temmei, second 
year, 8th month. A. C. C. Jahn, Esq. 

673. K, shibuichi, a girl dancer with bells, signed Hamano 
Naoyuki. Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

674. K, shakudo nanako, a girl, fan in hand, signed Hamano 
Naoyuki. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

675. T, shibuichi, Asahina Saburo and Soga no Goro, signed 
Hamano Naoyuki. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

676. K, sentoku, a juggler, signed Hamano Naoyuki. 
Ex-Hawkshaw' s Collection. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


677. K, shibuichi, a Chinese sage on a bridge with his 
attendant, signed Hamano Naotoshi. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

678. T, shakudo, Choun rescuing the Child Emperor Ato, 
signed Hamano Chokkwan. XlXth Century. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

679. K, shibuichi, cicada on an old pine tree, signed Kiuban. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

680. K, sentoku, the Merry Genii, dated 1814, signed 
Denriusai Yoshiyuki. W '. H. Samuel, Esq. 

681 . F K, shibuichi, man in archery costume, Gohei and 
quiver, signed Ichosai Yasuyuki. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

682. K, shibuichi, tsuzumi performer, signed Takayuki. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

683. T, shibuichi, Rinnasei and a boy feeding a crane, signed 
Eizui (Nagayuki). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

684. F K, shakudo, a carp in high relief on each piece, 
signed Tokuno Hidetoki. Lieut.- J. B. Gaskell. 

685. F K, shibuichi, Hotei carrying his bag, signed Hamano 
Haruchika. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

686. K, shakudo, ishime, chased in high relief with a Sam- 
basso dancer, helmet, bells and socks inlaid, signed Ihosai 
Chikayuki. XlXth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

687. T, shakudo, a Tartar archer making ready to shoot a 
silver crane, signed Tadayasu. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

688. F K, shibuichi, the Omori Hikoshichi story, signed 
Tadayasu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

689. T, shibuichi, ishime, Kwanyu watched by three rivals, 
signed Hiakujuken Yoshinobu. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

690. T, shibuichi, Toba on his mule, signed Hiakujiuken 
Yoshinobu with kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

691. K, shibuichi, story of the Oil Thief, signed Jikiosai 
Shigetsune. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

692. T, shakudo, warriors seated near an extemporised fire, 
signed Katsugawa Shigeyuki (Mozu). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

693. F K, shakudo, the Ujigawa episode, signed Naritoshi 
(Narihisa), with kakihan, XlXth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


694. K, shibuichi, a child trying to catch a cicada, signed 
Otsuriuken Nobuyuki (Shinzui). G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

695. T, shibuichi, the Chinese paragon of filial virtue Kioshi, 
signed Masayoshi (Seiro), aged 63. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

696. T, pair, sentoku, story of Momotaro, signed Katsuriuken 
Masayoshi (Seiro), aged 62. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

697. T, sentoku, magnolia branch in bloom, signed Kat- 
suriuken Masayoshi. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

698. F K, nigurome, Rakan and Shaka, signed Masayoshi 
(Iwama). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

699. F K, iron, one of the Ni O, signed Masayoshi (Iwama), 
at the age of 73. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

700. T, shibuichi, the Taishin O Fujin, signed Horai, dated 
1868. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

701. T, shibuichi, the devotion of Nakamitsu's son to his 
lord, signed Horai (Toyoki) Masayoshi, dated 1864. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

702. T, shibuichi, ferry boat, signed Yokodo Nobuyoshi, 
dated 1850. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

703. T, shakudo, with Yoshiiye on horseback at the gate of 
Nakozo, signed Shuno Hogen Hata Nobuyoshi. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

704. K, shibuichi, a street performer holding a drum on a 
long pole, signed Nobuyoshi. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

705. T, iron, small tsuba, Kwannon seated on the dragon, 
signed Nobuyoshi Hogen, dated 1868. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

706. F K, shibuichi, Asahina Saburo exorcising a devil on 
New Year's day, signed Nobuyoshi. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

707. F K, sentoku, drooping branch of willow, on a leaf of 
which is inlaid a fire-fly, signed Nobuyoshi (Hata) with 
kakihan. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

708. K, shibuichi, Danjuro in the Shibaraku role, signed 
Hideyuki (Eizui). O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

709. K, shakudo nanako, Kwanyu and Komei studying 
astrology, signed Riuchiken Hideyuhi (Teruyuki). 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

710. K, shibuichi, child playing at shuttlecock, signed 
Hamano Harutoshi with square seal. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

711. F K, shakudo nanako, karashishi at play, signed 
Bairiudo Norimichi. 


712. K, copper, Hotei in bag, Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

713. K, polished shakudo, tartar horseman. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

714. F K, iron, blossoms, signed Akabumi. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

715. K, shibuichi, a tiger lily, signed Yurakusai Akabumi, 
mid XlXth Century. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

716. T, iron, tiger and a dragon, signed Akabumi. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

717. F K, red copper, plum blossoms and petals, Akabumi 
school. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

718. Copper, four hares on the waves, signed Zaisai (I.). 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

719. T, shakudo, two butterflies and tufts of grass in itozu- 
kashi style, signed Zaisai, aged 80. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

720. T, copper, karashishi in the round, Zaisai style, XVIIIth 
Century. C. P. Peak, Esq. 


721. T, sentoku, on one side an archer, on the other a youth 
running to retrieve the white hawk killed by the hunter, 
signed Sessan. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

722. T, shibuichi, the autumn moon at Ishiyama dera and 
the lingering snow at Hirayama, inscribed: I, Ichinomiya 
Nagatsune, made this once when I was young, after a picture 
of Okyo and now I have again tried. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

723. T, iron, Yoritomo's hunt near Fuji, signed in full 
Ichinomiya Echizen no Daijo, and dated 1875. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

724. K, shibuichi, hossu and a pilgrim's staff, signed Naga- 
tsune. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

725. F K, shibuichi, an old sage playing the Koto, and two 
children learning to write, signed Nagatsune. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

726. K, shibuichi, seven cranes, the back copper, nanako 
ground with bamboo, signed Nagatsune. Ex-Hawkshaw 
Collection. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

727. K, shibuichi, with a Genroku belle, signed Ganshosai 
Nagatsune. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


728. T, shakudo nanako, Kadomatsu and Manzai dancers 
in iroye, signed Echizen no Daijo Nagatsune. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

729. F K, shibuichi, properties for a Bugaku dance, signed 
Nagatsune (copy). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

730. K, shibuichi, a betto restraining a horse, signed Naga- 
tsune. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

731. K, shakudo, Moso tying up a bunch of bamboo shoots, 
signed Nagatsune. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

732. K, iron, rats mochi and furnace for the new year, with 
kakihan (dated 1793). R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

733. T, shibuichi, Chinnan evoking a dragon out of a mud 
pool, signed Nagayoshi. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

734. K, copper, crab shakudo, amongst reeds, signed 
Ichinomiya Ganriushi Nagayoshi. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

735. T, iron, the Rokkasen, signed Ichinomiya Kenriushi 
Nagayoshi. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

736. F K, shakudo nanako, Manzai dancers, signed Naga- 
yoshi. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

737. K, shibuichi, Kanzan and Jittoku, signed Kenriushi 
Nagayoshi. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

738. F K, shibuichi, the Sages in the Bamboo Grove, iroye, 
signed Tsunenao. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

739. T, shibuichi, ishime, two toads wrestling amongst 
grasses, signed Tsunenao. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

740. T, shibuichi, Chinese on a rock, offering a gem to a 
Howo bird, signed Tsunenao. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 


741 . T, shibuichi, two Mongols and a Chinese archer hunting 
wild geese and a boat, signed Somin (I.) with small signature. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

742. T, nigurome, Hotei seated against his bag, signed 
Sochi (Munetomo). G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

743. T, shibuichi, Karashishi and a peony in bloom, signed 
Soyo (II.)- C. P. Peak, Esq. 

744. K, shibuichi, Hotei in a bag being pulled about by 
four children, signed Soyo (II.)., XVIIIth Century. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 


745. Shibuichi, tiger under a bamboo on one side, and 
another biting a bamboo on the other, signed Soy 6, XlXth 
Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

746. Dark shibuichi, the capture of the Oil Thief, signed 
Somin, late XVI 1 1. -early XlXth Century. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

747. K, shakudo nanako, Karashishi holding in its teeth a 
branch of peony, signed Soyo (I.). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

748. K, shakudo nanako, signed Somin with kakihan. 
Ex-Hawkshaw Collection. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

749. T. copper, a dragon and plum tree, signed Kiriusai 
Somin with kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

750. K, shibuichi, two Apsara carrying the jui and lotus bud, 
signed Kiriusai Somin. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

751. T, shibuichi, musical instruments, signed Kiriusai 
Somin. XlXth Century. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

752. T, shakudo, a snarling shishi, signed Somin with 
Setsudo seal. /. C. Hawkshaw, Esq. 

753. T, shibuichi, hawk and sparrows on bamboo, signed 
Joyoiken Yoshitake and Kiriusai Somin. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

754. T, shibuichi, the Seven Sages of the bamboo grove, 
signed Kiriusai Yokoya Soyo. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

755. T, gold, one of the Ni O under a cherry tree, signed 
Soyo (III.), once in the collection of General Ives of New 
York. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

756. K, shakudo, Genji banner, signed Somin (II.). 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

757. K, shakudo nanako, Japanese warrior knocking at a 
door, inscribed Sofu Somin, saku, certified by Soyo. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

758-9. T, copper, pair, inlaid and chased in very high relief 
iroye with Shoki and an oni, signed Yokoya Eiso. 

S. D. Bles, Esq. 

760. Sentoku, storm scene, signed Teruhide. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

761. F K, sentoku, landscape in the style of the Choshu 
chasers, signed Seiseisai Masatoki. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 



762. K, shibuichi, a deer, signed Kikuchi Tsunekatsu with 
kakihan. Ex-Hawkshaw Collection. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

763. T, shibuichi, the Sages of the Bamboo Grove, signed 
Kikuchi Tsunekatsu, aged 64. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

764. K, shibuichi, a boat moored behind a rock, signed 
Joriuken. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

765. K, shibuichi, old man on a bridge, carrying a basket of 
Taro roots and showing the moon to a child, signed Furu- 
kawa Jochin. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

766. T, shibuichi, nine horses in katakiri, signed Furukawa 
Jochin. F. J . Peplow, Esq. 

767. T, shakudo inlaid in relief, Kwanyu and Komei reading 
a scroll, signed Furukawa Shigetoshi. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 


768. K, shakudo nanako, two cranes in high relief, signed 
Asai Konkwan. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

769. T, dark shibuichi, five Yamabushi at the gate of Ataka, 
signed Shunshodo Konkwan. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

770. K, shibuichi with Hotei holding up his bag out of which 
creeps a small child, signed Iwamoto Konkwan, copied from 
Joi. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

11\. F K, shibuichi nanako, Six Yamabushi on the march to 
Ataka no Seki, signed Iwamoto Konkwan. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

112. T, shibuichi, Eight Sennin, the edge overlaid with two 
dragons, signed Iwamoto Konkwan. E. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 

773. T, shibuichi, a cock on a drum, signed Iwamoto Konk- 
wan with kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

11%. F K, iron, spider, earwig and firefly, signed Kwanri. 

Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

lib. F K, sentoku, lespedeza on the banks of a brook, 
signed Iwamoto Kwanri. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

776. F K, shibuichi, the Omori Hikoshichi episode, signed 
Enjiusai Kwanri. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

111. K, sentoku, Fukurokujiu leaping over a stream, signed 
Tani Kwanji. H. L. Joly, Esq. 


778. T, shakudo, nanako, five fishes and small bamboo, 
signed Suzuki Hirotsugu (Kwanji). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

779. F K, shakudo, nanako, a bean plant, signed Suzuki 
Rioyei (Yoshihisa). F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

780. F K, shakudo nanako, a wasp and a begonia, signed 
Suzuki Rioyei (Yoshihisa). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

781. T, gilt sentoku, Fuji san in the clouds, signed Seiko 
(Muto Masatoshi). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

782. K, silver, Oshokun having her portrait painted, signed 
Seiko (Masatoshi). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

783. T, shakudo, a dragon ascending Fuji san, signed 
Masatoshi. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

784. T, waves and octopus. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


785. Kozuka, silver, Deva King and Jizo, signed (Omori) 
Terumasa. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

786. T, iron, Karashishi and peonies, signed Omori Teruhide. 
dated 1782. F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 

787. F K, shibuichi, nanako, five rats, signed Teruhide. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

788. F K, shakudo nanako, crane and setting sun, signed 
Omori Teruhide with kakihan. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

789. T, iron, Namban style, squirrels in a vine, signed Kon- 
riuken Kiyochika. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

790. F K, sentoku, silver crane in flight above clouds, signed 
Omori Uji Teruhide. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

791 . K, copper nanako, Karashishi, back gold and signed 

Omori Terumitsu. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

792. K, shibuichi, Shoki in a fury, signed Omori Terumitsu. 

C. P, Peak, Esq. 

793. K, shibuichi, wild goose under a reed, signed Jiriuken 
Tomomitsu, after a picture of Eisen. Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

794. K, shibuichi, waves on which are inlaid two fishes. 

G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

795. F K, shakudo, waves dotted with gold spray, inscribed 
Omori Teruhide. F. J . Peplow, Esq. 

796. T, shibuichi, groups of horses, signed Yeijiu (Nagatoshi) 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell, 


797. F K, iron, Karashishi in relief, signed Seiunsai Taki 
Terunaga with kakihan (Hidetoshi). 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

798. F K, copper, rain dragon on each piece, signed Hidenaga 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 


799. F K, shibuichi, brocade design, signed Kiyoyuki 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

800. T, iron, marubori, Takenouchi no Sukune receiving 
from the emissary of Riujin the tide-controlling jewels, 
signed Inazu Shushi. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

801 . T, shakudo, ishime, ten fans, work of Kiyosada. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

802. F K, shakudo, ishime linear dragons, signed Kiyosada of 
Sendai. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

803. F K, shakudo, ishime aoi leaves and shigure, signed 
Kiyosada of Sendai. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

804. F K, shakudo nanako, mulberry leaves, Kiyosada 
school (?). Ex-Huish Collection. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

805. T, shakudo, ishime, dragons and clouds. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

806. F K, shakudo, ishime hirazogan, hawk on a tree on 
each piece, signed Kiyosada of Sendai. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

807. F K, shibuichi, brocade pattern of stylized flowers and 
leaves, signed Kusakari Kiyoyuki. H. L. Joly, Esq. 


808. F K, shakudo, with coarse nanako, saddle and bits ; 
dipper bearing the Tokugawa crest and riding whip, signed 
Yanagawa Naomasa. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

809. T, shakudo, ishime, Karashishi and peonies, signed 
Yanagawa Naomasa. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

809a. T, shakudo nanako, Howo bird in high relief gold, 
signed Yanagawa Naomitsu (large guard of a pair). 

Prof. J. N. Collie. 

810. F K, shakudo nanako, shishi and peony, signed Yana- 
gawa Naomitsu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


811. K, shakudo nanako, court chariot and Yu gao blossoms, 
signed Y anagawa Naomitsu. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

812. K, shibuichi one of the Ni O, signed Y anagawa Nao- 
toshi with kakihan. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

813. T, shibuichi oval, travellers measuring the girth of a 
sacred tree, signed Y anagawa Naotoshi with kakihan. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

814. K, silver, the Six Poets, signed Y anagawa Naotoshi. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

815. T, shakudo, carp and Mo grass in a stream, signed 
Enjiusai Harunori. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

816. K, shibuichi, Moso returning home carrying the bamboo 
shoot, signed Kenyusai Naotoshi (Shinjiu). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

817. F K, shibuichi, Seiobo and Tobosako, signed Naotoshi 
with kakihan. Ex-Hawkshaw Collection. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

818. F K, shakudo, full moon, autumn grasses and insect. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

819. K, shakudo, sansho branch, signed Naoharu with 
kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

820. K, shibuichi, two men and a ferry boat, signed Y ana- 
gawa Naoharu and Makino Haruchika. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

821 . T, shakudo nanako ground, a stork, signed Y anagawa 
Naotoki with kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

822. F K, copper nanako, dragon, curled, signed Y anagawa 
Naotoki. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

823. T, shibuichi, howo bird and paulownia, signed Yana- 
gawa Naooka of Tokyo, third year of Meiji. 

F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 

824. T, iron, foliage scrolls in silver hirazogan, signed 
Kozan Mitsunaka of Shonai. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

825. T, iron, chrysanthemums silver and gold hirazogan, 
signed Kozenko Mitsunaka. J . 0. Pelton, Esq. 

826. T, copper, butterflies hovering above chrsyanthemum, 
signed Mitsunaka. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

827. T, iron, Tsao Tsao standing in a boat, signed Masanori. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

828. T, shakudo, the Zodiacal animals, signed Kanasugi 
Tomotsune. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 


829. T, shakudo (one of a pair), a banner of the Tango no 
Sekku festival, Shoki in high relief iroye, signed Tanabe 
Tomomasa. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

830. K, shishi and peonies, shakudo, XlXth Century. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq 

831 . T, iron, Endo Morito and Seitaka Doji, signed Naomasa, 
XVIIIth Century, with kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

832. T, iron, a tiger and a dragon in a storm, signed Saneharu. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

833. F K, shakudo nanako, wild orchid (ran) in bloom, 
signed Takahashi Hirotsune. F. J . Peplow, Esq. 

834. K, shibuichi, nanako patterns, single and treble, 
charged with a hawk pouncing on a silver crane, signed Taka 
(hashi) Hirotsune. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

835. K, sentoku, a woodman drinking in the moonlight, 
signed Kinriusai Mitsufusa (? Hayata). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

836. K, shibuichi, Chosoyu drawing a dragon, signed 
Seiyoshi Naonori. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 


837. K, shakudo nanako, a small Jurojin riding on a crane, 
signed Jippo Shummei Hogen. Ex-Huish Collection. 

G. H. Naunlon, Esq. 

838. F K, copper, Otsuye design, signed Shummei Hogen. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

839. Copper, Daruma and scampering rats, signed Shummei 
Hogen, dated Bunsei in summer. Major E. Calthrop. 

840. K, copper, Fuji san, a man rolling a mortar over a 
bridge, signed Shummei Hogen. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

841 . T, shibuichi, lily and spider, signed Shummei Hogen. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

842. F K, shakudo nanako, birds and poem, signed Shummei 
Hogen. R.C. Boyle, Esq. 

843. K, shibuichi ishime, bat and the crescent moon, signed 
Shummei Hogen and dated Tempo. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

844. T, shakudo, three swallows and rain lines, signed 
Shummei Hogen. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

845. F K, shakudo, views of Lake Biwa, signed Shummei 
Hogen. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 


846. K, shakudo nanako, a toy Okame, and a branch of 
cherry tree in bloom, signed Shummei Hogen. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

847. K, shakudo nanako, dove on cherry bough, signed 
Shummei Hogen. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

848. K, shakudo nanako, a big orange, style of Shummei 
Hogen. C. P. Peak, Esq. 


849. T, sentoku, Fudo Mio O, signed Jounsai Hirotoshi 
Hironaga, early XlXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

850. T, shakudo, Taishin O Fujin, holding a lute, a Chinese 
hill with temple, gilt, and pine trees, signed Ichiyosai Hiro- 
toshi (Kojin) Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

851. K, shibuichi, a fish hanging from a bamboo rod, at 
back, view of Nihonbashi, signed Ichijosai Hirotoshi. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

852. K, shibuichi, three fishes and shells, at the back fisher- 
men pull in shore a big net, signed Ichiyosai Hirotoshi with 
kakihan. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

853. F K, shibuichi, Chohi, Gentoku, Kwanyu and Riubi 
under the peach tree. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

854. T, sentoku, chased in relief with a grapnel and inlaid 
in high relief with a couple of red crabs in the moonlight, 
at back breaking wave and sails, signed Hirosada. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 

855. K, shibuichi, Hotei in a boat attended by a boy, signed 
Shugensai Hirosada wtih kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

856. T, shibuichi, Rinnasei watching a child feeding a crane, 
signed Shuriusai Hirosada. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

856a. F K, shakudo nanako, Daikoku and Ebisu on K, 
signed Gofuken Jusai Hirosada. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

857. T, shibuichi, Kwannon seated under a willow, signed 
Tojiu Hiromasa. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

858. F K, shakudo ishime, dwarf cherry trees in pots, signed 
Hojiusai Hirochika. F. C. Peplow, Esq. 

859. T, iron, Ono no Tofu watching the frog. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 



860. K, copper, nanako, crane skull, and two turtle shells, 
signed Yoshioka Inaba no Suke. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

861. K, shakudo nanako, a swan, signed Yoshioka Inaba 
no Suke, dated 1843. G. H. Naunton, Esq, 

862. K, shakudo nanako, partly-opened fan, placed over 
an arrow, signed Yoshioka Yoshishige, early XlXth Century. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

863. K, shakudo nanako, Matsushima, with shrine and 
Torii gold, signed Yoshioka Tadatsugu. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

864. K, shakudo nanako, a mass of golden flowers, signed 
Yoshioka Tadatsugu with kakihan. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

865. T, shakudo, plum tree in bloom, signed Yoshioka 
Tadatsugu. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

866. F K, shakudo nanako, tai at the end of a fishing line, 
signed Terushige. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

867. K, shakudo nanako, silver crane, signed Yoshioka 
Inaba no Suke. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


868. K, shibuichi, a crouching cock, signed Ishiguro Masa- 
tsune (I.). G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

869. F K, shibuichi, silver owl on a dead tree, singed Masa- 
tsune. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

870. T, shakudo nanako, cock and chrysanthemum, signed 
Ishiguro Masatsune. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

871 . T, shibuichi, Yamadori on a maple tree, signed Juko- 
kusai Masatsune with kakihan, circa 1800. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

872. K, shakudo nanako, two ise ebi and Mo water weeds, 
signed Ishiguro Masatsune (II.). G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

873. K, shibuichi, bamboo, signed Tobusai Ishiguro Masat- 
sune (II.). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

874. T, tachi aoi shape, shibuichi, a mass of maple leaves 
turning to autumn tints, signed Jukakusai Ishiguro Masa- 
yoshi. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

875. F K, shibuichi, nanako, hawk on a pine tree in the 
snow and sparrows on a branch of azalea, in bloom, signed 
Jugakusai Ishiguro Masayoshi. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 


876. F K, shakudo, ishime, chrysanthemum, signed Juga- 
kusai Ishiguro Masayoshi. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

877. K, shakudo nanako, a branch of peony with two 
blooms, signed Ishiguro Masayoshi. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

878. F K, shakudo, ishime, herbs of autumn, signed Ishiguro 
Masayoshi. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

879. F K, nanako, a fox in high relief gold amongst suzuki 
grass and chrysanthemum, on K, hagi and chrysanthemum, 
signed Jugakusai Ishiguro Masayoshi. Charles Holme, Esq. 

880. F K, shibuichi, Kosekiko on horseback, signed Juka- 
kusai Ishiguro Masayoshi, dated 1811. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

880a. K, shakudo, nanako, dragon, dated 1845, signed on 
edge Juhosai Yoshisato. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

881. K, shakudo nanako, an Ekiro no suzu, "post bell/' 
copied by Goto Sokujo, signed Sawa Juhosai Yoshisato with 
kakihan. W. H. Samuel, Esq 

882. T, shakudo nanako, a cock attacked by an otter, signed 
Kwansai Koreyoshi, XlXth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

883. F K, shakudo nanako, the cherry trees of Yoshino in 
bloom, signed Ishiguro Koretsune, with kakihan. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

884. F K, shibuichi ishime, Kirin on the clouds and emblems 
of longevity, signed Tokao Hideaki. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

885. F K, copper, ishime, firefly and iris, signed Tokao 
Hideaki. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

886. K, shibuichi, the moon and wild geese, signed Yoichisai 
seisu Hideaki. W. H. Smith, Esq. 

887. K, sentoku, suzuki grass, laden with snow, signed 
Tokao Hideaki. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

888. T, sentoku, ishime, ashinaga ebi and three hamaguri 
shells, signed Togakushi. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

889. K, shibuichi, silver crane, signed Ishiguro Masaaki. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq, 

890. T, shakudo, quails and herbs of autumn, signed Kihosai 
Ishiguro Masaaki. Lady Church. 

891 . T, shakudo nanako, white hawk on a plum tree, 
putting sparrows to flight, signed Ishiguro Masaaki. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 


892. T, shakudo nanako, cock, hen and chick amongst 
bushes of wild roses, signed Ishiguro Masatoshi (hisa). 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

893. F K, shakudo nanako, swallows and cherry tree, signed 
Ishiguro Masahisa (toshi). F J. Peplow, Esq. 

894. F K, shakudo nanako, elongated koi fish, signed 
Yoshitsugu. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

895. F K, shakudo nanako, saxifrage in bloom, signed 
Toshikiyo. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

896. T, shakudo, the long axis of the ellipse being normal to 
the tang, nanakoji, inlaid with four silver herons and reeds 
in a stream, iroye in relief, signed Goreishi Tsunenao. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

897. T, shakudo nanako, cock, hen and chicks under a pine 
tree at sunrise, Adonis Mandchurica at back, signed Jugaku 
Mitsuteru. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

898. T, shakudo nanako, a silver heron on a stream under 
reeds, signed Tachibana no Mitsuyoshi, aged 38. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

899. F K, shakudo nanako, a begonia in bloom in relief, 
with a snail inlaid on one leaf, signed Omori Teruhide, but 
Ishiguro work, XlXth Century. W . Harding Smith, Esq. 

900. T, shakudo nanako, the cherry trees of Yoshino. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

901. T, shakudo, a sumiye design of bamboo, XlXth Cen- 
tury. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

902. F K, shakudo nanako, tree and birds, same technique. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

903. F K, shakudo nanako, gilt, a karashishi and peonies, 
same technique. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

904. F K, shakudo nanako, a karashishi on each piece, 
signed Nagayasu. H. L. Joly, Esq. 


905. K, shakudo nanako, flaming sword of Fudo Mio O, 
signed Nomura Masanao, aged 71. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

905a. K, copper, warabi (fern fronds), after Yasuchika, 
signed Nomura Masahide. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

906. F K, shibuichi, mass of cherry petals in high relief, 
signed Nomura Masayoshi. F. J. Peplow, Esq . 

I 2 


907. K, shakudo nanako, bamboo and straw, signed Nomura 
Masahide. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

908. F K, copper, banana leaves, signed Nomura Masamitsu 
(cf Sano school). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

909. K, shakudo nanako, two howo birds, 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


910. K, silver, Fuji, snow-clad in the clouds, signed Sasa- 
yama (Atsuoki) Tokuoki, dated 1842. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

911. K, iron, segment of the moon, and wind swept reeds, 
signed Bunsen Tokuoki, XlXth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

912. K, shibuichi, a Chinese personage, signed Tokuoki 
after Okyo. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

913. T, iron, suzuki reeds passing over the edges, signed 
Tokuoki. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

914. F K, shakudo nanako, two doves on a branch of pine, 
signed Sansai Tokuoki. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

915. K, sentoku, an Okame, signed [O] Tsuki Mitsuoki. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

916. T, shakudo, a geisha, Pekingese dog playing with 
Maritsuki ball, signed (Otsuki) Mitsuoki. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

917. K, copper ishime, a reed bent over a stream, signed 
[O] Tsuki Mitsuoki. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

918. K, copper, sake bottle, and an oblong drop in gold, 
signed [O] Tsuki Mitsuoki (wrote). G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

91 9. F K, shakudo ishime, butterflies in high relief silver and 
gold rubbed shakudo, signed Otsuki Mitsuoki. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

920. K, shibuichi, minutely inlaid in Hosono style with 
sages admiring sake, spirits, and tea respectively, signed 
Mitsuoki. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

921. T, sentoku, fox story, a peasant watches a fox woman, 
signed Dairiusai Otsuki Mitsuoki. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

922. T, sentoku, a priest and boy watching a bird flying, 
engraved on back with a poem, signed by Otsuki Mitsuoki. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

923. K, copper, duck diving after fish, signed Hosai Mitsuoki. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 


924. T, iron, Chinese sages and their attendants climbing a 
mountain path, signed Yoshu Mitsuaki. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

925. K, shibuichi, shod with gold, a tiger in a mountain pass, 
signed Tenkodo Hidekuni, dated Keio, second year first 
month, first day (1866). Charles Holme, Esq. 

926. T, iron, a crane in flight, signed Hidekuni. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

927. K, shibuichi, shakudo, branch of plum tree in bloom 
under the moon, signed Gawa Hidekuni. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

928. K, shibuichi, branch of suzuki in a long necked vase, 
signed Gawa Hosai. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

929. K, shibuichi, praying mantis and coccinella, signed 
Tenkodo Hidekuni. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

930. T, iron, oval, inlaid with fan papers and tanzaku in Kaga 
style, signed Atsuaki (Tokumei). R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

931. K, shakudo, shippo ishime, Oni Nembutsu and signed 
Bunriu Hideoki. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

932. K, polished shibuichi, Benten seated on a rock, signed 
made carefully by Bunshusha Hideoki. Matt. Garbutt, Esq, 

933. T, shibuichi, a wolf amongst suzuki grass, 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

934. F K, same design, signed Ganshosai Gessan. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

935. K, iron, a sake jar, signed Mitsuhiro. R. C. Boyle, Esq 

936. K, sentoku, ishime, small fox and torii, signed Otsuki 
Mitsuhiro. C. P. Peak, Esq 

937. K, sentoku, bamboo and plum blossoms, signed Otsuki 
Mitsuhiro. C. P. Peak, Esq 

938. K, shibuichi, Shirabiyoshi dancer, signed [Kin] Gassan 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell 

939. T, shibuichi, two cranes and reeds in a stream, signed 
Masaoki. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 


940. K, shibuichi, Jurojin, signed Kiyonaga. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

941. T, copper, stag amongst grasses and reishi, design 
emblematic of longevity, signed Seiju Hogen. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

* See also s.n. Natsuo. 


942. T, iron, Kenjo tsuba, brocade pattern of Fujiwara 
Kiyonaga. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

943. T, iron, Kenjo tsuba, Rokkasen and their poems, 
Kakihan of Tanaka Kiyonaga. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

944. K, shakudo nanako, one of the Ni O, signed Toriusai 
Hogen. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

945. T, shakudo with four Views of Omi, Katata, Yabase, 
Ishiyama, Karasaki, signed Toriusai Kiyonaga Hogen. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

946. T, shibuichi, a fisherman, signed Toriusai Hogen. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

947. F K, shakudo nanako, books, makimono, etc. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

948. T, silvei ed copper, bamboo, rim. and snail, signed Ho 
Kagenori. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

949. T, iron, the Paragon of Filial Virtue, Yoko, signed 
Yoshitsugu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

950. K, shibuichi, bamboo covered with snow, signed 


951. T, iron, the Paragon of Filial Virtue Yoko, Riuso 
Nagayoshi. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

952. T, iron, mokko, mandarin duck on rock, signed Tounsai 
Nagaharu (Toshiharu). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

953. T, shibuichi, cuckoo on a snow-clad plum tree, signed 
Ittosai Riuo. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

954. T, iron, a stork in flight, signed Noshiro Kazutsugu, 
dated 1866. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

955. T, shibuichi, tiger in the rain, signed Hirohide, XlXth 
Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

956. F K, shakudo, chidori and rocks. 

Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

957. K, shakudo, lespedeza bush and a stream. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

958. K, iron, an otter holding a namazu in its jaws, signed 
Riuso Hogen. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

959. K, shibuichi, Fuji, the Takarabune and two of the Gods 
of Luck, signed Juso Hogen with kakihan. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


960. K, shibuichi, a peacock in high relief, signed Umino 
Kami Nagateru. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskcll. 

961. T, iron, butterflies and chrysanthemums, signed 
Toshichika (Nagachika). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

962. T, iron, inlaid iroye in relief with Susano O no Mikoto, 
signed Toshichika. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

963. T, shakudo nanako, an arrangement of asagao on 
a bamboo, and writing materials, signed Rensai Nagakazu 
(Toshikazu), dated Ansei 2 (1185). W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

964. K, dark shibuichi, a cuckoo in flight in the rain, 
inscribed Oye sui mon Toshikage Niudo, dated Kokwa 4 
(1847). Charles Holme, Esq. 

965. T, iron, the Tora no Watashi design, signed Hoshinsai 
Toshikage (Nagakage). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

966. T, iron, reflection of Fujisan, signed Hoshiusai Masa- 
kage. Ex-Gilbertson Collection. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

967. T, iron, tiger under a pine tree in a storm, signed 
Hojusai Masakage. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

968. F K, shakudo, the implements of the Tea Ceremony, 
signed Riu Seimin. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

969. T, iron, chidori, waves and the sun disc, signed Jusan. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

970. K, shibuichi, a dragon in a storm cloud, signed Riu 0. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

971. T, copper, small rocks, rushes and two crabs, signed 
Ono Yoshinaga, dated 1841. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

972. F K, shakudo, Daruma and women, planting young 
rice, signed So Jurio (Nagayoshi). F. J. Peplow, Esq 


973. T, shakudo nanako, butterflies in low relief, signed 
Tamagawa Yoshihisa. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

974. T, iron, two dragons, signed Tamagawa Yoshihisa 
of Mito. R. C. Boyle.. Esq. 

975. T, shakudo nanako, plum tree and dragon in high 
relief, signed Tamagawa Yoshihisa. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

976. T, shakudo nanako, hawk on an oak tree watching 
rabbits, signed Tamagawa Yoshihisa. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 


977. T, shibuichi, a tiger and bamboo and a plum tree in 
bloom, signed Seiyoken Yoshihiro. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

978. F K, iron, insects amongst autumn grasses, signed 
Jiusaiken Yoshihige. Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

979. T, iron, Kosekiko and Chorio, the latter kneeling on a 
gold dragon, signed Yoshishige. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

980. F K, shakudo, Seiobo, signed San no Ken Tamagawa 
Hisanobu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

981. T, iron, mokko, an episode in the Shutendoji Quest, 
signed Niudo Yoshiaki. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

982. T, shibuichi, foreign hunter and his dog, signed Kuro- 
gawa Yoshiaki. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

984. T, shakudo, Nasu no Yoichi shooting at the Taira boat, 
signed Shunkodo Yoshitaka with kakihan. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

985. T, shibuichi, the Hasso tobi, signed Ninouye Yoshimitsu. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

986. T, shibuichi, a crane, above the rocks of Futami ga 
Ura, signed Tsukita Tomomune, aged 72. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

987. Mokko shape, " Day and night," maple tree, cherry 
tree in bloom, and two swallows in flight, signed Taikiuan 
Katsumi, circa 1870. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

988. K, shibuichi, Fudo under waterfall, Seitaka and 
Kongara Doji, signed Tosai Katsumi. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

989. T, copper, ishime, Tatsutagawa design, signed Getsu- 
jiushi Saito Fuzui. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

990. K, silver, Asazuma Fune design, signed and kakihan 
Tomihisa. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


991 . F K, shakudo, a shishi and a peonv, signed Tsujiu of 
Mito. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

992. T, shakudo nanako, women beating clothes on the 
banks of the Tamagawa River, signed Sekijoken Taizan 
Motozane. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

993. T, iron, dragon in the round, signed Sekijoken Moto- 
zane. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

994. K, shibuichi, two hamaguri gatherers, signed Sekijoken 
Taizan Motozane. C. P. Peak, Esq. 


995. F K, iron, tiger biting a bamboo, signed Sekijoken 
Taizan Motozane. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

996. F K, shakudo, a castle in the rain, signed Seishinken 
Mototomo. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

997. K, shibuichi, Eji with fighting cock under his arm, 
signed Mototomo with kakihan. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

998. T, iron, marubori, Shoki and an oni, signed Seishinken 
Saito Mototomo. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

999. F K, shibuichi nanako, rice heads, signed Taizan 
Motoaki. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 000. T, shibuichi, nanako, Watanabe no Tsuna and the oni 
of Rachomon, signed Sekijoken Taizan Motonaga. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1001. F K, shakudo nanako, cock on drum, by Taizan 
Mototada. Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

1002. K, silver, a castle, iroye, signed Shojiuken Motohide. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1003. F K, shibuichi, man mending fishing net and children 
picking up hamaguri signed Sekijoken Motoharu. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1004. T, shibuichi, Kanzan and Jittoku. intaglio relievato, 
the makimono inscribed, signed Jiugakuken Motosada. 

Charles Holme, Esq. 


1005. T, iron, two shachihoko, signed Naoshige. 

A. C. C. Jahn, Esq. 

1006. F K, iron, three goats in relief, signed Tetsugendo 
Naoshige with seal. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1007. T, iron, two carp, signed Naofusa. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1008. T, iron, two dragons in the round. A. C.C. Jahn, Esq. 

1009. T, iron, Futen letting the wind out of his bag, late 
XlXth Century. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1010. F K, iron, dragon on each piece, signed Haruioshi 
(Mito). H.L.Joly,Esq. 

1011. T, iron, the Sennin Chinnan, standing on a rock, 
stick in hand, evoking a dragon from a mud pool amongst 
clouds and lightning, signed Tetsugendo Shoraku with gold 
seal. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 


1012. T, iron, Chohi on the bridge, putting the enemy to 
flight with a mighty shout, signed Tetsugendo Naoshige. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1013. F K, iron, old tree on which crawls a cicada, signed 
Tetsugendo Naofusa. G, H. Naunton, Esq. 

1014. T, iron, the bell presented to Toda by Riujin, signed 

Tetsugendo Naaoshige. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1015. T, iron, Teizenpuku in a boat, late XVIIIth Century. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 


1016. T, shakudo, Kojima Takanori, signed Hitotsuyanagi 
Tomoyoshi (Rio). Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1017. T, iron, a tiger and a dragon, signed Hitotsuyanagi 
Tomonaga (Tomohisa). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1018. T, iron, Omori Hikoshichi and the witch, signed 
Hitotsuyanagi Tomonaga. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

1019. Iron, Bishamon in the clouds. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

1 020. Iron, the Rachdmon gate episode, seal Yoshimitsu. 

W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

1021. K, shibuichi, one of the banners of the Boys' festival, 
signed Tomomitsu. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

1022. K, shibuichi, Jimmu Tenno, signed Hitotsuyanagi 
Tomoyoshi. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

1023. F K, iron, a snake on each piece, signed Hittosuyanagi 
Tomoyoshi, circa 1845-1850. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1024. T, iron, snail and bamboo, also a fan bearing a poem 
engraved and another the signature Ichiriuken Masayoshi, 
and date 1846. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1025. Shakudo, two karashishi and peonies, signed Hito- 
tsuyanagi Mitsuyoshi, dated 1818. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1026. T, iron, Shoki pursuing the nine-tail fox, signed 
Ichijiusai Masatsugu of Suifu (Mito) H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1027. T, iron, Buwo attacked by Hoso and protected by a 
dragon, signed Seiunsai Yukimitsu, early XlXth Cenutry. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1028. T, shakudo, hagi in bloom and a rabbit, seal signature 
Shiba Yasunaga (Hojiu), XlXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 


1029. T, iron, Shaen reading by the light of fireflies, XVIIIth 
Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1030. T, iron, a branch of aoi entwined in a curtain, signed 
Toyosai Mototaka. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1031. K, iron, a karashishi in high relief. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1032. F K, shibuichi, Hattara Sonja and his dragon, signed 
Watanabe Nagamitsu (Jiuko). H. L. Joly, Esq. 


1033. Iron, Fuji, seen from Enoshima, signed Nukagawa 
Yasunori with kakihan, XlXth Century. W. H. Samuel, Esq, 

1034. T, shibuichi, the clam's dream, signed Nukagawa 
Yasunori. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1035. T, shibuichi, a basket of chrysanthemum, signed 
Yasukuni. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1036. F K, shakudo, a Kuruma ebi, a Tai, and other fishes 
signed Nukagawa Yasukuni. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1037. K, shibuichi, one of the Ni O, signed Skizen Yoshihisa 
(Bijiu). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1038. T, octagonal, the Omori Hikoshichi design, signed 
Hagiya Katsuhira after Toshinaga, and Masanaga for the 
nanakoji. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1039. K, shibuichi, Kinko Sennin, signed Seirioken Hagiya 
Katsuhira. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 040. F K, iron, a dragon in the waves, signed Seirioken 
Katsuhira. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1041. K, shakudo, falling petals and cherry flower, signed 
Hagiya Katsuhira, dated 1858. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1042. T, shakudo, inlaid iroye in relief, Jurojin standing in 
the clouds with a crane and tama in front of Fuji san behind 
which rises the sun, signed Seirioken Hagiya Katsuhira. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1043. K, shakudo, a carp amongst weeds, signed Iizuka 
Gencho. XlXth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1044. T, shibuichi, Taikobo fishing, signed Seirioken Katsu- 
hira (Shojiu). Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1045. T, shakudo, Kioyu and Sofu, signed Kobayashi Yoshi- 
masa, dated 1779. Matt. Garbutt, Esq, 


1046. T, iron, an oni and a dragon, signed Jiusai Haru- 
mitsa. A. C. C. John, Esq. 

1047. T, iron, twenty-one Karashishi. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1048. T, iron, cherry blossoms in marubori. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

1049. F K, iron, wall surface and a variety of ivy. 

W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

1050. T, iron, cherry tree in the mist and spider. 

H . Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1051 . T, shakudo, a Howo bird, signed Mito no jiu Hisanori. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1052. Menuki, Kwanyu and Chohi, signed Hisanori. 

O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1053. K, shakudo, Kwanyu, signed Hisanori (Mito). 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1054. FK, shakudo nanako, azalea in bloom, signed 
Hisanori. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1055. K, iron, snarling tiger, signed Seki Yoshinori, in- 
scribed made in 1865. 

1856. K, copper, Hotei yawning, signed Soriu (Muriu) 
Yoshinori, dated 1851. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1057. K, iron, Shaka coming down from the mountain, 
signed Seki Yoshinori. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 


1058. T, iron, the Moon Goddess Gwaten holding a gold 
rabbit, signed Riounsai Morinaga (Unno Seiju), XlXth Cen- 
tury. Mrs. H.L. Joly. 

1059. T, shibuichi, five cranes and the Hagoromo coat, 
signed Unno Morinaga. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1 060. K, iron, two men running away from a thunder storm, 
signed Kiriuken Yoshimori. Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

1061. T, sentoku, one of the Deva Kings, signed Kiriuken 
Yoshimori. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

1062. K, shakudo, Rihaku at the foot of a waterfall, signed 
Unno Yoshimori (Bisei). 

1063. K, shibuichi, with a peacock on a tree branch, signed 
Yoshitoshi (Bijiu). G Ambrose Lee, Esq. 


1064. T, shakudo nanako, a spray of chrysanthemum, 
signed Kikugawa Hisahide. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1065. T, shibuichi, temple among trees, signed Kikugawa 
Mitsuyoshi with kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1066. FK, shibuichi, landscape, torii and tower amongst 
trees, Sumiyoshi harbour and temple, signed Kikugawa 
Mitsuyoshi. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1067. T, shakudo, with chidori above a pine tree, signed 
Kikugawa Nampo Hisahide. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


1 068. T, shakudo nanako, wasp, and a praying mantis, 
signed Kikuoka Mitsutomo. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 069. F K, shakudo nanako, praying mantis, grasshopper 
and coccinella, signed Kikuoka Mitsutomo. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1070. F K, shakudo nanako, a carp and conventional 
stream, signed Kikuoka Mitsuyuki. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1071. T, silver, mokko, conger and a clam, sea bream, fugu 
and mackerel, iroye in relief, signed Toshisada. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

1 072. Iron, chased in relief and inlaid with the Flowers of the 
Four Seasons in silver and gold, signed Egawa Toshimasa ; 
iron Fuchi and Kashira to match. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1073. F K, shakudo nanako, a shishi on each piece, signed 
Egawa Toshimasa. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1074. T, shakudo ishime, horses in relief, signed Egawa 
Munemasa. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1075. F K, copper nanako, Karashishi and horses in high 
relief, signed Egawa Sorin. F. J. Peplow, Esq 

1076. F K, iron, three horses, signed Katsuriuken Mune- 
masa. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 077. F K, shakudo nanako, one of the Ni O and a cherry 
tree, signed Egawa-Sai Katsura Munetomo. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1078. T, shibuichi ishime, Riunasei, a boy and a crane, 
signed Toshiyasu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 



1079. Iron, thin scrolls with peonies in cartouches and 
interlaced strip. XVIIth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 080. T, iron, two dragons entwined in foliated scroll-work. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1081. T, iron, European shape. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1082. T, iron, scrolls on one side and hexagonal basket work 
on the other, openwork edge, XVIII.-XIXth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1083. T, iron, Tekkai, Gama and another Sennin, so-called 
Chirimen Kanto. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1084. T, iron, two dragons and tama. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1085. T, iron, Karashishi and peonies. 

H . Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1086. T, iron, narrow scrolls and " elephants' heads." 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1 087. T, iron, signs of the Zodiac, gold nunome. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1088. K, iron, scroll-work and shishi at play. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1089. T, iron, delicate openwork of tendrils. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1090. T, iron, Quillon shaped with two dragons and mas- 
caroons at the sides. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1091. T, iron, a Howo and Kiri Karakusa, signed Yukiye. 

A. C. C. Jahn, Esq. 

1 092. T, iron, scroll-work and the letters OE, TOE, IO, small 
man, and inlays of enamel. See Huish, in Japan Society's 
Transactions, signed Toto no jiu nin Riurinsai. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1093. Fuchi only, peony scroll-work, the flowers in enamels, 
signed Muneyoshi. H. L. Joly, Esq. 


1094. T, sentoku, two dragons and a tama and a dashing 
wave, the rim decorated with imitations of European letters, 
signed Hirado jiu Kunishige. 1095. K, kozuka to match, 
similar treatment. Both pieces lent by H. L. Joly, Esq. 


1 096. T, sentoku, nanako edge with shishi and a scroll-work 
on one side, a group of dragons on the other, Hirado work. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1097. Iron, circular, the Hundred Monkeys design, signed 
Hatori Shinshichi Taira no Yoshitsugu and dated 1756. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1098. T, iron, fourteen dragons in the round, signed Mitsu- 
hiro, early XlXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 099. F K, brass openwork, the Thousand Monkeys, signed 
Mitsuhiro of Yagami Hishu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1100. T, iron, thick, cruciform, with dragon and caricatures 
of European letters. H. L. Joly, Esq. 


1101. T, iron, three faggots, so-called shibatama design, 
XVIII.-XIXth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1102. Iron, poem in openwork, XVIIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1103. T, iron, characters Kuruma and No, the latter being 
merged into a series of waves, XVIIIth Century. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

1104. T, iron, basket-shape, late XVIII.-XIXth Century. 

O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1105. T, iron, openwork of painters' seals. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1 1 06 T, iron, autumn plants and a Suzumushi, early 
XlXth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1107. T, iron, a horse in silhouette, late XVIIIth Century. 

O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1108. T, iron, story of the Shutendoji (Oyeyama) on one 
side, and on the other with the Rachomon episode. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 


1 109. T, iron, the scene Kiokusui no Yen, XVIIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1110. T, iron, the meeting of the Emperor Wu Ti and Seiobo. 

O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1111. T, iron, Shichi Fuku Jin (Seven Gods of Luck), XVIII.- 
XIXth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


1112. T, iron, the capture of the Nuye in high relief, Nagoya 
work, after Jakushi, XVIII.-XIXth Century. 

Lieut.-Col. J . B. Gaskell. 


1113. T, iron, drop of dew on a chrysanthemum flower, 
XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1114. T, iron, chrysanthemum flower in openwork of slanting 
cuts, signed Takahashi Masatsugu, early XlXth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1115. F K, shibuichi, spiny surface, signed Takahashi 
Okitsugu. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1116. T, guri, showing seven alternate layers, signed Taka- 
hashi Okitsugu with kakihan. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1117. T, mokume of silver, shakudo and red copper per- 
forated with a hanabishi crest, XVIII.-XIXth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1118. T, mokume of silver, shakudo and copper, with five 
medallions, cloisonne enamel, late XVIII. or early XlXth 
Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1119. T, mokume of inlaid with a gold Karakusa, signed 
Hishi Shunsui. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

1 1 20. T, radiating mokume, a small rabbit, butterflies and 
grasses, late XVIIIth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1121. F K, mokume of shakudo, an anchor. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1122. F K, mokume, shakudo and copper, in very large 
pattern. 0. C. Raphael, Esq 

1 123. T, mokume, mokko shape, signed Masakuni of Bushu, 
late XlXth Century ? 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1 1 24. K, mokume of copper, shakudo and silver. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1124a. K, mokume in raised bands in godroons, centre 
inlaid with a flying goose. Ambrose G. Lee, Esq. 

1125. K, irregular mokume of gold, shakudo, copper and 
silver. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1126. T, large specimen of mokume. Geo. Hodgson, Esq. 

1127. K, guri, incised with a swallow in flight and a cherry 
flower, XVIIIth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 


1128. T, mokume, tachi shape. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1129. K, mokume, highly polished, Tagayasan grain. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1 130. F K, guri of copper and shakudo. Charles Holme, Esq.. 


1131. T, iron, aogai hirame charged with crests and leaves 
Kyoto, XVIIIth Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1132. T, tortoise-shell lacquered, both faces bearing the 
crest of the Abe family, XVIII. or early XlXth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1133. T, iron, covered with leather and lacquered, signed 
Chokuniu Sansho utsusu. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

1134. T, black lacquer on wood, a crow on a willow in 
winter, signed Zeshin. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1135. T, black lacquer on wood, Yamanaka Shikanosuke in 
black lacquer, signed Zeshin. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1136. T, iron, thickly lacquered in black with a dragon and 
clouds in imbricated red waves. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1137. T, iron, takamakiye, Jurojin in the clouds, signed 
Kajikawa Takafusa. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 


1138. T, iron, Kameyama tsuba, thunder pattern and chry- 
santhemum, signed Sadahide. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1139. Iron, thin, champleve pattern of scroll-work and 
archaic characters, ? XVIth or XVIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 1 40. T, nigurome, in the shape of an aoi leaf, inlaid with 
Sawari or Shirome, signed Seiyei (Masayoshi) of Kameyama, 
XlXth Century. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

1141. T, iron, drum, Saihai and hora, signed Hazama. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 142. T, a crest, Sasa no maru, signed Hirata Hikoshiro. 

* Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1143. T, shakudo, openwork, more or less cloud form, signed 
Hirata Harunari. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1144. T, shibuichi, saddles with enamel cherry blossoms, 
signed Hirata Harunari. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 



1 145. T, iron, carp in a stream, water plants and lotus leaves, 
signed Hirata Harunari. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1146. T, iron, nanako, crane crest and sasamaru, signed 
Hirata Harunari. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1147. K, shakudo, Fuji San. Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

1148. K, silver ishime, signed Hirata Narikado. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1149. T, shakudo, concentric nanako inlaid with various 
crests, signed Hirata Narisuke. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

1 1 50. F, shakudo, enamel leaves, flowers, signed Hirata 
Narisuke. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1151. T, shibuichi, gold spirals and crests in enamels, signed 
Hirata Nariyuki. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1152. F K, shakudo and copper Karakusa and cloisonne 
enamels, signed Hirata Haruyuki. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

1 1 53. K, copper, cherry' blossom and maple leaves in enamel, 
signed Hirata Harumitsu. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1154. Fuchi (only), shakudo nanako punchmarks, clouds 
of green and red enamel, signed Umetada Saku and Nariaki 
(Hirata). M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1155. F K, copper, Howo and paulownia, signed Hitotsu- 
yanagi Tomomitsu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 1 56. K, shakudo, ishime, five butterflies. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

1 1 57. F K, shakudo, narcissus on each piece. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1158. F K, nigurome, aoi in green enamel. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 1 59. K, shakudo, a sudare and aoi leaves. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1160. K, silver, aoi leaves, cherry and wistaria blossoms. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1161. Shakudo, shells, starfishes, &c, in colours. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 1 62. K, shakudo, tsuzumi and cymbals. G. H. Naunton, Esq, 

1 163. T, copper gilt, a semis of crests in enamels. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 1 64. K, silver and shibuichi, two flaming tama, signed 
Hirata Harunari with kakihan. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


1165. K, copper, azalea and plum tree blossoms. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 1 66. K, shakudo, pink lotus with green leaves. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 1 67. T, iron, seven mitsu aoi crests and Takaramono in 
enamels. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1168. T, shakudo, champleve and cloisonne opaque and 
transparent enamels, Karakusa design and crest of Suwa, 
XVIIIth Century. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 1 69. T, iron, two bags inlaid with gingko leaves, signed 
Umetada Shigeyoshi, XVIIIth Century. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1170. T, iron, implements of the Chanoyu, signed Hirata 
Harutoshi (Haruhaga). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 171 . T, copper nanako, border of lespedeza. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1172. T, iron, butterflies and other insects in enamel, signed 
Hirata Harunari, XlXth Century. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1173. T, iron, brocade patterns, chrysanthemum, spirals, 
&c, signed Hirata Narisuke. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1174. T, iron, waves and two fishes, XVIII. -XlXth Cen- 
tury. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1175. T, shakudo, one of a pair, inlaid with butterflies, 
dragon-fly and cicada in enamels, and with a praying mantis 
in gold hirazogan. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1 176. T, shakudo, chased with waves in kebori, on which are 
inlaid various shells in cloisonne enamel. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1 1 77. T, brass, chased in relief with squirrel and grape vine 
design, filled with champleve enamel, Hirado, XVII.- 
XVIIIth Century. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1178. T, shakudo mi-parti gold, inlaid with brocade diapers 
in gold, silver, copper, shibuichi, wire hirazogan, and clouds 
in cloisonne enamel, the gold slip engraved with a Howo, at 
back, dove, butterflies and brocade pattern. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1179. K, copper and shakudo, Shaka descending from the 
mountain, signed Hirata Harunari. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 1 80. K, shakudo, Hotei holding a fan, signed Harunari 
(Hirata). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

K 2 



1181. Shingen tsuba, unusually large specimen. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1182. Shingen tsuba, very thin specimen with alternate 
copper and brass wire strands, XVIIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1183. Shingen tsuba, plaited work of iron and brass wire, 
" mat " pattern, XVIIIth Century. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1184. T, iron, Shingen guard. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1185. T, mukade guard, copper and brass wire wound on a 
chrysanthemoid guard. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1186. Iron, mokko, covered with concentric turns of copper, 
brass and iron wire and braid. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 


1188. F K, jays and nanten, signed Oishi Akichika. 

R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

1189. F K, Buddhist priest and arrangement of lotus flowers, 
signed Akihiro. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1190. T, iron, basket work, signed Yamashiro Baiko. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1191. T, iron, cherry blossoms on waves, signed Chikon, 
made to the order of Izumo kun. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1192. T, square shape with four musubi karigane, signed 
Yasaka Eikan. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1193. F K, Komei and Tsao Tsao, signed Kikubayashi Eiso. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 1 94. T, iron, inlaid with a butterfly and rooster, seal Hoen, 
XlXth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1195. K, shibuichi inlaid with chidori [in flight, signed 
Gariku. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

1 1 96. Shakudo, mass of cherry petals in relief, signed 
Ho[ku]kiu. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1 1 97. T, sparrows and a clump of bamboo, signed Hokiu. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1198. T, the Ushidoji dragging the black ox, signed Naka- 
jima Haruhide. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


1199. FK, shakudo nanako, a silver crane in downward 
flight, and on the fuchi, a reed, jakago and rock iroye, signed 
Hiro Haruzumi. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1200. K, Daruma holding a hossu, signed Hidetomo after 
Tanyu. XlXth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1201. K, iron, decorated with drops of silver, signed Sakura 
Shu (retainer) Ujiyasu Hirotaka. Charles Holme, Esq. 

1202. F K, shakudo nanako, an eel, hamaguri and volute 
shells together with seaweed in high relief shakudo and gold, 
signed Hisakiyo. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1203. K, copper with nashiji inlay of clouds, two rabbits in 
relief shibuichi, signed Hisahide. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

1203a. T, iron, langoustes, shells, &c, in gold in relief, signed 
Hisanori. J . C. Hawkshaw, Esq. 

1204. T, sentoku, a cock, hen and chicks in high relief, 
signed Hisanori, by order of the Daimyo of Tosa, dated 
Bunsei 10th year. Charles Holme, Esq. 

1205. K, a woodcutter loaded with faggots, signed Tounsai 
Ichijiu. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1206. F K, shakudo nanako, horses in high relief, signed 
Ichinio. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1 207. F K, nigurome, nanako, chased in high relief with 
the casting out of devils, signed Juju Ippo. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1208. F K, iron, inlaid with Fuji San and a flight of wild 
geese, moon and clouds on K, iroye of gold and silver, signed 
Keijiusai Kayusho. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1209. T, Namu Mio ho renge Kyo, signed Kanenaga. 

R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

1210. F K, shakudo, katakiri, a Buddhist priest in medita- 
tion, signed Chishiki Kaneyasu, early XlXth Century. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1211. T, three faggots in a circle, signed Hokensai Kuroha 
Katsutoshi. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1212. T, the Sennin Tekkai seated, signed Nakagawa Kat- 
sutoshi. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

1213. K, a landscape in a golden sunset, signed Katsutoshi. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq 3 


1214. T, iron, two rabbits and reeds, signed Katsutoyo. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1215. T, iron, a mountain landscape in low relief, continued 
on the back, signed Someya Kazunobu, XVIIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1216. T, shakudo chased in low relief with a landscape, 
inlaid with trees in copper and silver, signed Someya Katsu- 
nobu. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1217. K, iron, chased as a mountain road leading between 
cliff-like banks to a group of buildings, towards which pro- 
ceed four old men. G. H. Naunton, Esq, 

1218. F K, Bunshosei, signed Ichijo. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

1219. F K, iron, bamboo and plum blossom, signed 
Kazutsugu. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1220. K, shibuichi, a Chinese sage (Tobosako ?) holding a 
peach under a willow, signed Kiyosada. Charles Holme, Esq. 

1221. K, Hotei, signed Kenyudo. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1222. T, iron, a series of plum flowers deeply chased in the 
round, inscribed made of iron brought by the red-haired 
foreigners, signed Kiyotsugu, XVIIIth C. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1223. T, iron, the visit of Kwanyu, Gentoku and Chohi to 
Komei, signed Kobayashi Shiro. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1224. T, shibuichi, a man seated on a bench overhanging 
lake Biwa and admiring Fuji San, after Hokusai's design, 
signed Suiyodo Kizan. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1225. K, shakudo inlaid in relief with a man stretching 
whilst reading a letter in front of a window through which is 
seen Fuji San, after Hokusai's design, signed Kizan. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

1226. K, shakudo nanako, stag under a maple tree, pewter, 
the leaves mother-of-pearl, signed Hokyo Korin seisu. 

G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

1227. K, bamboo with ebony frame inlaid with toys in Shi- 
bayama style, signed Kwanyso. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

1 228. T, sentoku, inlaid with thirty-six poems in minute gold 
wire, signed Masaaki of Chikuzen, aged 69. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1229. F K, shibuichi nanako, the Seven Gods of Good 
Fortune, signed Soiken Masaharu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 


1 230. F K, shakudo nanako, seven fans in relief signed 
Isono Masakatsu of Rakuyo. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1231. F K, shakudo inlaid in high relief with a hawk on a 
rock, signed Banseikwa Masatada. Charles Holme, Esq. 

1232. T, sentoku, inlaid with a vine creeper on a trellis, 
shakudo and gold, signed Hasebe Masanobu, aged 61 years. 

Major E. Calthrop. 

1 232a. F K, shakudo, covered entirely with chrysanthemum 
blossoms and leaves in the style of Eizui, signed Koriuken 
Masatoshi (Seijiu). Charles Holme, Esq. 

1233. K, shakudo ishime, a lily, shakudo with gold stamens, 
and dewdrops, signed Masayoshi. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 234. F K, shakudo nanako, horses in high relief gold, 
signed Masayoshi. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1 235. K, shakudo ishime inlaid with a red and black ladybird 
on a begonia in bloom, on the edge of a stream, signed 
Ichiriuken Masayoshi. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1236. F K, shakudo ishime surface, each piece decorated 
with a big crab, gilt, bold design, signed Kichiyama Mitsu- 
nobu, XlXth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1 237. T, iron inlaid in relief with two cranes, silver reeds and 
jakago in relief, signed Rinsendo, Yen Mitsumasa, XVIIIth 
Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1238. T, shakudo, a coiled snake in the round, the eye and 
tongue gold, signed Chugo Mitsunobu, XlXth Century. 

Lady Church. 

1239. K, copper, the giant salamander, shakudo and copper 
in high relief amongst weeds, gold, signed Katsura Mitsu- 
yoshi. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1240. T, shakudo, ishime inlaid in high relief with a plum 
tree in bloom, signed Shunsando Motochika. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 241 . F K, shibuichi, a black horse and a gold cobweb, signed 
Iwai Motohide. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1 242. F K, shibuichi, Chohi and Choun, signed Shokatei 
Motohiro and kakihan. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1243. K, polished silver, plum tree and ran in relief, dated 
8th Meiji (1875) and signed Higashiyama (Tozan Motonobu). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1244. T, shakudo, Yoshitsune rescuing his bow at the battle 
of Yashima, signed Ishiyama Mototada. H. L. Joly, Esq. 


1245. T, iron, deeply incised with figures in the style of 
the Kyoto comic designs of the naturalistic school, signed 
Ishiyama San Kwai Mototada. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1 246. T, shakudo, with nanako ground and gilt rim, a hunt, 
sixteen hunters and a large number of animals, signed 
Mimeyoshi of Kwaraku (Kyoto). G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1247. T, shakudo nanako, Nitta no Shiro journeying torch in 
hand towards Fuji San, seen at back behind a range of pine 
trees, signed Mitsushige. Ex-Trower Collection. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 248. F K, shakudo, Goto style, the visit of Gentoku and 
Kwanyu to Komei, iroye in relief on shakudo, signed Naga- 
mine (I.) of Kwaraku. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1249. T, shibuichi, strongly engraved in Katakiri with a 
design of bamboo after Gakutei, signed Nagamine (II.) of 
Kwaraku, Shimo. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 250. F K, shakudo nanako, procession of children dressed as 
shojo and other dancers, iroye in relief, unsigned Nagamine 
work. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1251. F K, shibuichi nanako, crickets and flowers of autumn, 
signed Kono Nagataka. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1252. K, shakudo, water plants on ishime ground, signed 
Yoshikawa Nampo with kakihan. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1253 T. sentoku, a bamboo behind which are hidden three 
sparrows, signed Yasukawa Nankiyo. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1254. F K, nigurome golden snake and slug in high relief, 
signed Mizuno Nobumasa. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1255. T, shibuichi, inlaid in gold and silver with a shion 
(aster) in bloom, signed Harujima Nobumasa. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1256. F K, silver, a butterfly, and begonia on F, signed 
Harujima Nobumasa. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1257. T, shibuichi, cock on a drum, signed Harujima 
Nobumasa. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1258. T, silvered sentoku, inlaid in high relief with a tiger, 
background of mountains in low relief, signed Nanjo Nobu- 
mori. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


1259. T, shibuichi inlaid in relief with Komei seated 
holding a feather fan, signed Nakazawa Noritomo (yori). 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1260. K, sentoku, chased in low relief with tiger, dragon, 
dove, snake and tortoise, signed Minayama Oki. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1261. K, shakudo on copper gilt, a goose in flight, sails and 
waves at back, signed Minayama Oki. 

Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1262. F K, shakudo nanako, howo and kirins, signed 
Minayama Oki. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1263. K, shibuichi, dragon-flies hirazogan caught in spider's 
web, kebori, signed Minayama Oki. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1264. K, polished shakudo, raised rim, man in relief getting 
through hole in temple column at Kyoto, signed Minayama 
Oki. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1265. K, wood, the Kozuka ita of ivory engraved with 
twenty-one lines of Kana in three sections of seven, signed 
Riusui. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1266. T, iron, concave with "rivets," the shape internally 
different from the outer head, signed Fujiwara Sadamasa 
of Tanshu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1267. T, iron, a pine tree and two bamboo in the round, 
signed Sadamichi of Tanshu. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1268. T, iron, inlaid Fushimi style with brass crests and 
leafy scrolls, a geometrical design, signed Sadanaka of Kishu. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1269. T, iron, sagittaria design, signed Sadanaka of Kishu, 
XVIIIth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1269a. F K, Shoki smiling, signed Seishu Niudo (Kiyohide). 

1270. T, shibuichi, ishime, engraved with tree branches on 
which is inlaid a black crow silhouetted against the moon, 
signed Buntokusai Sadaatka. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1 271 . T, iron, chased with two monkeys on each side forming 
a concentric design with their joined arms, inscribed made 
after the design of Hirotaka Yamatoeshi, signed Tansuishi 
Sankei. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1272. Copper, a willow blown in the wind, and fern fronds 
at back, signed Senzo. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 


1273. K, brass, a hunter trying to dislodge a hawk from 
its perch with a pole, signed Soyo. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 

1 274. K, copper ishime, inlaid with a silver moon and suzuki 
grasses, signed Shigemoto. Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

1275. F K, shibuichi nanako, red sparrows on a lily, signed 
Yamagama Shigetaka. W. Harding Smith, Esq. 

1276. T, shakudo nanako, tanto tsuba, a small grasshopper 
gilt on an asagao plant, signed Joko Shigeyoshi. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1 277. K, mi-parti iron and shibuichi, nanako with three sunk 
fan shaped reserves inlaid in low relief with chidori, lespedeza 
and a temple landscape in gold, signed Shokotei Shisho. 

G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

1278. T, sentoku, aori shape inlaid in high relief with a fugu 
fish and several clam shells, signed Shishida Chomin. 

1279. T, copper, small tsuba hari ishime surface decorated 
with a dragon in a vortex of clouds and a big wave, signed 
Takenao with kakihan, XlXth Century. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1280. K, brass, a rider ( I se mairi pilgrim ?) beneath a dilapi- 
dated banner, signed Sokaishi Tansai. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1281. T, shakudo nanako, two red sparrows and a tethered 
hawk, signed Mori Tokiyoshi. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1 282. F K, shibuichi, Daruma returning from his grave to 
India with one shoe in hand, signed Mori Tokinobu. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1283. F K, shakudo, Karashishi carved in the solid in relief, 
signed Mori Tokinobu. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1284. K, iron, inlaid hirazogan with a bamboo and the 
crescent moon silver, signed Tomomichi. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1285. K, shibuichi, tiger and bamboo, signed Jiriusai Tomo- 
hide. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1286. K, cherry tree in bloom, signed Jiriusai Tomohide. 

C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1287. K, shakudo chased all over with maple leaves, signed 
Jiriusai Tomohide. R. A. Pfungst, Esq. 

1288. T, shakudo, the Six Poets, hirazogan, signed Ikkwan- 
shi Tomozane. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1289. T, pair with above, signed Tomozane. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


1 290. T, shibuichi, mokko shape, Ota Dokwan receiving the 
Yamabuki, signed Toshimasa with kakihan. Illustrated in 
Joly's Legend. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1291. F K, copper ishime, inlaid with tiny chidori in flight 
above a house, and a range of pine trees behind which the 
sun is rising, signed Tosho. R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

1292. F K, shakudo nanako, four horses and a willow in high 
relief gold shibuichi and shakudo, signed Hashizume Tomo- 
yoshi. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1293. K, shakudo inlaid in Kaga hirazogan iroye with two 
Chinese ladies in a boat, one of them restraining a child from 
trying to catch the reflection of the moon ; moon and moun- 
tains at back, signed Toyohisa (Kono). C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1 294. K, shibuichi nanako, inlaid in relief with a red sparrow 
on two ears of rice, signed Kono Toyohisa. 

G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

1295. K, polished shibuichi, two foreigners with drum, 
trumpet, bow and arrows, signed and kakihan Kono 
Toyohisa. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1296. K, iron, reeds in the snow, the back inscribed with 
a poem, signed Yasunori. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1 297. T, shakudo chased in low relief with amorini in imita- 
tion of European stamped leather, ' Ningyo Kawa," in- 
scribed and signed : Made at the Golden Castle of Naniwa, 
by Yabu (Uji) Katei Tsuneyuki. A well known piece from 
the Brinkley Collection (1897). 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1298. F, shakudo, chased in high relief with crows on a pine 
tree, partly in full round, signed Fusai, seal Tsuneyo. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1299. F K, iron, waves dotted with gold, signed Furiuken 
Yeijiu. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1300. T, copper chased as two dragons in the round, signed 
Seiriuken Yeiju. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1301. T, iron, lenticular, Jiu and Yin Yang in low relief, 
engraved and Itozukashi work, signed Seiriuken Yeiju. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1302. T, iron, an eagle holding a monkey on a rock swept by 
waves, signed Shimizu Higo no Daijo Yoshiaki. XlXth 
Century. Lieut.-Col. J. B. Gaskell. 


1303. K, mottled copper and shakudo inlaid with a flight of 
wild geese above pine trees, signed Manshuken Yoskichika. 

C. P. Peak, Esq, 

1304. T, iron, two Shachihoko, signed Kinriudo Ando Yoshi- 
hide, dated Meiji 3rd, 1870. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1305. F K, shakudo nanako, horses in relief, signed Inagawa 
Yoshikatsu. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1305a. T, iron, Choryo and Kosekiko, signed Bushu no jiu 
Yoshishige. Prof. J. N. Collie. 

1306. T, shakudo, Nasu no Yoichi shooting at the Taira 
boat at Ujigawa, signed Shunkodo Yoshitaka with kakihan. 
Mid XlXth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1307. T, iron, chased in low relief with a hawk on an oak 
tree, signed Yoshitane. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1308. T, iron, seven sword tangs in the round, the names 
inlaid, signed Yoshinori. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1309. T, copper millet heads, shakudo and gold in high 
relief, with fuchi and kashira to match, signed Joshu 
Yamashina jiu Aoki Yoshitomo. J. O. Pelton, Esq. 

1310. T, shakudo, chased all over as a mass of chrysanthe- 
mum blossoms with a few leaves veined with gold, signed 
Takase Yoshitoshi. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1311. T, iron, with gilt edge, the characters Kid, filial virtue, 
signed Kozan (clever man), Yoshitsugu, dated Bunkiu 1, 
the 8th month (1816). O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1312. T, iron, tachi guard inlaid with three playing cards 
the base signed Yoshitsugu of Ashu (Dewa). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1313. K, copper, Yemma O behind the mirror of Hell in 
which is reflected a Joro, signed Yoshiyuki, dated Manyen, 
midsummer. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1314. K, shakudo a puppy in relief, signed Kumagai Yoshi- 
yuki, with kakihan. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1315. F K, copper gilt nanako, inlaid in very high relief 
with a shibuichi shishi on each piece, signed Kumagai Yoshi- 
yuki, XlXth Century. O. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1316. K, shakudo inlaid in relief with a wild boar amongst 
suzuki grass, signed Kumagai Yoshiyttki. C. P. Peak, Esq. 


1317. K, shibuichi nanako, two wild boars, silver in relief, 
Kumagai style. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 

1 31 8. T, shibuichi, oval polished surface, the Ujigawa episode 
Sasaki Takatsuna and Kajiwara Kagesuye, signed Koyotei 
Yukiteru with kakihan, dated Tempo 5. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1319. T, iron, with silver rim, the face inlaid with gold leaf 
tsuta creeper, signed Yukitoshi. Thacher Clarke, Esq. 


1320-24. Five Fuchi-Kashira illustrating varieties of 

(a) Shakudo, with very minute grain, inlaid in high 
relief with shells and stones, " Kyoseki " from graves, with 
Buddhistic inscriptions, signed Kioriusai Kazunori (q.v. in 
Goto Ichijo's followers). 

(b) Shakudo, large nanako with saddle and stirrups 
in high relief, Yanagawa-Muneta style. 

(c) Shakudo struck with double concentric grains, 
inlaid in relief with string boxes. 

(d) Shibuichi with treble concentric grain, charged 
with maru ni Yotsume crest, signed Ooka Masatsugu. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

(e) K only, shakudo with Daimyo Nanako ground, 
chased and inlaid in high relief with a figure of Monju 
Bosatsu in the clouds, Muneta work, XVIIIth Century. 

Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

1326. Pair of menuki, foreigners from Ranha, iroye work, 
signed Toshinaga. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 327. Pair of menuki, gold with enamels, chrysanthemum in 
bloom. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1328. Menuki, copper, a tortoise, signed Tsune (from a pair 
signed Nagatsune). H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1329. Pouch ornament, Takenouchi no Sukune receiving 
the tide-ruling jewels from the emissary of Riujin, signed 
Somin (from Shuraku's atelier). XlXth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1330. Pouch ornament, two Choro dancers from Kyoto, 
XVII.-XVIIIth Century work H. L. Joly, Esq. 


1331. T, iron, openwork design of bamboo, plum blossoms 
and a large chrysanthemum, Owari work, XVIIth Century. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

1 332. T, iron, chrysanthemum and water, slanting technique. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1333. T, astrological tsuba, inscribed " Read this treasure 
every day," and " observe the war star." W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

1 334. T, iron, old Kenjo tsuba decorated with landscape and 
temples in gold nunome, Kyoto, XVIIIth Century. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1335. T, iron, Kenjo tsuba, chrysanthemum behind a hedge 
in openwork, H. Charles Clifford Esq. 

1336. T, iron, design of fans and waves in openwork with 
gold nunome inlay of leaves in Kenjo style. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1337. T, iron, mokko shape, Omi Hakkei. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1338. T, shakudo, imitating dull lacquer, inlaid with a 
cherry tree in bloom. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1339. F K, shakudo, cherry tree, the blossoms and buds 
inlaid silver, XlXth Century. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1 340. F K, shibuichi, overlaid with a rinzu pattern of silver 
and shakudo. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1341. K, shibuichi, polished, Ishimatsu pattern. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1342. K, plaited, " ajiro " work of silver and nigurome. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1343. T, shakudo chased and inlaid with stags and does 
amongst cryptomerias, the trunk of one of the trees detached 
from the web in front of one of the animals, kakihan signa- 
ture only, early XlXth Century. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1344. T, sentoku, asters and a horse (? Chikuzen or Awa). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1345. T, shakudo, conventional foliage scrolls. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1346. T, iron, a boat in the rain, poem at back. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1347. T, copper, inlaid with the Charm of Mitsumine. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 


1348. T, shakudo nanako, books scattered on a linear stream. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1349. T, silver, the helmet of Ebira Genda Kagesuye, late 
XlXth Century work. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1350. K, shakudo, a Korin crane, XlXth Century. 

0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1351. T, copper, marubori Shoki, sword in hand in the clouds 
pursuing a scampering oni, XVIIIth C. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1352. T, shakudo, geometrical design, the serrated surface 
planed as accurately as if by a machine, XlXth Century. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1353. T, brass, scroll-work, several Karashishi. 

Lieut. -Col. J. B. Gaskell. 

1354. T, iron, a fox at the foot of a toro. 

Randal Hibbert, Esq. 

1355. T, iron, tiger, bamboo and flying dragon in a storm, 
late XVIIIth Century. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

1356. T, shakudo, mokko shape with minute nanako, five 
fan-shaped panels reserved in ishime with gold wire frames 
contain minutely chased and inlaid figures of the Gods of 
Luck. • R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1357. T, iron, chrysanthemoid in slanting cuts, signed Sada- 
katsu of Kurume. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1358. T, iron, inlaid iroye and chased in relief, Kikujido 
seated on a rock near a clump of chrysanthemum, bamboo 
at back, Inatsu work. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

1359. T, iron, inlaid in very high relief with an Ushidojiand 
his ox, copper and silver iroye, Inatsu work, at back sandals 
under a pine tree (the signature is a later addition). 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1360. T, iron, marubori work, a crane and an old plum tree, 
XVIIIth Century. /. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

1361. T, iron, inlaid iroye in high relief, the Buddha sur- 
rounded by the Eighteen Rakans. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1362. T, iron, Shaka in the clouds, brush in hand writing in 
a book, beneath him a little devil reckons on a soroban the 
total of some offerings of money, at back lotus in bloom. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

1363. T, iron, arrows and mioga shoots, Aizu work. 

F. J. Peplow, Esq. 


1364. K, shakudo, Fuji San and cherry flowers, allusion to 
Yoshino. Lieut. -Col. J . B. Gaskell. 

1365. K, silver, Manzai dancer. R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1366. K, shakudo nanako, Samisen and its bachi, XVIIIth 
Century. J . 0. Pelton, Esq. 

1367. K, iron, two pigeons and small grass. 

G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1368. K, shakudo, three deer under a red maple tree, early 
XlXth Century. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

1369. K, shakudo, outline of a man with a candle watching 
a black rat escape. 0. C. Raphael, Esq. 

1370. K, sentoku, Buddha coming down from the mountain. 

R. C. Boyle, Esq. 

1371 . F K, shakudo nanako, a tanuki beating its belly in the 
moonlight. H. C. Beck, Esq. 

1372. F K, shibuichi karakusa of chrysanthemum. 

Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1373. F K, silver, tendrils, leaves and formal chrysanthe- 
mum flowers. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1374. K, iron, crane preening its wings. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

1375. F K, shakudo nanako, the hundred monkeys in low 
relief. F. J. Peplow, Esq. 


1. Helmet, iron, the crest formed by the neck and head of 
a dragon in the round, the body coiled around the bomb of 
the helmet. 

Nos. 1 to 8 inclusive are lent by G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

2. Helmet, iron, decorated in repousse with two rabbits on 
waves looking towards the visor, a flaming tama in repousse 
at the back. 

3. Helmet, iron, of considerable thickness, decorated with 
dragons and clouds in repousse work. 

4. Part of a suit of armour : iron repousse with a dragon 
design and clouds in high relief tooled outside, dated 1713, 
signed Tomi (Fuku) Katsnsada, saku lined leather. 

5. Kyo-yo, iron, in the shape of an oni's head used as a 

6. Miniature, Do, and lappets of an armour, the breast 
plate chased in relief with a dragon and tama. 

7. Body, Do, of a suit of armour, embossed so as to imitate 
the human figure, ribs and spine 

8. Iron mask, deeply furrowed face with moustache and 
" mouche " in grey hair, signed Miochin Naokata, aged 60. 

9. Helmet, of beaten iron in the shape of a turbo shell, 
repousse work in one piece. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

10. Jinkasa of iron with a figure of a Tennin in repousse. 

H. L. Joly, Esq. 

11-12. Two helmets. /. C. Hawkshaw, Esq. 

13. Jinkasa, iron of rivetted plates lacquered and part gilt. 

G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

14-15. Two groups of twelve arrow heads on frames. 

W . Harding Smith, Esq. 

16. Pair of stirrups, iron inlaid in silver in high relief with a 
design of Karashishi and peonies, conch shell opening in the 
hanger. R. K. Leigh, Esq. 

l62 ARMOUR. 


17. Mirror with five jingling bells attached to the periphery. 

Lady Church. 

18-19. Pair of Koma inu, male and female. 

Ellice Clarke, Esq. 

20. Emaciated priest shouting whilst undressing, his robe 
lacquered with peony pattern and other flowers in red, 
yellow and green, &c. ; height 7 ins. Matt. Garbutt, Esq. 

21. Figure of Shaka seated in meditation. 

Sir C. Hercules Read. 

22. A rabbit seated looking back. K. Tomita, Esq. 

23. Paper weight in the shape of a dragon with inlaid eyes, 
seal Seimin. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

24. Okimono, figure of Fukurokujiu with staff and tama. 

Lady Church. 

25. Koro shaped as a wild goose. Lady Church. 

26. Suzuri bako of hammered iron, cock and hen on the lid, 
with engraved poem. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

21. Koro, iron, a quail with gold eyes, signed Takaishi 
Shigeyoshi. G. Ambrose Lee, Esq. 

28. Koro, iron, a dragon in the round, signed cast by Toun. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

29. Articulated iron dragon, signed Miochin Kiyoharu. 

H. P. Vacher, Esq. 

30. Articulated iron carp with gilt eyes, 360mm. long, signed 
Kiyoaki. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

31. Articulated iron snake, 950mm. long, signed Munemasa 
on the head. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

32. Articulated iron snake, three metres long, signed Miochin 
Muneharu with the date Tensho ni nen. G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

33. Mizuire, bronze shaped as a fat rabbit reminiscent of 
Koyetsu's design, signed Goraku Hidezane (Shushin). 

Major E. Calthrop. 

34. Mizuire, copper, in the shape of Hotei seated on his bag, 
holding a tama in the right hand, signed Goshu Hikone no 
jiu Soheishi Soten. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

35. Mizure, bronze, shaped as a Howo bird in flight with open 
bill, the finger-hole on the top of the back. 

ARMOUR. 163 

36. Mizuire, bronze, a recumbent cow with a gadfly on its 
hind quarters ; holes : mouth and side of spine. 

37. Mizuire, bronze, a group of chrysanthemum flowers, one 
hole in the flower, the other formed in a spout-like extension. 

38. Mizuire, copper, a rabbit with long ears, the end turned 
fully to the back ; holes : mouth and left ear. 

39. Mizuire, a Sennin seated on a tortoise, the sage writing 
on a chrysanthemum, must be intended for Kikujido. 

The above five pieces lent by Harry Pfungst, Esq. 

40. Iron cabinet, signed Komai of Kyoto, early piece. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

41 . Komai work, model of a pagoda forming a cabinet, 
inlaid with dragons and Howo birds, gold damascene on iron. 
circa 1900-1910. G. Hubbard, Esq. 

42. Komai plaque, the Tomoe Gozen on horseback fighting 
with Wada Yoshimori. R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

43. Pewter tray inlaid with brass, the Sennin Teizenpuku 
in the iron boat, under a pine tree, Chinese technique. 

Dudley H. Illingworth, Esq. 

44. Iron, sake kettle, in the shape of a boat on the waves. 

Mrs. Adlercron. 

45. Black lacquer box lined nashiji with silver rims, the cover 
a picture in togidashi, monkeys after Sosen, signed Ippu. 

R. W. Lloyd, Esq. 

46. Kogo, hexagonal shape inlaid with chrysanthemum in 
Kaga style, the centre decorated with Hotei, Jurojin, Bisha- 
mon and Fukurokujiu in high relief, iroye work, signed 
Morinaga (Seijui). M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

47. Metal box, two Chinese figures, perhaps the story of 
Pien Tsao, signed Chikuho Sadayoshi. 

H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

48. Small box in the shape of three playing cards with mont- 
golfieres and other conventionalized designs, inlaid in iroye 
hirazogan. M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

49. Silver kogo, chased in relief as a mass of chrysanthemum 
flowers with gilt centres, signed Chososai. 

Mrs. Spencer Gollan. 

L2 t] 



50. Silver rolling incense burner, spherical shape openwork, 
circular floral rosaces, mid XlXth Century. 

G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

51. Hanging incense burner, the body in openwork of silver 
lightly gilt, with design of flowers of the four seasons over- 
run by insects, late XlXth Century. Mrs. Spencer Gollan. 


1 . Pipe case, stag's horn carved in high relief, a woman seated 
on the main branch of a persimmon tree gathering fruit, her 
ladder and basket beneath in the crook of the trunk, a bam- 
boo hook at the side, two birds at the back, signed Jinraku. 

Prof. J. N. Collie. 

2. Ivory, engraved with a host of devils aping the occupa- 
tions of man, signed Mitsutoshi. Mrs. Juliet S. Trower. 

3. Wood, decorated in black lacquer with a tsuta creeper. 

Major E. Calthrop. 

4. Bamboo, lespedeza, gentian and a bean spray, signed 

5. Bamboo engraved with a carp and a waterfall, after 
Okyo, signed Toshiyasu. Major E. Calthrop. 

6. Brown bamboo, engraved with an otsuye design, signed 
Toshiyasu. Major E. Calthrop. 

7. Plaited bamboo decorated with four arrow heads, signed 
Koshin (pupil of Zeshin). Major E. Calthrop. 

8. Ivory, a man pulling a barrow on a narrow road cut in the 
flank of a cliff. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

9. Wood, four Sennins : Oshikio, Tekkai, Gama and Chok- 
waro. G. H. Naunton, Esq. 

10. Bone, two peasants near a stone, inscribed Dosojin. 

R. Clarke Edwards, Esq. 

1 1 . Wood, with Ota Dokwan and a child in a forest of maple 
trees, signed Toyonari. G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

12. Ivory, the flowers of autumn, signed Shomin. 

G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

13. Ivory, pine tree of Takasago beneath which are Jo and 
Uba, in gold, signed Riumin and Omin. G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

14. Wood, Tametomo watching the oni trying to bend his 
bow, signed Shunko (Harumitsu). Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

1 5. Red bamboo head of Daruma and a Buddhist sentence, 
Dosho (Shibayama). Dr. J. Hutchinson. 


16. Tsuikoku, tree, peony and scroll-work in black, signed 
Kokusai. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

17. Bone, four Rakans beneath a tengu watching them from 
the clouds. H. Charles Clifford, Esq. 

1 8. vStag's horn, three Chinese children making a snowball, 
signed Nakano Shigeai. H. L. Joly. Esq. 

19. Black lacquer with karakusa and characters cut in 
relief. Ebony, the dream of Yorimasa, signed Riuinin (for 
the metal), and Rakumin (for the wood carving). Wood, 
lacquered, a quail on a millet, signed Taishin. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

20. Pipe, the mouthpiece and bowl of gold, chased and 
inlaid in relief with a woodcutter, listening to the cuckoo, 
iroye work, signed Baido Shuraku. K. Tomita, Esq. 

21. Pipe, silver tube engraved with the flowers of autumn. 

F. Meinertzhagen, Esq. 

22. Pipe, silver, wild geese in flight above some reeds. 

G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

23. Pipe, silver inlaid with gourd vine. G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

24. Pipe, silver, the Rats' fire brigade, signed Yoshinori. 

G. H. Hodgson, Esq. 

25. Pipe, a fukiyose of leaves and flowers, signed Masakatsu. 

M. Tomkinson, Esq. 

26. Pipe, the mouthpiece and bowl of silver chased in relief 
and in intaglio relievato, with a cherry tree in bloom. 

Prof. J. N. Collie. 

27. Pouch, embroidered material, the hangers being an arti- 
culated iron figure of a knight in armour. Lady Lawrence. 

27a. Pouch, dark brown leather, the Kanamono shibuichi 
with Jurojin carrying gifts from Tori no ichi, agate netsuke, 
pipe engraved with a poem. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

27b. Pouch, black leather, the Kanamono chased in relief, 
the Ni O, slider, Thunder God ; with ivory netsuke, four 
dancers. H. L. Joly, Esq. 

28. Kanamono, Hadesu killing the tiger. 

Nos. 28 to 34 lent by W. H. Samuel, Esq. 


29. Ka,* five of the Shichi Fukujin, Ebisu and Benten 
on the back plate, katakiri, signed Yoshihisa. 

30. Ka, shibuichi, the Rakan Handaka Sonja. 

31. Ka, Gentoku, Kwanyu and Chohi, signed Masayoski. 

32. Ka, shibuichi, the nine-tail fox Kiubi no Kitsune looking 
in a mirror at its reflection in the shape of a young girl, 
signed Noriyuki. 

33. Ka, Kikujido, signed Kikngawa. 

34. Ka, silver, two peacocks and peonies in bloom, signed 

35. Pouch ornament, shibuichi, five of the Shichi Fukujin, 
high relief iroye. C. P. Peak, Esq. 

36. Ka, shakudo, a Howo bird with gilt details, illustrated 
in Huish, Japan and its Arts. J. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

37. Ka, silver, the ride of Gentoku, high relief work. 

/. 0. Pelton, Esq. 

38. Crab on a group of lotus leaves, ivory stained to a brown 
colour, signed Yakumonojiu Mishima Naganari. 

E. P. Vacher, Esq. 

39. Large panel of same (ray or shark skin), inlaid with a 
design from an Utamaro print representing Naniwaya Okita, 
the outline in metal wire inlaid. /. Spier, Esq. 

40. Amitabha in the Mandara of Eshin Sozu, the Buddha 
Amida seen in the clouds, embroidered with lotus fibres on 
blue silk. Dr. J. Hutchinson. 

41. Embroidery picture, a fox in a forest pathway, by 
Nishimura Sozaemon. Mrs. G. H. Hodgson. 

42. Embroidery picture, the Hill and bridge at Arashiyama. 

Mrs. G. H. Hodgson. 

43. Fukusa, Daimyo procession embroidered in gold and 
colours. W. H. Samuel, Esq. 

44. Kogo, ivory, with an ebony plaque with the sacred 
minagame carrying the makimono on her back, signed 
Shosai. Mrs. Adlercron. 

* Abbreviation for Kanamono (pouch ornament made of metal 
and covering the locking plate) . 


45. Shrine containing three grains of rice, each carved with 
a tiny figure. Lady Lawrence. 

Mirror, bronze square shape with tree design in low 
relief. H. L. Joly, Esq. 



256. The Hundred Monkeys, gold and red on black ground. 

Mrs. Julie/ S. Trower. 

No. 175 read : Gold hiramakiye, the Tokaido road, 

24a. Shrine of Amida Nyorai. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Joly. 


210. Carved wood in the style of Shuzan, Ikkaku Sennin 
and the Joro of Benares. M. B. Huish, Esq.